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Introducing The New Rating System For Women

For as long as I have been alive, men have used the 1-10 rating scale to rate women. Is it right? Absolutely not. Is it fun? Hell yes.

But here’s the real question, is it honest? Every man I know will say his woman is nothing under an eight. Maybe he will be man enough to admit she’s a seven, but those guys are few and far between. And anything below a seven isn’t even worth discussing unless the man is mean spirited enough to call her out for being below a seven.

What men need is a new rating system. Too many women are being called 10’s to the point where the whole idea of a 10 isn’t even sufficient enough to describe true 10’s. Now we’re calling them 11’s and 12’s. Huh? If the system was so perfect, there would be no need to go above it. Well, one night, in the midst of a random conversation with my boys about girls (duh), we stumbled upon a new, much better system. I’m using it, my boys are using it, and now I’m sharing it for everyone else to use. And yes, ladies, you can use it too if you so please.

Ladies and gentlemen allow me to present what we are calling


From this point forward, my friends and I are putting women in percentiles. The most beautiful women to each individual will now be described using percentage figures, which will be given according to how she compares with other women.

The problem with the 1-10 system is it never accounted for other women. When a man called a woman a 10, the assessment was always made on an individual basis, there was never any comparative analysis, and that is where men start making all types of mistakes. He gets so caught up in the moment, he puts the 10 on a pedestal, not accounting for the other fish in the sea.

What happened when he discovered the girl he called a 10 hangs out with other 10s? Her stock may have dropped, yet her rating never changed. Now I’m no math whiz (actually it was my worst subject), but if a man is just throwing out 10s left and right, where is the value in being a 10?

It’s gone.

So, let’s take that same situation and instead of applying the 1-10 system, let’s apply the percentile system. A man meets a woman standing outside of a lounge, and she is so fine he immediately puts her in the 95 percentile. This means, as of right now, there is only a 5 percent chance he will meet a woman as fine or finer than her. The woman is waiting for her friends who are now walking up to her, and what’s this? Oh, wow, she has another fine friend.  Now the girl he put in the 95 percentile system is now in the 90 percentile. And wait, there’s another girl who is just as fine as the two other girls. Now both girls are going down to the 85 percentile system. But wait! There’s one more! So now all four girls are going in the 80 percentile.

What does that mean exactly? Well, basically, it means that each woman looks better than 80 percent of the other women in the club, and amongst the four of them, there’s only a 20 percent chance the man will meet someone who is finer than any one of these girls.

Now why is this better than the 1-10 system? Why can’t we just call all four of them 10’s?

Good question.

If a man ends up with one of the 10’s in the crew, but acknowledges each one of her friends is also a 10, he is basically saying she’s not much finer than other woman out there. But if a man says a woman is in the 80th percentile, it sounds a little bit better. And, the beautiful thing about the percentile system is once her friends aren’t around and it’s just him and her, she’s right back up to the 95 percentile system. Instead of saying she’s a 10 all the time and other girls are 10’s too, the new system is allowing him to be completely honest about where she falls in comparison to other women.

Honesty is the main reason why we have decided to go with this new system. If I have a friend who lives in one of those small towns and says he met a woman who is a nine, I’m expecting a nine. But if a man tells me he met a woman who is in the 80th percentile, I’m expecting a seven because I know he’s basically saying, his woman is fine in the small town he’s living in, but there’s a 20 percent chance, he would meet someone finer or as fine as she is, and frankly, those are good odds. I mean, if I said there was a 20 percent chance it would rain, and an 80 percent chance it wouldn’t, would you be carrying around your umbrella or would you say it’s going to be a beautiful day?

Here’s what happened with the 1-10 system. Somehow, over time, it went from a rating system to a compliment system. Men started saying a woman was a 10 as a way to compliment her, and what a lot of women didn’t realize is if they weren’t getting a rating, it probably meant they were between a seven and a one. Now with the percentile system, every woman gets a rating because the percentile system takes into account not just the way one woman looks, but other women look as well.

