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The Five Types Of Women Every Man Should Date

December 13th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

If there’s one thing I’ve been blessed to experience as a single man, it’s dating different types of women, even women who weren’t my type. Dating has become a spice of sorts for my life, and without it, I wouldn’t say life would be bland (I’m sure married folks have plenty of spice in their life), but it would certainly taste a lot different in ways I probably wouldn’t enjoy.

As I think about dating and getting older, I continue to find more and more women I want to date. Since I know I can’t date them all, I have come up with a bucket list of some sorts in my head. This list is not at all definitive, matter of fact, it’s very flexible. I know I’m not in complete control of my dating destiny, but I do feel I have some say. So here it is, five types of women I feel every man should date, with the understanding that I have already dated some of these types.

The Woman Who Does The Same Thing You Do

I’ve dated a writer, like a really good writer, a real professional. When we talked, it was about New Yorker articles and not just the articles themselves but the writer’s who wrote them. Every woman I have dated speaks English just like I do, but the writers I have dated, speak exactly my type of English. Speaking of languages…

Women With Accents

Never dated a woman with an accent, at least a foreign accent, largely because I don’t find accents that sexy, except for the British ones. Seriously, I need to date a woman with a British accent before I get married (assuming I wouldn’t marry her), because if I am married and I do meet a woman with a British accent, I’m going to get in trouble. Seriously. I’m putting that out there now. If not a British accent, I think I would like to date a woman who not only has a foreign accent, but doesn’t even speak English well. As someone who lives and makes a living for words, the idea of dating someone speaking things I can’t even understand sounds cool enough for me to try at least once.

The Woman Who Lives Far Away And Is Not About To Move Any Time Soon

I’ve spoken about before about why I can no longer do long distance relationships, but I only became comfortable with making such a declaration after I went through a couple myself. In retrospect, the one thing I hated most about any long distance relationship I was in was the distance itself, but it was the same thing I hated that made me appreciate being with someone who is close. Before I could narrow my focus (on local girls), I had to broaden my point of view (on girls who lived everywhere).

The Older Woman, The Younger Woman

I put these women in the same category, because it’s really about dealing with age difference. A man should know how it works both ways; know what its like to be the older man and know what it’s like to be the younger man, figure out which one role he enjoys most. If he likes neither, he dates someone his own age. Boom…once again, narrowing the focus after we’ve broadened the point of view.

The Woman Who Gives It Up On The First Night

If there’s one myth I hate about dating and sex it’s that women who give it up on the first night never get chosen by a man. I hate the idea that a man looks down on a woman who is comfortable enough with herself to do this; hate that men write such women off. I’m sorry, but I believe there are a lot of cool, good women out there who know exactly what they want, and they waste no time getting it. Sometimes sleeping with a man on the very first night is a byproduct of that character, so why would I discredit such a woman? I like women who know what they want and waste no time in pursuing it. I can honestly write a whole post about this topic alone, but I think I’ve spoken about it in the past in a variety of ways. The bottom line is, I’ve been in relationships with a couple of women who gave it up on the first night, and I can honestly say, each time I did, it was a great experience. What I regret the most is not dating some of the other women I slept with on the first night. But like I said, we can’t date them all. And one more reason I just thought about. If some women aren’t comfortable with giving it up on the first date because they know it leads to nothing substantial, why as men do we keep on perpetuating the myth? Women came up with this reason to not give it up on the first night by saying it’s not what men want, and they did this without even giving men the chance to dispel the notion, so now they have men believing the same idea. Be a man, man, and don’t let them control your brain. Prove to them once and for all that some men just like to prioritize differently than other men.


The Process: Going to start incorporating protein shakes into my diet, per the suggestion of my trainer. Also as some of you will see, the POPPIN’ QUESTIONS PODCAST has a different look. This is because Jermaine and I have finally started making the podcasts available on iTunes. With that change comes a different setup, and a different looking player. We will keep everyone posted as to when we’re finally available for subscription on iTunes. Until then…


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  • Maurice Garland

    Ive dated all five of these…not gonna get into details because they all probably read this site and i comment under my real name. but, i guess my favorite (right now) is the older woman. im seeing one now and its been a pretty cool experience. we can laugh at conversations where she is talking about something that happened to her and i respond “i was 9” or “i was in 8th grade”…its also helped me mature in areas that I thought i never would and has made me leave my stubborn ways about certain things.

    but yo…dont forget about the chick with tattoos, the chick with loud ass hair/gold teeth or the “hood chick”…yeah, you may find yourself in some stick situations and environments…but the hood chicks are some of the most loyal, appreciative females you will ever find.

  • maxfab

    Hahaha not that I am propositioning you, but I am pretty much everything on this list.
    I am a writer (but not professionally). I have an accent (a Canadian accent, but an accent nonetheless). I live in another country and I’m not moving. I’m older than you and I have been known to give it up on the first night.

  • Sway

    What? No models? No video girls? I’m shocked…maybe I shouldn’t be though, these girls could be norm for you :-). You know, if you dated a girl with multiple personalities you could probably knock out this list all at once. And you’d be adding a whole new type of girl on the list to date.

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like “Sport Dating”.

  • Brandon Carter

    I’m all about every girl on this list… EXCEPT THE 1ST ONE!!! I find that chicks that “Who Does The Same Thing You Do” act like they are in a competition with you. They get jealous of your success in that area. Girls are jealous enuff of other girls!!! I dont need her being jealous of me too!!!

  • Brandon Carter

    lol @ ” I have been known to give it up on the first night.”

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  • maxfab

    Yeah when I was typing it I was like – hmm maybe this isn’t some ish I should be posting here. But then again if you read my blog even once that won’t surprise you.

  • taut_7

    i’ve dated all of these women in some sort form or fashion.

  • Erin Ashley

    As a woman, I think this is a pretty cool list, not what I thought when I opened the link lol. I think this list is very unisexual too, I’d love to date a guy with an accent like a Jamaican accent or something. Good post.

  • Tonya Love

    Interesting that you say women came up with the idea of men not wanting a relationship with a woman who gives it up on the first date. Where did they get that idea from? Previous experience? Just made it up in their heads? Which came first..the chicken or the egg? 😉


    I have dated all these women actually so i do agree. It helped me determine what i want long term. Great Article