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Poppin’ Questions Podcast Episode 30

Jozen is happy to be back with Episode 30 of the Poppin’ Questions Podcast, and he hopes you all are too! The first podcast since March 8, Jozen answers questions about getting a man’s mother to accept the new woman in his life, women proposing to men, and why a woman should never ask a man about a certain unspeakable sexual act. Oh my, this episode was crazy!

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  • kayla

    I’m sooooo happy you’re back!!! I always enjoy the podcasts.

  • Capri

    Yeah, this made my morning commute that much better!
    Ok so are far as “Man Engagements”, I would imagine that the ring would look similar to a wedding band. And (according to wiki) said man would move the ring from right to left hand after marrying.
    iDIED at “uncivil things”!! lmbo

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  • Blacklily

    I enjoy the podcasts too. No lie I stopped reading the posts. Sorry. I think you are funny too.

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