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I Can’t Even Write The Post I Wanted To Write Today, Here’s Why

November 11th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Before I get into today’s post, I have some business to speak on.

Today I discovered some guy has taken a number of my blog posts and literally cut and pasted them onto his blog without attributing them to me or giving me any sort of credit. Of course, Jermaine moved swiftly on reaching out to the appropriate people and sending out a cease and desist, so we’re taking care of it as we speak. And let that be a warning to anyone else who feels like plagiarizing my work and passing it off as their own. My partner and I will go after you swiftly and do anything within our power to make sure you take down the copied posts immediately.

The thing that burns me up the most about incidents like this (and it isn’t the first time this has happened to me), is the fact that they copy posts I write about my life. Mine. Jozen’s life. It doesn’t just upset me that they would do such a thing, it baffles me.

I have always approached this blog with a mission to write from the perspective of a person to whom others can relate. I touch on things and reveal things deeply personal to me but with a goal to make each post something familiar to other readers. In other words, I feel like everything I go through is something others have gone through.

This still doesn’t give anyone who reads this blog or knows about this blog the right to copy my words verbatim and pass them off as their own. People have tried to tell give me the old “imitation is the highest form of flattery’, but we’re not talking about a person who saw the shirt I wore and liked it so much they bought the same shirt. We’re talking about my words and again I say, my life. To me, imitating these things to the point where they are me is not flattering, it’s insulting. I don’t take it as a compliment, I take it as a slap in the face towards all the hard work I put into making this blog something people want to read everyday.

The people who copy my work have no idea how difficult that is or how much discipline it takes. Instead of trying to apply the same work ethic to their own blog, they just copy and paste the product of my work ethic.

What happened today wasn’t the first time I saw it happen to me, but it is the first time I’m making a big deal out of it. Frankly, I’m only doing so now because I think people take my work lightly. As a matter of fact, I know they take my work lightly because if they took my work seriously, they wouldn’t be copying it so blatantly. Obviously some people think because these are words in some blog, as opposed to a book or a magazine, they can just copy these words and paste them onto their own site.

Well, legally they can’t because if people were smart they would see at the bottom of this blog, Until I Get Married, and all the work on it is copy written. But morally and ethically they should know just because they’re copying words from a blog doesn’t make it less wrong or more right.

I swear I really did have a topic to touch on today. This wasn’t supposed to be today’s post. Unfortunately, once I started writing this disclaimer, I couldn’t stop, so today, this is what we get.

I want to thank the reader who alerted me to this latest form of biting to me this morning, and to all the readers who have been supportive in taking the guy who did it down since I first tweeted about it. Like I said, Jermaine and I are handling it the right way and hopefully he will take the posts down soon.

But man, look, to the person who copied my work and to anyone else who thinks of doing something like it in the future, just, just don’t. You’re not only insulting me, you’re not only insulting the intelligence of your readers, you’re insulting your self and your own abilities as an aspiring writer. If you don’t feel like you can write better than me, practice. Write more. Create something other people want to copy instead of copying what other people have created. It’s not cool, it’s not smart, and most importantly, it’s not you. It’s me. I write this, all of it (even the typos!)  from my heart and my mind. Respect that by trying to do it yourself, and if you can’t manage to do so, and feel the need to copy my work again, copy these words I just wrote.


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  • Kae-Toya

    Copy right your stuff

  • Miss. Riss

    That’s absolutely disrespectful. I don’t even understand why or even hos someone could be so bold to just copy and paste blogs that they didn’t write.

    I’m glad you and your business partner (who is missed on the podcasts) are serious and taking care of this type of stuff asap. I respect your mission to make UGIM more than just a blog.

    I truly hope this doesn’t disrupt your honesty and passion for this blog.

  • $O$

    Kudos! You got plagirized. Means you’re doing it up. Keep penning man. I’m still waiting for my day. I’ll be flattered.

  • Boss1015

    Also. Copyright your stuff, lol. I’m sure you do? Then again, its tough to copyright a blog you write on everyday, the copyright is a bit of a process.

  • Nadira Rae

    I think it’s pretty sad (and ridiculous) that someone would stoop so low as to copy your inner thoughts/ feelings/ life experiences, not once…but twice?!?! You definitely are a brilliant writer and your readers appreciate your dedication and work ethic towards your craft. Although, in most situations it’s better to be the ‘bigger person’ or just walk away…I applaud you for officially calling out the fraud that stole your work. It’s just not cool. So many people can relate to your stories and experiences….(I personally have on several occasions). So, keep writing YOUR story because I (like your other loyal readers) definitely appreciate it. Thank you Jozen.

  • Katina-Lyn Denosi

    I definitely agree and respect your position on this one. I had an ex who would steal tweets and other ideas and post them as his own. As a writer that was disgusting and disrespectful to me (besides, who was he trying to impress?), and I rightfully told him so. Copying the lives and ideas of others is a sign of insecurity and lack of self-confidence. We are who we are for a reason and there is no reason anyone should copy or fake being anyone else. If you have to go through all that work instead of what is natural, what is the point?

