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Five 2010 Hip-hop Albums You Make Out To

December 6th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

What’s great about the new gig is the opportunity I have to cover hip-hop extensively, specifically current hip-hop. I’m a man who appreciates the genre’s history; as someone who grew up a jazz fan first and foremost, maintaining my awareness for a music’s history has always been extremely important. But I’m not one of those listeners who longs for hip-hop to be what it used to be. I like the evolution of it and I appreciate what artists are doing today with it.

One thing I have noticed this year is the way hip-hop has been tailored beyond it’s traditional environments. Used to be the music was for the streets, trunks of cars, the club, and pre-game warm-ups. When hip-hop wanted to be something for the ladies, it was always slightly pandering. But these days, I think the formula of making a song for specific environments has either gone away or expanded, because now there are a lot of albums people can play in a lot of different places and it sounds perfectly appropriate.

The bedroom is a perfect example.

Similar to a list I’ve done before, but scaled down for the purpose of being succinct, here are five albums I have either played or can imagine being played in the background of a good old fashioned make out session. This list is by no means an authoritative one, just something I culled together for the purpose of today’s post, so anyone who wants to say I forgot one, shut up in advance and just write it down in the comments section. I’d love to hear other people’s suggestions. For those who have never heard the selections listed, I urge you to do so. All of them are good. I wouldn’t list them otherwise.

ALBUM: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
ARTIST: Kanye West

Unless you were born yesterday, and deaf, and on another planet, you’ve probably heard this album. It’s a moody, moody thing, and I don’t think it can be played straight through a make-out session without things getting a little awkward (“Monster” anyone?), but those moments are rare. For the most part, MBDTW is an album someone is going to make a baby to.
Good make out song: “Devil In A New Dress

Bad make out song: “Monster”
Awkward but might be interesting make out song: “Power”

ALBUM: Kush and Orange Juice
ARTIST: Wiz Khalifa

The Pittsburgh rapper is one of hip-hop’s most promising new talents, building up a a fan base made up entirely of stoners and teenage girls who like stoners. Kush and Orange Juice, this year’s free mixtape he released via The World Wide Web, is the primary reason for his surging popularity and it might be the primary reason a couple of guys get laid. As a general rule, any album that’s good to smoke to is probably good to do other illicit activities to. Now I should say here, I don’t smoke at all, but I definitely do the other illicit thing, and I can honestly say, Kush and Orange Juice is good for that.
Good make out song: “Mesmorized”
Bad make out song: “We’re Done”
Awkward but might be interesting make out song: “The Kid Frankie”

ALBUM: Blvck Diamond Life

Okay, so this choice can partly be attributed to my love for Bay Area hip-hop artists and music, but it’s also attributed to my knowledge that any make out session with Sade is a good make out session. Droop-E, for those who don’t know, is the son of E-40, and though he rhymes, his true talents lie in his ability to produce some of the most interesting sounding hip-hop being made today. As the title suggests, Droop-E’s Blvck Diamond Life is a tribute of sorts to Sade’s classic album, Diamond Life. Every cut on the free 8-song EP samples a song from Sade’s archive, which basically means this is a Sade album with rap. Some might say that’s blasphemy, I say bravo. Whereas any man who puts on Sade to set the mood could be written off as cliche, a man who puts on Blvck Diamond Life could put a woman on to something she hasn’t heard.
Good make out song: “Like A Tattoo”
Bad make out song: “Hungry”
Awkward but might be interesting make out song: “I’m Loaded”

ALBUM: Thank Me Later

You can say what you want about the guy, but his music has been good for me. If it hasn’t been good for you, that’s probably your fault. Seriously. If you can’t get some to the good make out song I list below, just give up and go back to the drawing board.
Good make out song: “Shut It Down”
Bad make out song: “Over”
Awkward but might be interesting make out song: “Up All Night”

ARTIST: Dom Kennedy

Look, chances are, you probably don’t know who Dom Kennedy is. Chances are you probably haven’t heard From The Westside With Love. Do both. One of my favorite artists for the last couple of years released one of my favorite albums this year, for free, and I would get into details why this is a good album, but I don’t feel like it. I just hope my word is good enough and you all trust me on this.
Good make out song: “The Hotels”
Bad make out song: “Me Again”
Awkward but might be interesting make out song: “A Leimert Park Song”


The Process: Back on the work out tip, and this morning was without a doubt my most tiring work out yet.

