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Five Movie Characters I Want To Be Like In Real Life

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Movies, baby. Love watching them, but not really in a critical sense. I don’t like to evaluate performances, plots, and production values. If the movie sucks, it sucks and I just go watch another one. The reason I watch movies is to escape in them. I enjoy being in a theater, turning off my phone and being entertained for 90 or so minutes without the distractions of the oustide world.

The movies I especially like are the ones with strong male characters who I can relate to or aspire to be like in some way or another. When I was growing up, watching Jean Claude Van Damme movies made me want to take karate classes (Bloodsport anyone?). Larenz Tate’s character in  Love Jones made me feel like being a writer was cool. I even remember how watching Turner & Hooch, staring Tom Hanks as a cop who has a dog for a partner, moved my Pop so much, he ended up bringing home a dog of his own.

And so it is with that thought I present a list of five movie characters I want to be like in real life.

NOAH from THE NOTEBOOK (played by Ryan Gosling)

Like many men who have been in a relationship in the years after 2004, I was once required by an ex-girlfriend of mine to watch The Notebook. Surprisingly, the experience was not unbearable. Boring at times? Yes. Sappy? There were definitely moments. But I must admit, the way Noah takes to building that house from the ground up with his own two hands after his woman leaves him (I think that’s how it happened), definitely stuck with me. Even men have a tendency to mope around in the days and weeks immediately following a difficult break-up, but not Noah. And I decided then, if I ever went through some heartbreak again, not me either.

BRYAN MILLS from TAKEN (played by Liam Neeson)

When the end credits started rolling in this film, the one thought I had was, “There is no way I’m ready to be a father.” The lengths Bryan Mills goes to to save his daughter’s life were definitely something you would only see in the movies (dude should have died three times at least), but that was beside the point. The fact is, unlike the guy who played the step-father and attempted to throw money at the problem. What did Mills do? He got on the phone with those jokers who kidnapped his girl and said:

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s fatherhood.

BLEEK GILLIAM from MO’ BETTER BLUES (played by Denzel Washington)

Spike Lee’s 1990 film did something no film has been able to do since: Make the modern day jazz musician look as cool as he really is. When I was in high school, I played in the jazz band, and of course in high school, playing in the jazz band was never really the coolest thing to do, but Bleek made that life look like a life worth living. Fast forward to today, and I definitely can relate to the woman woes he goes through in the film. An ex of mine actually once said I reminded her of Bleek. I took it as a compliment, she meant it as a diss.

JERRY MAGUIRE from JERRY MAGUIRE (played by Tom Cruise)

This movie is always on television and no matter where it’s at in the film, I always watch it until the end. There’s something about Maguire’s rebuilding process I admire, especially regarding his career. I took a similar stand at my last gig — basically said I can’t work under the given conditions, so I’m out — and like Maguire, I go through those moments when I’m scared and uncertain about the future. I also have a tendency to kind of use women as a support system the way Maguire used Renee Zelwegger’s character. When I finally get all of it together, I often wonder what woman is going to be there at the end of it. Maybe I don’t want to be like Jerry Maguire so much as I feel like I’m Jerry Maguire these days. Someone show me the money!

RUSTY RYAN from OCEAN’S ELEVEN, TWELVE, and THIRTEEN (played by Brad Pitt)

Danny Ocean may have been boss, but Rusty Ryan was all style and the main reason why every heist they pulled off was successful. Ocean had the power to whoop to hire people to whoop someone’s a**, Rusty would have whooped someone’s a** himself. While Danny was busy chasing around Tess, Rusty stayed focused on the task at hand. Oh, and his clothes. One day I will have the means to dress like Rusty Ryan every day and the ability to wear a suit in a city as hot as Las Vegas without sweating.


The Process: Got back on my workout grind this morning after taking the week off to recover from that cold, and yeah, I threw up after running this morning. But I feel great!

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  • James Barbour Jr.

    Movie Character I Want To Be Like In Real Life: Mike Terry in Redbelt. Driven by ethics so strong they cause him to persevere through the worst of situations and be recognized as the best in his craft.

  • v4c

    “after you rescue her, you give her the ass whoppin of her lifetime”

    YES! I get PISSED at her AND THE MOTHER every time I watch that movie. What parent okays a child lying to the other parent?! Where does that happen at?! Momma and daughter deserved to be knocked out!

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  • Aries_Rose

    What you mentioned about Jerry Maguire inspired me! I come to work in a building that is leaking, falling a part, and filled with mold. I am so feeling like screaming “I CAN’T WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!” Having the courage to walk away is admirable : )

    I also love the movie “Taken” and I agree, he should have died mad times in that movie! But he went out there with a one man show and got his daughter back, like every father should! The only thing he should have done was gotten the mom a psych evaluation! Who sends their daughter on a trip with her teenage friend and no adult supervision!?!? Lol, loving this post!

  • Chuck

    My movie relating character would have to be Humphrey Bogart. Smooth, extra cool, ladies man, take no shit, and can dress his ass off..

  • Anonymous

    yes indeed, Bryan Mills (Taken) had me whoopin and hollerin through the whole movie. mainly because my dad (who’s been in law enforcement my whole life) is a little crazy like that and has come to my rescue once as a teen (beat a guy with a cro-bar for touching me inappropriately) and I admire any dad willing to go to bat for his child. It’s the main reason any man I deal with must have similar traits as my dad. Protectiveness is a must. I do agree though… the mama and the daughter needed 2 hot cuffs for putting that whole situation into play. lol

  • Bunny.

    Rusty. LOVED HIM. He was so smooth in his suits. [I loved every Oceans.] But I am also a Jason Bourne lover.

  • Kae-Toya

    Alot of men have lost the protective role, I don’t know why.

  • Violet

    The writing gives me a men’s magazine vibe. I likes.

  • Nadira Rae

    Ummmm, you do realize that Noah built that house in hopes that it would bring Ally back, right? Lol Good post.

  • Anike Love

    Noahhhhh….oh my godsicles, I watch that movie just to watch the passion between him and Allie! Guys these days complain about women whose hands can’t cook, I complain about men whose hands can’t build!!

  • sg

    I love Bloodsport, but Kickboxer is my favorite!