One thing I hope happens is women start applying the same system to themselves and to their friends. I’ve complained before about the way women always tend to oversell their friends. They always talk about how fine their friends are when the truth is they’re not all equal. With the percentile system, women can now give an assessment of their friends based on the percentage of times their friends attract attention from the opposite sex. If a woman told me that about 80 percent of the time her friends go out guys ask to buy them drinks and try to get their number, I can go back to my friends and report the girl I’m talking to has some pretty fine friends because 80 percent of the time they go out, guys are trying to approach them.

The other way girls can apply it? To themselves. What the percentile system awards isn’t just raw beauty, but also individual, unconventional beauty as well. If women were conscious about what percentile they fall into, they can do something to make them stand out. I personally love a woman with style, but that’s always hard to explain to my boys. The fact of the matter is every woman is a 10 with her clothes off because who doesn’t like naked women? But since most women aren’t walking around these streets naked, men being the visual creatures they are, have to assess what it is they see, and thus, a woman’s style will help determine her proper place in the percentile system.

So there it is, everyone. The new rating system my friends are now using to assess the opposite sex. None of this is meant to be taken seriously, we’re just trying to have some fun at the expense of an archaic system. I would like to hear men give me their own rating system if they have one to contribute but also, any suggestions as to what they might do to modify the percentile system. And ladies, just to show how playful I am being about this whole thing, feel free to practice the percentile system on me in the comments section. I’m not scared, because if you give me anything below 50 percent, there is probably a 100 percent chance we will never get together.



Honestly, these days, it’s more about keeping my confidence in tact, haven’t meditated yet, but I want to try. And prayer, been doing a lot of that. I need it. Keeps the anxiety away.

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  • Aisha

    Ok, i’m using this system on men and sharing it with friends. It’s hard for me to rate you since I don’t really know what you look like except for your avatar, so based on that knowledge I’ll say 85 percentile. The fact that you get quite a bit of attention so it seems is reason to believe you must be in a high percentile.

  • Guest Would’ve gotten me out of trouble once if you had posted this sooner!

  • Kady

    Huh!!!….What!!!… *shakes head in confusion*
    She goes from a 95% to an 80% because there are other fine women in the room. Actually when beautiful women get together the rating should go up, it only sucks for the ugly girl in the group. So in order to stay in a high percentile, I need to hangout WHERE THE UGLY GIRLS GO! and then talk to guy you like to hangout WHERE THE UGLY GIRLS GO! ohh no!!!! I kinda like the Jersey Shore system of “Grenade” “Not Grenade” but I guess thats mean spirited.

    I will continue to use the 1-10 rating system, but I don’t give out 10s, never met one, only seen them on TV, Boris Kodjoe, Morris Chestnut, you know the regulars. So in real life you can get between 6-9.5 anything below a 6 isn’t worth mentioning. My rating is purely based on looks and muscles forget the cloths. Also my friend know me well enough to have an idea of whats an 8.5 vs a 7.

    Ratings are for fun but in reality F**K a rating because his looks are not the main thing I will be discussing with my girls,my run down would be: School/Degree, Job, Living situation, Looks, etc.

    On comment section change: I think it makes more sense to read comments Oldest on down, if its a busy day with people posting responses it might mess up the flow. (Hope you don’t mind the unasked for feedback, its a Virgo thing)

  • Keia

    Idk what to think about this one…it seems like it helps get a better gague on how fine a woman is if she’s being described to you, but it seems a little complex. The 1 – 10 rating scale is so much simpler.

  • Qiana McKoy

    This percentile system is interesting…I would probably put you in the 85-90 percentile, because I like a man who knows how to use his words well. 🙂

  • Violet

    You and your boys have had way too many!

    Thanks for the laughs! This was a great way to end the week.

    I laughed loudest here:

    “The other way girls can apply it? To themselves. What the percentile system awards isn’t just raw beauty, but also individual, unconventional beauty as well. If women were conscious about what percentile they fall into, they can do something to make them stand out.”

