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December 18th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sorry everyone, the three hour time difference has my mind playing tricks on me. Right now, it’s not even noon over here in Cali, but I know back in New York, where I’m usually blogging, it’s already going on 3 p.m.

That being said, instead of racing the clock, trying to give everyone something before 5 p.m. EST (2 p.m. PST), I’m going to hit you all with a couple of links to things I did outside of the blog over the last week..

But before I even get into that, I want to encourage all of you to go pick up the latest issue of ESSENCE magazine. Page 62, bottom right-hand page, you will see a brief write-up about Until I Get Married. I want to thank Demetria Lucas, Relationships Editor at ESSENCE for her continued support. And of course, I also want to thank all of you, the readers.

Yes Demetria and I are cool people outside of the work place, but trust me, she didn’t give me the ESSENCE look just because we’re friends. She did it because she saw how many of you all continue to support my work. I have a lot of friends in real life who support my blog, and every time I see them face-to-face I make sure to thank them, but to all the people I have never had the good fortune of meeting in the real world, let me extend a special thanks to all of you. All the emails, Facebook friend requests, Twitter shout-outs, and comments mean a lot to me, and I will continue to work hard for all of you. The way I see it, we’re in this together. My writing, your reading, both are labors of love and I can’t think of a better way to reward your patience and support than continuing to come up with the type of content that make you all mad, happy, laugh, seethe, and eye-roll. Things like this:

One day this will all pay off, I will be a big deal, and all of  my readers will see me on TV or the page of a magazine and say, “Pssshhhh, I stopped reading Jozen a long time ago. He got too Hollywood, but he used to be good.” Or something else along those lines.

Thank you a million times over. See you all next week.

Now for the links, click on each headline to go to the story.

Lil Wayne’s “Rebirth”: An Early Listen To The Leaked Songs

The Roots’ “Sandwiches”: Jimmy Fallon’s House Band Gives Away Jams Free of Charge

Anika Noni Rose Talks About “The Princess and The Frog”

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  • Jeans4Life

    Just for the record, you’ve already made a difference…so you’re already a big deal! Most def have me mapping out what I really need to be doing in 2010 that is going to make me happy! That has always been writing and corporate America made me step back. Well, I’m getting back in the game…no worries though, we have different styles! Keep it buddy!!

  • Rena

    What about those of us who have been “reading Jozen” since the Hiltop days? DO we get a special shout out once you go too hollywood? lol Congrats on all the success and I admire your passion for the grind! Keep doing your thing! 🙂

  • Nicole

    Jozen, thank you for doing what you do. I appreciate it and look forward to saying one day that I read you way back when.

  • Ava Carter

    Congrats on the Essence endorsement, Jozen. I really enjoy your blog! Its come to be one of the sites I check every day. Keep it up and I look forward to reading your work in the new year!

  • sugarae215

    You’re definitely a blessing to this artform. I genuinely appreciate it. That is all. 🙂 lol

  • Alisha

    When I saw your blog in Essence, I was too excited for you! Congrats and don’t feel pressured to give us anything by 5 p.m. 🙂

  • frehug

    Jozen, reading your blog is the highlight of my afternoon…I know by 3pm CST you’ve got my back if I’m having a ish day! I went a mini vacay for ny birthday, the 16th, and read all the back issues. I get the newspaper almost everyday and always mean to read the back issues but never do! I’m sure I’m not the only one who carves out a niche in my day to read your posts…Thank you.