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Five Things I Can Only Do With Women

December 7th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Some things in life I prefer to do with women more than men. I’m not talking about the obvious things like, sex. I’m talking about other, less intimate activities we wouldn’t immediately think about.

I’ve been pondering this a lot lately, largely because in less than a month, I will be attending the wedding of two very good friends of mine and I have no date. Now of course I can go by myself. As one of the groomsmen, I’m going to be busy anyway. But this wedding is different.

For one, the wedding and reception is taking place on New Year’s Eve, with the reception doubling as a traditional NYE party. The second issue is, from what my friends  tell me, every female in attendance is already coming with a date, which only makes sense considering it’s on the backdrop of NYE. So now here I am, less than a month away from the wedding and I have no one to take back to my hotel room kiss. Any other day of the year, and I’d probably have my boy roll with me. We can get our Wedding Crashers on `a la Vince Vaughn and Owen Willson, but with the added romance of New Year’s Eve, some female company would be ideal.

But a New Year’s Eve wedding isn’t the only thing I’d prefer to do with women. Below, a list of five other activities I could do with one of my boys, but never would. Men, feel free to add your own activities to the list in the comments, and ladies, I’d love to hear what activities females feel they would prefer to do with men over women.

Enjoy this…


No matter the city, an R&B concert is the ultimate ladies night. But even with a sea of fine women in attendance, and even if bringing a woman to the concert is akin to bringing sand to the beach, I still can’t find it in me to ask one of male friends if they want to roll with me to the Maxwell concert. I’ll sooner take my own mother. I’ll just tell my boy to meet me at the after-party. The show itself, that’s for the ladies.


Since I’ve lived in New York, I have been to about six or seven different Broadway plays, all of them with women. Not once have I ever left a theatre after a show and thought, You know, I think my boy would’ve really enjoyed that.


Who doesn’t love a good milkshake? That’s totally a gender neutral thing. But if I ever get the urge to have one and want some company to join me, my boy will never get that call. Women are much preferred. Nothing like looking a woman in her eyes while she’s sucking a straw like it held antibodies.


I like to cook and bake. The last thing I put in the oven was some green tea muffins, and folks can judge me all they want, I enjoyed them thoroughly. I didn’t even share them. But if I did share them, it would be with someone who helped make them, and they probably wouldn’t be a guy friend of mine cause I don’t think I can picture a time where I would feel comfortable with my boy asking me if he could lick the spoon. The way i see it, if it’s a grill, let my brethren gather around, but if it’s an oven, and I’m wearing mitts with flowers on them, women only.


When it comes to dinner, I have no problem going with my boy or going with my woman. It’s 2009, all men should be able to get some time in with their best friend over a good meal at a nice restaurant. But when it comes time for dessert, only bring me the menu if the person I’m having dinner with has breasts. If they have facial hair, don’t even ask if we want dessert. I think I speak for the table when I say, we don’t.

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  • *inquiring mind*

    “Nothing like looking a woman in her eyes while she’s sucking a straw like it held antibodies.”… you’re a slut- LOL

    Funny enough, clubbing/partying with dudes is way more fun… I love kicking it with my girls too but guys are way more fun to laugh at.

  • Alana

    Love,love this one!Even though I do enjoy going to an R&B concert with a man,it has been my experience that concerts are kinda a good way to meet and migle with guys,can’t do that if I’m with a date!

  • b

    i’d love to hear what activities females feel they would prefer to do with men over women…..

    i know this may be corny but i’d rather help my bf/ guy friend wash my car then go through a $3 in/out car wash with my girls. when im with my bf/ guy friend there is always a water fight involved and i can never get that black stuff all the way off the rims. and its something exciting about putting that shiny stuff on the tires. did i forget opening the “new car” pine tree air freshener. 😉

  • TrueMan

    I have one to add to your list: shopping. Let’s face it, we all need to go clothes shopping, and clothes shopping with your boys doesn’t feel right. Very suspect.

  • Danielle D

    *I don’t mind going to the movies with my female friends and I do but I prefer a male friend at the movies, especially scary movies.

    *This one might be different…it could even be difficult, but I would rather go to the club with a male friend or boyfriend then with my girls, cause I am a wallflower (unless my favorite song comes on) and I hate dancing with guys I don’t know. Once I went to the club with a female friend and a male friend and had alot of fun cause he and I were besties and it wasn’t like I was messing up his “game” and just this past summer I went to this club with my boyfriend and his supervisor and his wife and we had alot of fun. Other guys I dated were like “Hell no…we ain’t going to the club.”

  • Cheekie

    Where I’d rather go with men than women:

    Shopping. I need SOMEone to carry my purse. Ok, I lie. I actually can’t bring no dude shopping with me because I HATE folks rushing me when I’m shopping. I hate the feeling of someone looking over my shoulder, sighing and ish.

    The real answer:

    Any sports event. Even if I barely know what’s going on in term of rules (football still sorta confuses me), there’s something very fun about being around a bunch of rowdy, sh*t talking, laughing, cheering dudes. It’s just a fun event rather you actually go to the game, or just go to a viewing party.