  • Jinx The Chase

    I’ve never rated myself or my girls by the 1-10 system, just individual merits. Haven’t rated men by the system either. *shrug*

  • Free

    Sorry, but *yawn* I had a real hard time forcing myself to finish this post. The last line did make me chuckle, which was nice; it felt like a reward for making it through.

    But nonetheless, I will be back tomorrow to see what else is on your mind.

  • Simplemindedmnen

    your like a guy with the mind of a 7th grader looking for a soulmate, good luck with that one

  • Boardroom

    Genius Post. You are right. I went to college in Chicago and grew up here my whole life. The finest women usually leave Chicago for college. So a Chicago ’10’ might be a NY ‘7’ or a LA ‘6’ or a DC ‘8’.

  • SoCal Belle

    Come on Jozen, another rating system?!?!
    You decided on a 5 point rating system last year RE-article from November 5th, 2009 (yes I remember**grins**) I guess RATING WOMEN is an enjoyable sport for men but- writing about it twice? meh

  • Stang Bang

    I’m more of a fan of the 1 and 0 rating system. Completely subjective, but it leaves out all the guesswork on what the guy is thinking.

  • Andrewlb604

    I’m not really into the whole rating thing, but I used to do it for fun with my brother, not as anything serious, but just for the fact that we could do it and women wouldn’t know we were doing it (I’m not entirely proud of it). I call it the Car Talk System, because not many women are interested in car talk and plenty of guys are. Where we’d see a woman and think of a car that comes to mind when we see her. For example if a girl was so fine and high maintenance looking beyond me she’d be like an Aston Martin or some car I couldn’t get or afford to maintain. If she was fine but just about within my range, she’d be like a BMW M3 or something. If she was cute and a little common, but seemed decent she’d be a Honda Civic/VW Golf. If she was rough around the edges but was 1 of those that could grow on you she’d be like a 69 Charger (Not so upto date on the outside but a sweet v8 of a heart). For a premium looking chick who you know is just rotten and a piece of work, she’d be a Corvette (Nice stats, can keep up with the best of them, but ugly interior and relatively cheap quality) Etc. you can go on forever with this you may get the idea, but it’s all relative and to the imagination. Plus you get to talk about the 2 things many men love. Cars and women. Lol.

  • Oh

    Lol. You start with an 85, only because you make that cute ass stank face when you talk. Am I the only person who rates guys more on personality than on looks? Or rather, their personality is a part of their looks?

    Because a dude could be “fine” as hell but if he doesn’t have the proper personality or swag to support it hes almost invisible. Assholes can’t get more than a 50. Not the same for women?

    I sympathize for the need of new descriptions because I often find myself wondering what makes a girl so cute? Not even on some hate, I’m real when it comes to myself too, but half the girls placed on a pedestal look like regular ass “cute” girls. There are few women out there that are blantantly beautiful.

    But I agree that basing beauty of the surrounding girls is fleeting and useless in the end. Further, no system is going to satisfy us. You’ll know how you feel when you meet them 🙂

  • Crystal Marie

    Hahahah, I like this! It seems like it could be a bit… objectifying at first, but really it takes into account more than just looks. Nice one.

  • Crystal Marie

    Ah…. men and their systems for putting women in categories. I don’t think at this point, I have the energy to be angry/exasperated/up in arms about it. lol. I want to say I appreciate your honesty, but I’m not sure I do, to be real!

    Ah well. Here’s a toast to the…

  • Kneal

    I’m liking you less and less. You used to seem so much deeper but now you are just so superficial. What is your idea of a 10 anyway.

  • Cave Man

    Mmm Food…. You speak a Man’s language there, you just got elevated to the 95th percentile..Lol.

  • J.C.

    This is the most retarded thing I have ever heard of haha. Jozen I can tell you are a young man coming into his own right now. I also think if you were being serious about women using “your” rating system on each other you would be responsible for perpetuating a lot of women who already behave insecurely. Jozen I would rate you a in the 30% YOU see? It works both ways. I can tell that the author of this blog is really insecure with himself, most men that act this insecure, and have these categories for women usually are unhappy with themselves and act like pure jack A*sses

  • E3

    I thought I had read about you rating women. Thanks, SoCal Belle, for the reminder.

