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The Romantic vs. The Player: A Preview

October 23rd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Apologies to all my readers. Today I’ve been traveling and haven’t had Internet access until now.

I will be back next week though, with a special series of posts entitled “The Romantic vs. The Player”.

Beginning on Monday, October 26 and continuing until Friday, October 30 I will either be writing two posts a day or one posts in two voices on various topics. Each post will be written from the point of view of the player in me and the romantic in me.

The goal of each post is for people to get a better understanding of both my sides when it comes to dealing with women. The romantic in me believes in true love and the player in me believes in loving as many women as possible. Sometimes I envy my married friends and wish I was one of them, other times I laugh at my married friends and am overjoyed about being single.

A lot of my readers also seem to look at me in black and white, absolute constructs. Some think I’m a romantic others think I’m player. Neither side is 100 percent true.

Next week, I will show everyone I can, and am often, both. Two sides. One me. Let’s see what happens.

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  • Lilie

    i like what i see so far. getting to know someone is interesting, but i guess that’s always the fun part.. i bet most men don’t even consider what goes through the woman’s head while the two get to know each other as long as he can determine whether or not he’ll get any action. a woman can play it sweet and be a total player too. those heartbreakers. i think that’s empowering for women, but dangerous on either end.

    right now, there’s this dude i like, he’s a bit older and i’m interested in seeing what happens. he reminds me a lot of myself in many ways. i think he’s pretty awesome to talk to and hang out with and im interested in what’s in his head. however, im less experienced and am having a hard time knowing what he wants or sees in me. it’s either he’s playing really hard to get, wants to be friends, has more than one good thing going on, or really likes me too and is taking his time with it. usually, i’ll try and figure someone out, but in this case i don’t feel like i have to. i’m reading a book, it’s very intriguing and i just hit a cliffhanger…

  • Lilie

    … can’t wait to see what happens next.

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