  • LumbarPuncture

    “I don’t think I can picture a time where I would feel comfortable with my boy asking me if he could lick the spoon”…hahahaha! love it!

    Some things that I’d rather do with a guy than my girls….hmmm

    Have a Cookout: Let’s face it, not only would I not know what I’m doing, I would much rather watch a guy get sweaty over the grill. Call me crazy but I think it’s hella sexy to see a good-looking man owning that grill.

    Go to the zoo: How can a place that has a permanent cloud of manure hanging over it be romantic? I don’t know. But it is. Why would I go with my girls to the zoo?….exactly. There is no good reason. It’s cute to have him pretend to be your Tarzan.

    Go to a sporting event: Yes I have girlfriends who are all about sports and know all the rules and the team stats but sometimes I like a guy to explain it to me. I don’t play stupid because I know the basics of most games but men like to share their sports passion with women and I don’t mind stroking the ego occasionally.

  • Love Is Dope

    I bet there’s a woman attending the wedding who is having the same anxiety you’re having. My guess is there is at least one woman there who is going solo or with her girl because she doesn’t have a date and secretly hopes that she will meet some dashing,charming man at the wedding who will kiss her passionately at midnight. Since you’re a groomsman, you’ll automatically get the attention of all the single ladies. They have no choice but to notice you. 😉

    As far as stuff I’d rather do with a guy than my girls, I’ll say hip hop concerts. I know there are other women out there who truly appreciate hip hop like I do, but none of them are in my group of female friends. I want to go with someone who knows the words to the songs, knows the history of the artists and appreciates them beyond a six-pack or an allegedly large package.

  • Nadira Rae

    Things I’d Rather Do With Men

    And I can’t stress the importance of this one enough. Not that I’m saying I’m the only chick out there that’s TRULY into sports and really knows what’s going on, but most of my close friends don’t fit into this category. I need for the person to be able to actually KNOW the game (rules, players, team, history, etc) and be passionate about it. Plus, I like to focus on just the game and not really discuss too much else when it’s going on (guys are usually reliable for this).

    PS This rule does not apply to my mom or sisters….they’re on the same page

    #2 COOKING
    I’ve cooked with both sexes, but there’s something much more comfortable about cooking with a man (not to mention it’s SEXY as hell). When I’ve cooked with girlfriends it was kind of….competitive. Each person is jockeying for position to use their own recipe or method for doing this or that. I remember one time I was irked by the way my friend was cutting a green pepper (had that been a dude, I probably would’ve been more lenient). Plus, if a man can actually show ME something in the kitchen…”dessert” is pretty inevitable lol.

    This really depends on your skill level, but I’ve found that men generally tend to be better at these activities. Because I have a RIDICULOUS competitive streak (and am pretty good myself), I prefer to play someone that’s usually good at the game at hand and on my level (usually a man…, this actually sounds a bit sexist LOL). I don’t think there’s anything sexier than a man runing the table on me (even if it pisses me off lol).

  • ebonifire

    Things I’d prefer to do with a man.

    Car Shopping. Can’t do much with another woman at a car dealership unless she is willing to do something strange for a discount 🙂

    Things (straight) men should not do w/other men.

    Trolling for Christmas light displays. If I ever see a car full of dudes rolling slow through a residential neighborhood sipping hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights I’m taking license plate numbers and names and posting all them fools on “Girl Don’t Date”

    Pedicure. Face it. Some men go and as long as there is no polish involved, I’m okay with it. But a nail salon is definitely no place you and your boys should be seen together. Period.

  • Dililah

    LMFAO at trolling for Christmas light displays!

  • Afro

    @ ebonifire-you’re dead on with the mani/pedi thing. I have seen dudes lined up in the spa chairs getting their feet soaked fiddling with the massage speed on the chair & talking like they are @ the bar or something…not sexy!

    I prefer doing some things with guys…like watching sports, because my homegirls talk too much and want to ask questions like, “which colors do the Steelers where”…mistake #1 by talking when they play anyway!

    Great post Jozen…peace

  • Afro

    i meant “wear”. my bad

  • Nadine

    Can you please email me the green tea muffins recipe or point me in the right direction?! That sounds YUM!

  • Nadine

    I agree with watching sports with men. I attempted to watch my Chargers destroy the Browns this past Sunday with a few girlfriends and one girl in particular, wanted to talk my ear off and gossip. Men don’t do that.

  • Leah J

    I pretty much prefer to talk about anything involving relationships and sex with men. Everyone says what they want, no one is trying to be coy or cute and I find it a LOT easier. I love my girlfriends, but most of them have TOTALLY different viewpoints from mew about that sort of thing, and it gets uncomfortable trying to control my gag reflex when they are talking.

  • Leah J

    lol @ mew. ME.

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  • Rich Bordner

    I laughed hard. You’ve got a knack for writing…very entertaining and all, so kudos.