  • DWeb

    the ones that don’t like it are probably a lil fugly. take that to the bank.

  • Shani3

    This is pretty funny. We all (men and women) rate the opposite sex to some degree. And true enough, an Atlanta 10 is likely to be a D.C. 4 (MEN), so this clarification will be used in my rating scale for the guys I meet. Just for kicks and giggles with my girls 🙂 Thanks for the laugh…
    Quite amusing

  • CHicks

    The only rating scale that matters is the Binary system. Would you sleep with this person or not. 1 is yes, 0 is no. If you want to get fancy, you can use the area code system. First number is the face, second number is binary, third is the body. All play factors in whether you find them attractive.

  • citygirl22

    You are not lying when you say you are no math whiz, huh? For a woman to lose 5 percentage points every time an equally attractive woman approaches, there would have to be a maximum of 20 women in the room, and a less attractive one would have to leave every time a more attractive one walks in. In fact, as more attractive women (e.g., her friends) surround you, the chance that you will meet additional attractive women goes DOWN, not UP. OK… don’t kill me, I know you were being tongue-in-cheek!!!

    So, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But there is a certain objectiveness to it. A woman does not become less beautiful just because her friend is fly, IMO. There should be room for 2, or 3, or several gorgeous women in a room. What changes should not be your definition of “gorgeous,” but your definition of “average.”

    Here’s why a 1 to 10 rating system works for me: because I don’t notice the majority of men that I encounter (call me a snot nose, but whatever. I’m just being honest). I believe the average human being is decently attractive (let’s say, a 6) and I reserve anything below that for people who are really unappealing or have some major deformity or defect. If I consider someone an 8 or above, I pause and take note. I don’t care how many other 8’s, 9’s and 10’s are around (usually there are very few). It doesn’t change a man’s individual rating. Of course, there are certain exceptions. If someone is incredibly funny, confident, flirtatious or a great dancer, he might catch my attention for a moment. In that case, I’d give him the quick once-over and probably give him a shot at conversation. If he couldn’t hold my interest, he’d stay in the “average” category.

    8’s, 9’s and 10’s, on the other hand, tend to make my mouth water from across the room. They don’t need to speak. LOL!

  • Treifalicious

    Why can’t people just use decimals in the 1-10 rating system? After all, if a woman can be in the 95th percentile, she could then be a 9.5.

    Also, the main way women could use this rating system is to assess MEN’S looks which I do all the time, though I don’t discuss it with other women in general. That being said I do think it comes down to a binary system of, “would I do him or not?”. Looks aren’t the only thing that factor into whether or not I would do him. The man doesn’t have to be gorgeous (and usually isn’t. Because men who are too pretty tend to be assholes/players) but he absolutely cannot be ugly either.

  • Commentmnstr

    One thing none of these rating systems take into account is consistency over time. When my wife was in her 20’s she was a solid 7 on anybody’s scale. 30 years later, she’s nearly always the hottest girl in the room. No, the room is not full of 20 year old girls, but she still often beats a sprinkling of 20 year olds in the room.

    Guys, when you decide to settle down, you want a girl who’s going to last. First and foremost, who’s not going to get fat. After that, look for stuff that doesn’t wear out–style, sexy voice, smart, gorgeous eyes, an interesting face, class. Maybe class most of all. Look at her mom–that’s cliched but good advice.

    Oh, and in case you’re sneering, an interesting face doesn’t mean not pretty. It stands aside pretty. Michelle Pfeiffer has an interesting face. So does Kathy Bates. When they’re talking, their faces are mobile and expressive. You can’t take your eyes off them. Maybe I should call this a charismatic face.

    I never tire of watching my wife talk, even if I occasionally might tire of listening. Across the room, she draws all eyes to her without trying and without wanting to. I’m kind of happy going into middle and old age being the guy whose wife everyone else wants to eff.