  • sunt97

    That sucks big time. Hope it doesn’t happen again, but it likely will as there are so many blogs out there, who knows when another idiot writer will strike thinking you’ll never find out.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • Anonymous

    Agree, hope things get sorted out..

  • Scarlett D

    This seems to be what’s blazing in the e-bypasses…going around a lot it seems. Glad you had your bases covered and are doing the gentlemanly thing. but I woulda let the law handle him

  • Streetz

    got em!

  • Alovelydai

    There is an way so people can’t cut & paste…essentially they’ll be forced to re-type word for word. It sucks b/c those who comment and want to highlight your words above aren’t able to but it keeps others from plagiarizing your stuff.

  • AGirlNamedGOYS

    Sorry Jozen 🙁

    I think the biggest thing that needs to be recognized here is internet culture. The internet largely enables peoples urges to be people they are not and provides a protective barrier.

    Further, it is in the spirit of the net since its founding to take things (we forget many of the things we use were created by nerds, hackers, etc) These are the people who built the net and once ruled the net and their legacy remains. (ie. many of us use music downloads, movie downloads, software downloads- there is a certain sense of entitlement- ) if they are willing to steal from large million dollar corporations, do you really think he feels any remorse in taking some words that are otherwise free?? He doesn’t care about your copyright.

    You must also consider you run a blog, not a site. And the blogsphere is POSITIVELY LADDEN with reposts, and copy cat content. People (credit or no credit) copying content from around the web in the name of views. Little new/ original thought.

    I think you are somewhat new to this side of the internet (you’ve thus only been using it casually) and so do not yet understand these socio-psychological dynamics. You still think with the ethics code of a journalist, but this certainly is not the news room.

    I say this not to suggest it is okay.

    I just do not want it to have such an impact on your heart. I get the feeling that this really upset you today. And there is no reason they should be able to upset you in the future.

    As your blog continues to grow in popularity (and it will) you will get more readers and you will see more of this. If you are adamant, you can take certain cautions in the future to ensure nothing is stolen, and if it is you know immediately. I can direct you to some resources/ programs to track words from your blog, or you may simply conduct google searches regularly. You may elect to do some coding and disable the copy and paste- ability of your words– though this has its drawbacks, but would greatly discourage theft. You should probably “sticky” this message in some form at the top/ bottom of each post or at the top of the site “a message to thieves” because otherwise, this post will be lost and none will be the wiser. There are many measures you can take if you don’t want your work stolen.

    But just PLEASE do not let this get to you, it really isn’t personal. And the person who did this was not considering all the things you discussed.

    How angry can you be with a child, who doesn’t understand its importance to you, breaking your favorite vase?

    Like, If you understood what the hood was, you would be less upset if you got robbed. You would take precautions and change your behavior to make sure it didn’t happen.

    My personal take is that this is the web and you must consider your purpose. Your purpose here is to share with the world the message of your life. I feel that as long as your message is being allowed to reach many people (as you have said it has) note that you are blessed! You have a loyal readership! Do not let this sweetness be smitten by the bitterness of others taking your work; its the net it happens. Don’t let this turn your blog/ life into a police state either. Just do what you can to prevent it in the future, the rest is

    Peace & Abundance.

  • AGirlNamedGOYS

    Way to ignore what he said in his post as well as the footer at the bottom of the page -_- lame. Oh and I liked on accident lmfao

  • Sherry Rouse

    this sucks… majorly. i’m sorry to hear this happened to you because as you’ve stated… this is your life this scumbag was trying to imitate/steal and that is FAR from cute or acceptable. i know it sounds corny but, some of the best writers in the world are the most plagiarized so while it does suck in a huge way…think of it this way, you’re a fabulous writer. just don’t let these idiots get in the way of your greatness. the person who did this to you is a loser. anyone willing to steal the work of another and put their name on it rather than putting in the damn hard work to write their own shit is worthless. point. blank. period.

  • Jinx The Chase

    I know he’s a dude but dude…………………………KEEP IT CUTE (c) Miss Jia. KEEP IT REAL, REAL CUTE.

    Maybe this will teach him to humble himself.

  • Taurusitalia

    WOW!! Jozen I am sorry to hear this.

  • Superwoman

    oh my word! what a nightmare….and i see the plagiarist has come here to apologize…which is a good thing, at least, that he acknowledges what he did was super-wrong.
    i know you’re furious, Jozen -but the most important thing is that you guys caught it, and you’re getting it sorted out. like the other writers said, don’t get too caught up in anger – but definitely let yourself rage for a bit, get it out of your system. as perverse as it is, it’s true -this IS a demonstration of how fab your blog is….

    hope you had a good nights rest, looking forward to todays post….

  • ST

    I’m sort of new to this site and after the first posting that I read, I instantly fell in love with your writing! As a journalism major, I understand where you are coming from. People who plagerise are just…LAZY. Writing is a talent and those who plagiarize are too effin lazy to practice and get better. It’s like what you said—they are just doing a disservice to themselves really. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • BlackieCollins

    does anyone see the first comment on the page? it’s from the person and they’re apologizing. It’s over. Be done w/ it.

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