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Condom Companies, Where You At?

October 22nd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

No matter what race you are, answer the following questions:

Question Number 1: When was the last time you saw a black man or woman in a condom commercial?

Question Number 2: When was the last time you read or heard about a startling statistic involving the number of black people with a STD or unwanted pregnancy?

Now, think really hard about the answer to both questions, and think logically. If you can’t vividly recall the answer to the first question, but you can definitely recall the answer to the second, then what I am about to say next will make sense.

More black people need to be placed in condom commercials. By doing so, maybe we will stop seeing so many black people being placed in “Get Tested for HIV and other STD” campaigns.

The reason I say this now is because this weekend, some condom company needs to encourage their advertising partners to head down to Tallahassee, Atlanta, or the Nation’s Capital. While down there, get up close and personal with one of the three major homecomings taking place this weekend, at Florida A&M University (Tallahassee), Morehouse and Spelman College (Atlanta), or Howard University (Washington, D.C.).

Take it from someone who is on their way down to D.C. tomorrow to celebrate homecoming as an alumni from Howard (also known as “the best school God ever created”), homecoming is a lot of things: A lot of women, a lot of liquor, a lot of partying, and a lot of sex.

The smart person calling the shots in creative at any advertising agency is going to see exactly why their next campaign should target a college-educated, black audience. If you ask me, few things make as much sense.

All  Trojan, Durex or any other condom company needs to do is set up a huge tent on the Yard at Howard University or at the Tailgate down at Morehouse College’s homecoming and give away condoms for free. Throw buckets filled with rubbers out into the crowds of people, even better, partner up with a company like Red Bull and tape a condom on the bottom of every can they pass out (Red Bull and condoms are a match made in heaven), or just plant baskets of them in every restroom on campus and their neighboring businesses.

Trust me, condom companies, do this, and watch. Your profit margins are going to skyrocket like you wouldn’t believe.

Thank me, later.

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  • me-me

    condom companies target the people who aren’t the face of abortion (blacks and hispanics).

    it would make more sense to rock with whites in this case.

    it makes sense for HIV commercials and billboards to have the faces of black men and women plastered all over them because our rates or climbing higher and higher… nope we don’t use condoms (as a whole).. the ones that do get lumped into the ones that don’t.

    maybe keeping things exactly like they are would get black americans TO WAKE THE HELL UP and stop killing ourselves off. the KKK may as well be a coffee and tea association because between the children out of wedlock, crime and HIV i think we’ll be extinct by 2080.

    we will continue to be the faces of beer and alcohol ads, std ointments, unplanned parenthood, etc.. cause as the you tube video says.. we’re the white man’s bitches. the problem is deeper than condoms.


    we’re the faces of everything we talk about.


  • Dana

    As a former HU Student Activities Asst. Director (and your former advisor for the Hilltop) I can tell you from an administration point of view, they HU and probably many black schools would never let condom companies on campus like that. When I was working at HU the mentality was very old school. They like how things look, not how realistic they are. They blew up about sex in the yearbooks or sex in the newspaper – I had to argue a lot about the fact that students have sex and the topics weren’t racy they were reality. It makes them uncomfortable and they’re rather feel better than make sure students are educated on subjects like sex. There’s so much political stuff that goes into sponsorships and allowing a group to come on campus that even though an event being sponsored by Trojan would be great, too many people would think it gives a negative spin on it and they’ll shut it down. Maybe one day they’ll get a bit more progressive.

  • LinZ

    great points….

  • Lilie

    i think you’ll enjoy this

  • Leah

    I’m sorry, but I honestly fail to see how “children out of wedlock” leads to extinction…

  • dbaham

    I co-sign with this post completely! Even if part of it was possibly written in jest. I mean think how big it would be if Trojan or Durex sponsored LaTex week??? Up to this point (to my knowledge) we’ve only given out the crappy free condoms you get at the clinic, ie Lifestyles, ie Baby making condoms, at the LaTex events… but imagine the possibilities!

    oh and by the way – heck yeah to “the best school God ever created” :). It was great seeing you this weekend Jozen!