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If You Can Make A Girl Laugh, You Can Make A Girl Laugh

Today’s post is loosely titled after the infamous Marilyn Monroe quote, which is as follows:

If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything

Yesterday, one of my female friends posted this exact quote on her Twitter, and when I read it, I had to laugh myself. The comedy wasn’t in the quote, but rather, it was from where the quote came that made me chuckle.

I have made the girl who tweeted the Marilyn Monroe quote laugh nearly every time we talk. And not just laugh a little, laugh a lot. There have even been times where I made her laugh, and I wasn’t trying to make her laugh. She’s laughed at me. But guess what she’s not doing? Anything. Specifically, going out on a date with me.

Take that, Marilyn Monroe.

When I met this girl close to a year ago, I asked her out and she politely said she wasn’t interested because of some other things going on with her, but she was interested in being friends. I took the bait, figuring I’m closer to going out on a date with her as a friend than as an acquaintance. Months later, I tried to go out on a date with her again. Agreed, then canceled. Then, I tried one more time, she politely declined. I decided to ask her why. She gave me the most honest answer any person can give anyone for not dating them. She said I wasn’t her type. Today, we remain great friends, I’m no longer trying to date her, and of course, I still make her laugh.

I bring this woman up not to moan about how she never gave me a chance. It’s about how effective laughter can be and how effective laughter isn’t.

I consider myself a funny guy. I’m no comedian, but I have a fairly quick wit and have always prided myself on being able to get a few lols (the real lols) out of people. For as long as I can remember humor was my cologne; what I wore to get a woman’s attention and attraction to me, but as I have shown above, it’s worked with mixed results.

The fact is, if you can get a girl to laugh, you’re guaranteed some friendship, but you’re not guaranteed the panties. Even if a man makes a woman laugh so hard, she actually pees in her panties, some woman still won’t give them to him (hopefully he wouldn’t take them if she did). Yet some men swear if a woman laughs at his jokes, it means she will eventually scream at his thrusts.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out so neatly. A woman still has to be attracted to the man who is making her laugh in order for anything to go down beyond a good joke session. So when Marilyn Monroe said “if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything,” the “you” she was referring to was either a guy she liked who wasn’t funny or some poor schmuck who was funny but never had a chance with her. What he did have was a chance with some other girl in the future, and her advice was given to him to apply to some other woman who would also find him attractive or someone who liked the type he was. It was her way of saying, “Yeah, not interested, but hey, there’s a lot of other women who might be and if you meet one of them, make her laugh so she will do anything.”

Just because a man can make a woman weak from laughing, doesn’t mean she’s getting weak in the knees, so the next time a man hears a woman quoting Marilyn Monroe’s line about laughter, she’s talking to her man, not you, man.


The Process: Jump rope, outside, in 24 degree weather. How? Under Armour gear.

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  • JRThomas

    Love this…this is so true.

  • taut_7

    i heard this quote from one of my older bruhs but he didn’t put it so delicately. he said:

    “if you can make a woman laugh, you can f*ck her”

    i guess it about equals the same thing. but i agree with you. unless a sense of humor is the number one thing a woman looks for in a man then i doubt that’s going to be enough for you to pull her. *shrug*

  • Dancinggreenapple

    “The fact is, if you can get a girl to laugh, you’re guaranteed some friendship, but you’re not guaranteed the panties.” < This made me LOL literally. And you're right… it's a "no panties-guarantee policy". LOL

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  • Mouf Peace

    Yes very true. making a woman laugh won’t turn you from a pinto into a mercedes BUT it can make a 6, perhaps an 8.

  • Anonymous

    I would have to agree that making her laugh is just one factor to getting her in general. I think it may work though if you have prolong access because making her laugh when she is feeling especially low means more than regular.

    I was always of the view that if I can get in her mind, I can get in her drawers. That has worked for me with the type of women I go after.

  • sunt97

    Ok, I can agree with this one. Usually a man that can truly make me laugh moves up a notch on my friendship list. He may not be panty droppin worthy but he is well on his way.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • Cheekie

    Yeah, I don’t believe that laughter is a guarantee that you’d get the goods, but it does ensure at least an upgrade. I’ve heard countless times from women (RIGHT after a particular man made her burst into giggles) be all, “Ya know, he’s actually kinda cute now that I think about it.”

  • Socrates

    Read between the lines on all these posts.  Being funny makes you a “friend.”  Keep reading between the lines, and you will see that the panties come off for those who are (a little) scary.

  • Steph Wissmann

    I know this is from aaaages ago..but a guy becomes 10x more attractive if he can make me laugh, I hate guys that can’t make me laugh…I usually will date the guy that can make me laugh 🙂

  • Yikes.

    “The fact is, if you can get a girl to laugh […]you’re not guaranteed the panties. ”

    The greater point ought to be that there’s nothing that “guarantees” any guy to a girl’s panties. Because, you know, sex is not an entitlement.

  • Hatgrease

    Actually money can guarantee it from women in that line of work, and that is unfortunate you feel that way because sex is ultimately the whole point of existence. Friends aren’t an entitlement either but I relegate myself to being friends with certain people because everyone should have one. And everyone should have sex too.

  • trippeh

    she’d date the king, fu*k the prince and you’ll still be the buffoon

    “And not just laugh a little, laugh a lot” – this is your problem, n-joy 🙂

  • Leslie B

    Here is your problem, and it has nothing to do with humor. Simply put, you gave up too easily. You asked politely for a date, and when she said “no” you did nothing else. That is not how the game is played. And repeating the same mistake expecting a different outcome is just plain dumb.

    She likes you on a friend level, which is GOOD!
    Next you need to interest her on different levels. You DO have other levels, right? I mean, you’re not a one-trick pony? If you think you have little to offer but humor, that is your first obstacle to surmount. You DO have other things to offer.

    Now quit feeling sorry for yourself just because your humor didn’t happen to get you a date with this particular girl. Geez!!!

    BTW, Scientific studies have shown that while men find women’s smiles attractive, women do not feel attracted to men who smile. (This is scientific brain scan research, by the way. Not opinion or what people believe they like!)

    You have to be a bit mysterious. (and by “you” I mean men in general) People in general like to feel wanted. Really wanted. Women in particular tend to like to be pursued. They like men who take charge. Apparently it’s in the genes.

    Surely you didn’t expect her to laugh her way to orgasm once you earned those panties, now did you?

    But while you’re tweaking your approach, be sure to adjust your sense of humor too. Sexual innuendos and such go a long way if played properly. And YES, it IS a game. And as in most games, what makes you a winner against one opponent may not work with the next.

    GOOD LUCK!!!