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The Most Inappropriate Thing I've Ever Said to A Woman

September 2nd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Because I’m having a bad case of writer’s block today and I actually forgot to add this to yesterday’s post. Here it is.

So you know the minute you get out here and step foot into my apartment, I want your clothes off. Don’t waste time. Be naked, wet, and ready before we even get to my room. We shouldn’t even make it to my room. I’m taking you on my couch and I am going to tear you up. I hope you’re ready…

Context: Said by accident to the mother of my ex-girlfriend, who picked up her cell phone just to say hi to me.

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  • thedlife

    *Dead* Good line though, lol

  • Paris

    You lie black boi…you lie!!!

  • upmysleeve83

    why do i feel like this has been slightly embellished?

  • JawZ

    You are making this up.

  • Kandeezie

    O. M. F. G.

  • Nadine

    lol. I would pay to hear mama’s response!!!

  • Love Is Dope

    Hilarious! Even if mom was a tad horrified, she probably chuckled about that at some point. Hmmmm. Are parents happy to know that their adult children are being *blanked* properly? I mean, they want us to have good jobs and all that, why not good *blank*?

  • jshdoff

    Not to be a wet blanket but terms like “tear you up” are right up there with the use of the term “gash”. Violent, misogynistic, objectifying, depersonalizing. Words have power people. Keep it in mind.

  • Malaca Jones

    All I want to know is what did her momma say?

  • b.collins

    she was probably like…”um, can i get some next?” lololol

  • J. Edouard

    Hilar…My mom’s would have thought that was funny. What did her mom’s say? What was your rebuttle?

  • WendyK

    Much respect to you for your post. However, he knows that he’s a misogynistic mess. But he also knows that some women find it funny and oddly heartening that’s he’s able to openly express his sick thoughts. That’s his power…it’s called game. Keep that in mind. 😉

  • Alisha

    Kill yoself! LMAO!

  • Ferragus

    any updates ???