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Silly Love: Three Men Do Their Women’s Makeup

The first video I saw was via my friend Shani’s Twitter feed, who saw it over here. Below it, I saw a link to a similar video which inspired the first one I saw. Then, that video had a link to one more video. All three videos are below the jump and feature a boyfriend/fiancee/husband doing the makeup for his girlfriend/fiancee/wife.

This is fascinating stuff. I didn’t watch all three videos; matter of fact, the only one I saw from start to finish was the first one, and I didn’t even watch that video in its entirety. I just let it rock while I browsed through other things on the web because I wasn’t really playing any of these videos to see how to apply makeup. What I was more interested in was how the men could do such a womanly thing without making themselves looked like their whipped.

I have a thing about holding a woman’s purse, and when I say a thing I mean, I don’t do it. I will sooner help her find a place to put it down than I will hold a woman’s purse in my hand.

I’m kidding.

Sort of.

I have held a woman’s purse for her. I don’t like to do it, but it’s nothing to which I’m allergic. I bring this up because it’s something I thought about when I was watching the first video; how men sometimes get so immersed in their relationships that they tend to let down their guard and make compromises on being their own man for the sake of being their woman’s man. It’s not to say any of this is bad,  this is just what happens when we fall in love. Without thinking twice, I’d hold the purses of any ex-girlfriend (no longer than 30 seconds!), but girls for whom I haven’t gotten close to, I might think twice.

I think we’re seeing an extension of that attitude in these videos. Obviously all three of these videos were made in good fun, but what’s even more obvious to me is they were made out of love too. I don’t wish I had a woman here so I could film a video of me putting on her makeup. But these videos do remind me of how real love can be filled with silly moments. When we’re in love and with the person we love, we do silly things like sing a song we barely know the words to entirely off key or we have cartwheel contests. We have silly next names for our lovers and makeup silly games or contests.

And when we’re in love, we don’t think twice about doing any of these silly things. If you take a look at any of these videos, note how none of the men are making apologies for doing their women’s makeup. There’s no posturing here, because that’s what real love doesn’t do, it doesn’t front. I can’t say I’m in a rush to do a woman’s makeup, even if she is the woman I call a girlfriend/fiance/wife, but I can say this much: I’ve been in love before, and it sort of looks like this.

Check out the videos and discuss in the c-section.

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  • Breanna

    I already saw the second two because I subscribe their makeup channels. They were really cute. This is definitely a case of the “in loves.” :]

  • Fawn Renee

    I’m a freelance MUA, and my significant other has often times offered to help me practice a new makeup technique or challenge my skill with some of those same techniques, all because he took an interest in me and what I love. I love this post, Jozen C. It really does capture the essence of being in love and loving the things your partner loves.

  • pntzsdinFluence

    Love, love, love!

  • Guest

    It’s not how a couple in love spends their time together, it’s the desire to be together in any given moment.

  • Camille Ho-Wong

    ok, the videos are very cute… but i dig what you’re trying to say. silliness is definitely a big part of being in love!

  • myrna orvam

    LOL…couldn’t watch the first video for two minutes without laughing not AT them but with the girl. Her facial expressions are priceless. Clearly the love is there. The guy for the girl in him watching her “put on her face” and the girl for letting her guy attempt to emulate her routine.

    Very sweet.

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  • LaBelle

    This is so sweet! My ex-boyfriend used to help me put rollers in my hair because the back was really long and it sometimes hurt to reach. I was going through my “big hair” phase so we did this every night without thinking. One night, his brother came in when I was getting ready for bed and putting my rollers in and when I got to the back, I hesitated but my ex just pulled me over to him so he could do them. His brother made a comment that it was time for him to leave because we were “so in love” and needed to be alone. I blushed and told him to shut up and he responded saying “I’m not the one putting rollers in my girl’s hair, that’s ‘in love'” My ex smiled from ear to ear though the whole interaction.

  • Star

    Your story and these videos are SO amazing! <3 LOVE!

  • Kema

    Awww! This reminds me of an ex that use to grease my scalp. 🙂

  • Zzzzz

    The first video was my favorite! The funny thing is, none of them are really good at it! It’s cute to watch them try, although I don’t think I would ever want to do this.

  • Candy

    My would grease my scalp too! It was such a bonding moment for us.

  • C B 2

    this isnt cute. it emasculating. if this is true love they would not need to feel the need to video tape it and show the world.

  • Miss B

    Pray tell, what is so emasculating about using a silly (and maybe unconventional) means of showing the world that you love your lady?

  • Love@1stBite..

    The first video was just too cute.. The guy in the video was too funny.. I do think simple moments like these show how much you love someone, when you can let your guard down and be silly. My boyfriend helped me perm and color my hair couple days ago, I was trying to do it on my own because I thought he wouldn’t want to help. That wasn’t working out and he got so into it, had on his gloves on and was just rubbing my scalp. He’s trying to take all the credit for how good my hair looks now lol. I appreciate moments like these. Simple things is what my heart beats for!!

  • myrna orvam

    Right? I”m not getting what exactly is emasculating about these videos. It’s not like these men were being forced to do this. Is it that these men were putting on make up for their ladies or that they chose to make media out of an intimate moment. If it’s the latter, then I guess it’s safe to say that you don’t watch porn, right?

  • dsm

    Only watched the part of the first video, but I think the thing that touched me the most about it wasn’t the fact that he was actually doing her make up, but rather that that he’d obviously paid attention to the details of her routine for so long that he could do it. It is evidence of a level of attention and closeness that has persisted over time and love is all about that. So I think the question here isn’t would you do your girlfriend/wife’s make up but could ya do it if you had to?

  • PYT

    This is too adorable. All of these couples are very smitten with each other. These guys are attempting to doll up their girls and the ladies are loving every minute of it no matter how many wrong brushes they use, made up terms or makeup put in the wrong places. You don’t get to catch these silly moments on camera often, because they aren’t meant to be caught, but I’m glad these three couples did.

    I actually put make up on an old ex boyfriend of mine one time. He didn’t mind it as he was willing for me and sister to make him look like a Marie Osmond doll.

  • Positive Innergy

    so late–but, this brought me actual tears of joy..

  • Phil Goetz

    “Without thinking twice, I’d hold the purses of any ex-girlfriend (no
    longer than 30 seconds!), but girls for whom I haven’t gotten close to, I
    might think twice.”

    I think that’s an instinctive right reaction.  I don’t mind holding a woman’s purse, or her beer, or taking a photo of her and her friend.  (If you’re holding a purse for a woman, and a guy gives you a funny look, just strike a seductive pose, smile, and raise your eyebrow at him.  I promise he’ll look away.)  But I won’t do it for a woman I’ve just met, who I might like to date, because somehow doing little “helpful” things like that makes things go wrong.

    I used to be a weightlifter.  The more muscles I had, the more I could get away with doing nice things like that for women.  If a musclebound guy holds his date’s purse, it’s cute and endearing.  If the same guy does it after losing 30 lbs, he’s whipped.

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