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Our Days Are Now

Excuse me if today’s post is all over the place, just writing to wrap my head around things.

When I found out this morning about the earthquake in Japan, the tsunamis running through Hawaii and the ones headed towards the area where my family lives, of course I panicked. I called my mom at the ungodly hour of 4:00 a.m., ringing her phone until she woke up. Of course her being the woman she is, when she picked up the phone, she was worried about me.

Since that phone call a couple hours ago, everyone in my family seems to be just fine. My mother, my sister, my sister’s boyfriend, their children, my grandmother, step-dad, aunts, uncles, friends, everyone is okay. I heard from a dear friend of mine in Japan, she’s okay. Still waiting to hear from my people in Hawaii to get word on how they’re doing, though I have faith they too will be okay.  For the most part, the people who I know in all these affected areas seem are safe.

So now, it’s time for me to pray for those I don’t know, for their safety and their peace, because when disasters like this happen around the world, it affects us all. Yet, I wonder why we worry so much about the way it affects us.

What I notice is how our society has gotten so selfish with our concern. We see things happen in other parts of the world and we internalize it to the point where we think the end of days for one person means we’re only one step closer to our own. Everyone is concerned with apocalyptic disaster. Everyone thinks about it in the back of their mind, and then when disasters like this happen, we start projecting those fears out loud, and it’s disheartening.

These days, we’re scared and it’s causing a great deal of distraction. We look at the earthquakes and Tsunamis and the end of other people’s days and use those events as indicators that our own days are numbered. And what’s crazy is, we don’t even apply some real logic or facts behind those thoughts. Instead, we just imagine the worst for ourselves when we see the worst that has happened to others. Our own fears are entrenched in some sort of selfishness.

What I try to do is not spend my time thinking about how events like these affect my own life. If I’m alive, then I’m good, and we should think of how that can be a benefit to others. Certainly I want to acknowledge the tragedies I see, but I don’t want to internalize them. I don’t want to think the end of someone’s life means I’m one day closer to the end of my own life. Not because it’s a scary thought, but because it’s a  selfish one. Instead, I just want to pray for those who were affected, and keep them in my thoughts.

Far as I’m concerned, our days aren’t numbered, they are now, and instead of wondering when that will be no longer, let’s pray for those whose days are no more. For those of us who are alive, let’s be concerned but calm. We’re okay and alive, and with that we can do so much more than worry about when that will no longer be the case.

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  • Alisha

    “Far as I’m concerned, our days aren’t numbered, they are now, and instead of wondering when that will be no longer, let’s pray for those whose days are no more. For those of us who are alive, let’s be concerned but calm.”

    I love this. It’s possible move forward without brushing about others’ tragedies aside. Prayer and thankfulness is what really matters.

  • Anonymous


  • Guest

    Beautifully written. And I completely agree.

  • Guest

    I agree for the most part, Jozen. The tweets concerning this issue that I’ve been reading of my friends and of others I know stem from deep concern and contemplation, not entirely about when their last day will be, but instead the state of their hearts. They’re Christians, so when they hear of event such as these, they become ever mindful to make their “calling and election sure,” given the reality that life can slip away unexpectedly.

  • Guest

    Any natural disaster that happens to another part of the world we live in affects everyone for the sake of preparation. What if the natural disaster came towards where we live. You’re absolutely right, our days aren’t numbered. But as we’re told to just make the best of our lives with or without. There are some things we can’t control such as a Natural Disasters although we can prepare ourselves just in case.

  • AGirlNamedGOYS

    I condone fear nor ignorance as they are useless vibrations, so I can feel your sentiments.

    However people’s reactions are not completely without merit, they simply do not know enough about the world and themselves to come to empirical conclusions.

    There is something DISTINCT taking place on our planet. Something is happening. You cannot view the rapid succession of natural disasters around the world and deny that something is happening, and there for it is only logical to venture that what is affecting the world will affect us, as we are a part of the world.

    When you say, the end of others peoples days is no the end of our days, what you fail to realize is that at out core, all of us know that we are actually one, no mater how much we ignore it therefore what happens to another happens to us as well.

    No, we shouldn’t panick. No we shouldn’t “internalize,” but we should take note and PREPARE as oppose to assuming the attitude that it will never happen to us.

    I will not get into the details of what I believe to be taking place on the planet as it is a lot to explain to someone who has never been exposed to the information, but there are two forces at work: one at the hands of man the other at the hands of our globe, and anyone interested in education themselves as opposed to living in fear or indifference would do well to research entities such as HAARP.

  • Sha

    Thank you.

  • Yours Truely

    I couldnt have said it better…great blog!!