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I’m Trying To Find My Friend His Future Wife: Phase II

Well, this has been interesting.

As we all know, a little over a week ago, I announced my efforts to help my friend find his future wife via this blog. The response was more than I ever expected it to be. The night before I went live with the first post, I told my friend not to expect more than 10 women to respond. As it turns out, I suck at estimating these types of things. We received way  more than 10 submissions, and I must say to the ladies who submitted their photos and expressed interest, a standing ovation to you all.

Both in the comments and offline, there were still a lot of questions people had about this process. Especially after we went live with the podcast. Most people intiially thought this was fun and games, some people still think it is, but the honest truth is, I’m not doing this for laughs and I’m not doing this for kicks.

Like I said before, I understand this is a most unusual method to help my friend out, and as some have pointed out, my friend might not even need help, especially if he is already dating on his own. But, I feel differently, and even though I know he’s already dating, I wanted to help him expand his search because, well, frankly, I just know more than all these spectators standing on the sidelines with their snap judgements. My boy has been through a lot, and not to put too much of his business, but most of his expereinces haven’t been the best. He doesn’t need help, but is it so bad that I’m helping him? I don’t think so.

If there’s one problem I see with our generation it’s this: We’re too self-involved with our happiness. We may cheer each other on and root for each others happiness, but how many of us play an active role in helping our friends get to happy? I’m trying to help my friend find that one special person with whom he’ll spend the rest of his life, and some people have the gall to question the sincerity of my efforts.

But I digress, this isn’t about me, this is about my boy and this search for his wife. That being said, we’re moving onto the next phase.

What we have done is sent an email out to the women who he is interested in getting to know better. We also sent some photos of him so that they too can make a decision as to whether or not they want to pursue in building with him. From there, I’m going to connect them, and they’re on their own. I have no idea what’s going to happen next, nor do I know what Phase III is going to look like. All I know is we’re moving on to Phase II and so far it’s been cool.

Oh, and one more thing, I know I said I would send pictures to everyone who sent them, but we decided to switch things up. Since everyone I know is interested in seeing what my friend looks like, I put a couple of photos of him on the Facebook page. Click here to check them out.


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  • Paloma8803

    “We’re too self-involved with our happiness. We may cheer each other on
    and root for each others happiness, but how many of us play an active
    role in helping our friends get to happy?”

    This is sooooo true!!!!! I’m not perfect, but one of my goals in friendship is to play an active role in my friends’ happiness.

  • Shana

    I understand that you want your boy to be happy and find that special lady, but as I said on his pics, I don’t think he needs it.  Unless I’m missing something, I’m sure that he could find someone on his own.  I personally can’t stand the orchestration of relationships (ex.  The Bachelor/Bachelorette).  I say you let nature take it’s course and I’m sure God will bring the right woman in his life to make him whole.  Good luck to him on his search.

  • :-/

    Who’s to say Jozen’s interest in helping his friend isn’t God’s doing? HE works in mysterious ways no?

  • Shana


  • myrna orvam

    Jozen..I commend you on your efforts to help your friend out. That’s what real friendship is about. Also, I can imagine that being at Divinity School at Harvard of all places does not leave much time for developing relationships. So clearly your friend has his priorities in order. He had a plan and followed it through. That alone is a very attractive quality. If I was a few years Ha. Good luck…to the both of you.

  • JavaniG

    SO what i dont get is…Is ur friend now pursuing ALL of these women? Like some player preacher? This isn’t The Bachelor!

  • kjnetic aka Peter Parker

    if he is up front with the women, and is dating (and by dating, i mean taking women out, to get to know each other better, without the complication/expectation of sex) them…what’s the problem?

    don’t we encourage folks to date around (but be upfront) before ‘choosing’ one?

  • Michelle

    I totally agree. Besides, just reviewing the photos will not give him an opportunity to know their personality. He would certainly need to have a few conversations and or meetings to determine the best fit for him.

  • Guest

    You’re obviously a very good friend to him. Nothing wrong with being there for your friend especially when it comes to matters of the heart. If what you choose to do for yourself and or for others makes you happy, that’s all it matters.