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The Ladies Man

October 15th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Excuse me everybody, today’s post is a note to self. Don’t mind me and read on if you’d like.

Okay, I admit, this blog is helping me in the ladies department.

Happy now? There, I admitted it, even after I once tried to deny it.

It’s weird for me to admit that my life has changed since I started this blog, but it’s time for me to face the facts. My life has changed since I started the blog, and I sometimes wonder if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I roll with the changes. All the attention I get from the opposite sex largely because of this blog is flattering, humbling even. For instance, just the other day a reader had the gumption to invite me to a Pittsburgh Steelers game. Now who is to say such a moment wouldn’t have happened without the blog? I don’t know, but I do know no woman ever invited me to a Pittsburgh Steelers game before I had the blog.

It has gotten to the point now where at least once a week, some girl I have never met before is reaching out to me and asking if we can meet up. Sometimes they say they want to talk about writing and blogging, which is something I always take seriously. Others tell me they’re a fan and would just like to say hello. A few have told me they want to take me out on a date.

All of it is cool with me and I would be lying if I said this isn’t a part of the dream. There could be a thousand reasons why a woman likes me or is drawn to me, but I can’t think of one more flattering than my writing. So none of this post is meant to be some diatribe about how it sucks all these women want me because I’m a good writer. Being wanted for even the most trivial things is sometimes a good feeling.

What this really about is my ability to reign it all in and control it to some degree. I didn’t grow up having a way with women, which is probably why a part of me still feels like a kid whenever a girl I like likes me back. The first girl I ever liked, didn’t like me back, so I came into the game in second grade with a losing record.

From that point on, getting women was always an uphill battle or at least it felt like one. Sure there were times where I got the girl I wanted, but certainly not every girl, and even more certainly, I never really felt like I could just stand somewhere, not do a thing, and let women come up to me. I am friends with guys who have that ability, and trust me, there’s a huge difference between them and I.

But things are different these days, and though they were becoming different even before I started the blog, they’re really different now. So much so, it’s slightly disconcerting that I don’t know what to do with the little bit of attention I have received because it’s different from what it used to be. Before I had the blog, the attention I received from the opposite sex felt like something I had to work for, now I feel like it’s a per diem for the work I do, if that makes any sense.

In a way, I feel like some sort of ladies man. When I started this blog it was to write about things I already experienced, not to get more experiences to write about. As I have always said, my life controls the blog, the blog does not control my life. But the blog is definitely having an impact on my life, and so now it’s on me to make sure I channel the impact in a way that isn’t negative. The question is, how do I do it?

Well, that’s easy. I like a girl who doesn’t like me back or maybe she does like me back, but not nearly as much as her.

I used to always want the girls who wanted me. It was just easier that way. But now I am starting to meet more than one girl who wants me (and when I say more than one, I mean two, maybe three). Maybe it’s more, I don’t know. Like I said, I only get one request a week to be taken out or one compliment a week so it’s not like I have women asking me to sign their breast. Although that would be awesome! Wouldn’t it? I mean, I can just see a girl now coming up to me and pulling down the collar of her shirt and…sorry, I digress.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the attention I receive and how it has me feeling like some sort of ladies man.

I mean, yeah, I’ll take it, but not to my head. A lot of women tell me I get a lot of women, and honestly, I don’t know what the number is to qualify such a statement. Is it more than one? If so, then sure, I get a lot of women. And these days, I’m getting more women than ever, but I take it all in stride. Women who like me after reading my blog are no different than women who like me after meeting me in some social setting. I don’t differentiate between the two because even though I can appreciate a girl who likes me, this new ladies man, is more concerned with the girls I like.



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  • Marci Matthews

    I normally like your posts but I’m kinda bewildered by this one. What’s your point again?…applause, kudos, nobel prize for receiving female attention with obvious joy and excitement masked as humility?? (first time commenter, long time reader)…You should change the blog title to “The Ladies Man” because now you have validation, rt?

  • Scarlett D

    Beautifully written as always and I’m glad you acknowledged the pull of the blog and took it as a compliment on your writing, not that you are Superman. 😉 We women do love a well spoken man.

  • Sydney

    I suppose you’ll stop writing this blog when you meet the woman who likes you, and you like her back. Clearly, you want to initiate as it’s the position in which you feel most comfortable. I like your blog, read it daily, and have considered sending you a message BUT…I don’t pursue, I like to be chased. = )

  • Boots23

    There seems to be a trend developing on Friday’s, my dear; the effort seems to wane.

  • wahoo4uva

    That’s wonderful. It must be a GREAT feeling. As someone who has never been the woman guys flock to like bees after honey, I hope to have a similar experience as yours one day. Just so I know what it feels like. Please hold on to humility in the midst of all the attention.

  • Nelle B

    Makes me wonder what kind of girl it is you like…I would think one of the ones that like you or who have expressed an interest would be the “type” of girl you’d like.

  • streetz

    You mad?!?! lol…

  • Teaandsuch

    “Happy now?” Very!

  • Anonymous

    ummmmm, WooooooW!

  • Jinx The Chase

    ROFL… now the man can’t acknowledge the attention he’s been receiving? Some of yall ain’t never happy. If he stayed denying it it’d probably be A-OK.

    *blank stare*

  • CourtyJ725

    Oh… if you only KNEW how much I enjoyed both this blog and the comments! LMAO. I am not in a position to comment further on this one… because of the position I AM in.
    Very tickled though. Truly.

  • Kady

    OK Jozen, so one week you preach to like the girl who likes you, then a month later your like “Date the guy you don’t like”, then a few days later you confess that you like a girl, who doesnt like you as much as you like her (you think your slick). It does show that your blog is really about your life and I really appreciate that you don’t just write filler blogs. Its almost like a good reality show because we never know what your going to say next.

    I really don’t understands why people get so bothered when you change your views on a subject, you never said your oppinions are written in stone, or will never change, infact the only constant in your blog is “Growth” and I like reading about it.

    Happy Friday to All 🙂

  • Cheekie

    Glad you acknowledged. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and I don’t think admitting you get help with the ladies from blogging means you NEED it as you previously stated, but simply that you’re getting extra help from a place you wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise. I see the blogging world as meeting folks that you otherwise never would’ve come across, and you can view it the same way with women. 🙂

  • Nadia Imiss Jman Woods

    Hey Josen * tugs at the top of her shirt* could you sign right here…;-)

  • Jonessy

    nice to see you over here streetz. and i’m with you jozen accept it and keep it movin

  • Aisha

    Do the two date thing 🙂 and I’m actually shocked that you’re not used to getting lots of attention. Hope she likes you back!

  • Gina

    I enjoy reading your blog. As a writer, I often find myself looking at your writing style more than your content, and you are an amazing writer/storyteller. But, I’m still not inviting you to a Steelers game! haha

    Anyone like jeans?

  • AlesiaMichelle

    Okay, I’m really late on this post.
    “I like a girl who doesn’t like me back or maybe she does like me back, but not nearly as much as her.”
    Idk… I’m confused about that quote maybe I’m slow right now…
    Moral: Date who you want to date. Screw anyone who makes you feel bad for having fun. Live up your fame while you can. Also, use this fame to hook up with hot chicks, bye bye regulare hotties… Hello! Models! lol One day you might not be so lucky!

  • Chris Cruz

    Your new “ladies man” status is because of your blog and knack for great writing. It’s like the winning QB in high school, no matter his looks he’ll have no trouble getting girls because of his football status.