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My Appearance on Oprah Radio Network With Derrick Ashong

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  • Tierra

    For some reason, I really wanted you to have a NY accent. Like a really thick one. I know you’re from Cali, but that’s what I wanted. LOL

    Good show. You have so much talent!

  • BenfordBillions

    the link above is of your interview. your interview is in the second half. good job

  • Dee

    I lurk on your blog every week. Love your insights. Really enjoyed the show today….maybe you’ll have your own radio/tv talk show one day. I know it would be a hit!

    So refreshing to hear intelligent, REAL relationship talk in light of the incessant “BLACK WOMEN WILL NEVER GET MARRIED” media blitz the mainstream press has been on since the Obamas have occupied the White House.

    Look forward to hearing much more from you for many years.

    Wishing you all the best.

  • B

    it’s so funny to finally put a voice with words…..

  • g

    great interview! i have to agree with “B,” it ‘s nice to attach a voice to the words.