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Poppin’ The Questions 5

I’m just going to get the shameless plug out of the way, and then jump into this edition of “Poppin’ The Questions 5” because I’m tired. Love y’all…

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Okay, now onto this week’s Poppin’ The Questions!

What do you believe is the foundation to a good, healthy relationship?

I’m going to assume that you just want my two cents on this and you don’t really need my answer to help guide you to a good, healthy relationship. That being said, I believe a good, healthy relationship is founded on trust, respect, and laughter. And that is no particular order, because trust me, laughter is very essential.

How are females with a good sense of humor perceived by the opposite sex? Is it as important to males as it is for women who talk about a guy having a sense of humor?

I can only speak for myself when I say, I don’t really knock a woman who isn’t funny, but I definitely love a woman who is. If she’s not funny, that’s cool, but if she is, I’m probably going to be playing for keeps.

Is it normal for the person you’re exclusively dating to introduce you to their parents, tell them about you without actually being bf/gf but treat you still like a gf?

Situations like yours have to be taken with a grain of salt. I don’t really put a lot of weight on introducing a girl to my mom. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are girls who I’ve introduced to my parents and I wanted my parents to understand I was serious about her, but there were others who weren’t such a big deal and only met my parents because they happened to be around at the same time. But if I had to over-analyze your question, I would say it sounds like the guy really does care about you and instead of focusing on the title between you two, you should focus on the connection.

Rate your own attractiveness on a scale of 1-10. One being fugly, 10 being fine.

I feel like I’ve grown into a solid 8, but definitely have my 6 and 7 moments like when I’m sick or don’t get a haircut for like three weeks. Overall though, I give myself an 8 and I think the women who have dated me would give the same answer if they spent enough time with me.

Just how comfortable are you with the idea that you may never get married?

Considering the fact that my future plans have always entailed getting married, I would have to say the idea of never getting there is unsettling, but I don’t think it’s because I want to get married so bad. The reason why I get disturbed by such a thought is because of what it means in a larger sense. I don’t want to have lived a life not finding that one person who is right for me. That would kind of suck. I’m not trying to get married so much as I’m trying to find the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

What’s the approach you use the most on women? Does it often work?

This is like asking David Blaine how he makes things vanish in thin air. I’m not going to reveal such top secrets, but I will say, I do have a couple of stock questions to open up a conversation and here is where people are going to say I have lines. Wrong. I don’t have lines. I have an approach and it works more often than not. The fact is, when it comes to talking to women, I know what I’m doing.

How would you describe good sex?

If a woman is doing something she said she wouldn’t do or doing something out of character after sex, usually good sex has been had. It’s really a tough thing to describe, but I know it when I’ve had it.

As a guy who has cheated, do you think a girl should leave once her man is caught cheating, or is it worth it to stick around and try to work at it? I’m asking because I’m beginning to think cheating is an issue every couple faces eventually at some point.

Yes, I do think they should leave, but keep in mind, you’re asking a man whose woman left him after he cheated, and she moved over 3,000 miles away to be with me. I honestly do believe for both of us, her leaving helped us more than it hurt us, and trust me, it hurt a lot. But honestly, I learned more from her leaving me after cheating than I did by her staying. I knew it was wrong before I did it, but I don’t think I understand the magnitude of how wrong it was until I suffered some repercussions for it.

Do you think it’s possible for a guy who has cheated on his girl to really be sorry and never do it again?

Yes, I do think he can be really sorry for cheating, and yes, he might not ever do it again, but that might be with someone else. Not with you.

I’m 26 and I’ve only ever dated one guy, who I was in a relationship with for 7 years. Will this be a turn off for guys in the future or scare them away?

If a guy is even slightly concerned about the last man, it should be a turn off for you. I’m of the thought that if your last relationship was great, you’d still be in it. I’m personally not turned off by such trivial things.

Were you an English major at Howard? Also, when you graduated HU did you already have a job in the writing field or was it something you worked at until you built up a career?

I was a journalism major and I started as a reporter/researcher at VIBE two months after I graduated, so yes I did have a job in the writing field. On the side, I freelanced my butt off for a bunch of publications. I think at one point, there were like five different magazines with my name in them on the newsstand at the same time.

Are there ever any topics/questions that you skip over or leave unfulfilled?

Yes, I did that tonight actually, and what I try to do is go back and answer them, but so far, I’ve done a pretty bad job of that. I’ll do better though. Promise, homies.

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  • Lola

    I really do enjoy this segment! Seeing all these different questkions and your insights puts a lot of things in perspective!

    Good job!


  • Violet

    With regards to marriage, I just found these. #2-5, 17[the last one] remind me of your Harlem loyalty, low key matrimony plans, and determination to swing the Mrs. around to a hip-hop song for the first dance celebrating your nuptials. Keep hope alive! Thanks for writing!

  • mimi

    This feels like a relationship advice column… but its really interesting. I enjoy these questions/answers.

  • dbaby11

    🙂 great post!!!

  • Alana

    I like these types of colums,they’re honest!

  • B

    seeing as how youpost bits and pieces of stories on her. it was very interesting to find out that : you cheated on the girl that moved to NYC to be with you……..and after she found out she left you……….i cant wait until you write an entire post about her/what happened!

  • B

    * you post

  • Yesi Jukebox

    There’s a question up there that I can relate to, so thank you for the insight..

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