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Thoughts On Turning 30: A Man’s List of Random Things He Wants To Learn

We’re now one week away from turning the big 3-0. As the day gets nearer, I’m starting to pay more attention to the things I say and do, trying to decipher what about me has matured and what about me has not matured.

When I was 23 going on 24, a co-worker of mine said, “You’re at the worst age because men like you think they know everything and have it all figured out.” She was right.

These days, I find myself wanting to know more about everything, and caring less about what I already know; also, the only thing better than knowing is learning. When I first started exercising, I tried jump rope, and I’ll be honest, those first couple of weeks, I looked like Forrest Gump…the young version with the leg braces. Now, I’m more like Rocky on the rope.

As I turn 30, I realize while that while I am smart, I can always be smarter. So today, a list of things I want to learn in my 30s, in no particular order.

Home Repairs: Just in case I want to buy a fixer-upper in the future.

Grill: My culinary skills in the kitchen are respectable, but my ignorance on the grill is inexcusable.

Swim: I know how to swim, but I want to know how to swim to save a life. There’s a difference.

Shoot: A gun, yes.

Whistle: It’s a shame I don’t know how to do this.

Wink: This too.

The Words To The Black National Anthem: All you black folks out there are going to try and say something about how I don’t know the words to the black national anthem, but I see half of you all mumbling something awful every time we’re asked to sing it.

The Harmonica: I just need to know how to play “My Cherie Amour”.

Mixed Martial Arts: This is on the agenda for October.

Change My Oil: I don’t drive in New York City, but that’s no excuse.

Drive Stick: They say you don’t know how to drive if you don’t know how to drive stick. I agree with them.

Fish: I learned a long time ago, forgot it all.

How Airplanes Work: I figure this will help ease my fear of flying.

Tie a Bowtie: I can get this on YouTube, I’m sure.

CPR: Always a good thing to know.

Money Management: Another good thing to know and something, I’m actually just starting to learn these days.

Chili: Yes, the dish. I don’t know why, I just feel like every man should know how to make a good chili from scratch.

Sew: Every time a button comes off one of my shirts or jackets, it stays in the closet until a woman I know is nice enough to sew it back on. This must end.

Rosetta Stone in Japanese And Spanish: If you don’t know why, you don’t know me.

That’s all for right now, folks, feel free to contribute your own in the comments. As we all know, the older we get, the longer the list.

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  • Mo

    You can’t whistle or wink? Wow! Yes, those are random things you must learn! I didn’t know there was a Black national anthem *goes to google it*

  • myrna orvam

    Wow..that is such a random list, Jozen. You know..normally I am so “pro Jozen” I have to say that I’m disappointed in one of your items. went to Howard and you DON”T know the words to the Black National Anthem. really should be hanging your head in shame at that one.

  • Syrita Jackson

    Mo, the educator in my cringes …Jozen, all you need to know is the 1st verse it’s all anyone knows anyway. I love your list and am proud to say I know how to do most of those things, including change my own oil & grill (I am equally proud to say I rarely do either…)  Must learn to drive a stick though…I just keep putting it off! Keep writing… keep us all on our toes!

  • at

    There’s one thing to not know the words to the Black National Anthem. But, Mo didn’t even know there WAS a Black National Anthem :-l

  • Miss. Riss

    Interesting list, random things that can be super fun. I took a date to the gun range when I found out he had a gun license, super random and fun! You might be able to use it for a date option 🙂
    I too, do not know how to whistle or wink!!!! High Five to you! My attempts at winking makes me look

  • Bebiix

    Men look their best when they are in their 30’s.

    I’ve been following your blog for some time now and it always gets me thinking about my own life and gives me a nice inside of how men think.

    Ur awesome!

  • Fran3183

    agreed on the whole “if you dont know how to drive stick, you dont know how to drive..”
    i’ve taught a bunch of my guy and girl friends how to do this. as well as, change a tire and change oil. if you need a teacher, i volunteer myself! 🙂

    your list seems easy enough to knock out in a year or two! 

  • Guest

    As for the 4th one on the list, i hope it’s not to harm anyone and or yourself for any reason. 

  • BBB

    i didnt know there was a black anthem, but then im not american so *shrugs*
    Good luck with ur list
    hopefully u stick to it
    some are pretty easy to get outta the way

  • Spinsterlicious

    Love the list.  Learning these things will definitely make you a better man.  And, if not better, certainly more interesting  😉

  • Cavette-Latice Buford

    This is a great list but I had to smile at you not knowing how to whistle and wink! To some that is so simple. WOW! and yes, every Black person should know the Negro National Anthem. I shake my head when I see folks in church on the 1st Sunday in Feb. and they don’t know the words. Learn the words and hold them to your heart. They are truly inspirational.

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