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  • M.P.R.

    Totally agree on the Kush and Orange Juice. That mixtape is perfect for making out and doing other illicit things too, lol. Love the blog!

  • Adrienne Alexander

    Can we talk about what kind of jazz you like?

  • tls

    you ever hear you fav. song from a album on the radio and feel like everyone just found out about your fav. lil something or another? well thats how i feel about you and todays post -very unhappy

    But otherwise, I concur on 1-5

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  • KitKatCuty84

    The only album on this list I’ve heard is “Thank Me Later”.

    I’m avoid Kanye’s as long as possible, simply because his persona irritates me to no end. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, but I’ll resent enjoying it, so I’m just going to play oblivious. LOL.

    I generally don’t make out to hip hop (and I assume by “make out”, you mean “have sex”, because the last dude I suggested that we just make out and enjoy each other without progressing to sex looked at me like I was crazy, LOL), because I like something a little more sensual. You mentioned jazz, and that’s more my style for a makeout session, or soul, or neo-soul, or old school R&B. There are SOME hip hop songs that could qualify as good makeout songs, but never would I put on a whole album.

    On an unnecessarily personal note (LOL), I lost my virginity to R. Kelly’s “Sex in the Kitchen”. My first specifically told me to put on some music that would make me comfortable and that’s what I chose, lol. Now I can’t really listen to that song without thinking of it. Love/sex and music have always been very tightly intertwined for me.

  • maxfab

    Totally agree on Drake’s Shut It Down. That song gets the motor revving.
    For me personally I’m all about making out to classic hip hop. Mobb Deep is a panty remover for me.

  • Lizzie smith

    its a shame i only know kanye & drake’s album, in my defence i’ll see its coz am english so in england they dont promote hip hop that much lol

  • Jahna T.

    This is like my most favorite post…wonder what that says about me? lol. As a woman who loves hip hop (and loves making out lol), I can totally cosign all of these…except for Droop-E’s- but I’m so gonna check it out

  • smalls

    Cool composition. For Dom’s selection I would’ve gone with the “Room 323 Intermission”. Sure, it’s an interlude but it’s great make-out ambience.

  • Aisha

    “Fireworks” is also a great make out song…I agree with Mobb Deep and J. Cole definitely takes me to a sexy place. I looovvee hip hop!! Great post!

  • tavia

    yesss, i love this post and the fact that the two albums on here i don’t have are free! i agree with adrienne, it’d be interesting to hear about your jazz choices too.

  • Brandon Carter

    You have to have a girl present to listen to drake. Two st8 men can not listen
    to Drake alone.

  • Erica

    LMAO @ tls….I thought i was the only one that felt that way. I HATE when they place my album favs on the radio. Blows me. haha.

  • MWgirl

    You posting Dom makes me proud.

  • sunt97

    Ok, so you trying to be my music guru now?

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • Cass

    For me its The Roots song Break You Off, Mos Def’s Boogie Man.

  • IsBe

    I vote for:

    ARTIST: J. Cole

    It’s his most recent and third mixtape as the official album is anticipated 2011. But you may have heard his 6 bars at the intro and the bridge of Miguel’s “All I Want Is You”…not to mention he was the first rapper signed with the “other” well-known Jay over at Roc Nation including getting a feature on Blueprint 3’s “A Star is Born”. Featured on the BET Music Matters tour as a headliner, he’s that rapper that gets panties thrown at him effortlessly…women flock to his show because he just exudes that kind of lyricism that would get you to forget how much game he has.

    Good make out song: “Too Deep for the Intro”
    Bad make out song: “See World”
    Awkward but might be interesting make out song: “In the Morning” feat. Drake

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  • Capri_fantana

    LOVE THIS!! Like I said your music reviews are pretty stellar! I’m not sure about “Mezmorized” though…But keep reviews like this coming!