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Learn A Love Song

September 29th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Still swamped with work for the man and whatnot, so today’s another brief post. FYI: I’m doing these just so you all know I’m still alive and breathing.

A lesson I would preach to any young man:

Memorize the words, every single one of them (ad-libs too), to at least one great love song. It doesn’t have to be an oldie, it can be something that came out last year or the year before.

For instance, say what you want about T-Pain, “Can’t Believe It” is a damn good song, and if anyone wants to disagree with me about tell me so in the comments so I can delete it.

Another great love song that came out not too many years ago is this one…

These songs will do (obviously) but we know there’s hundreds of others. Only thing you must remember is the song needs to be somewhat of a hit. Remember we’re talking “GREAT” love songs and though there’s a lot of popular garbage, most love songs become popular because they strike an emotional chord with listeners. Besides, you want to choose a song she recognizes. You don’t want to start singing the words to a song and her reaction is, “What song is that?”

Choose a song by a man. A lot of great love songs have been written and performed by women, but you’re a man, man. I love “Sweet Thing” too, but wait until you hear it coming from a radio. Okay? Or imagine this: You’re at a karaoke bar and it’s your turn to go up. Someone asks you what song you’re going to sing. Are you really going to jump oout of your seat and yell, “Sweet Thing by Chaka Khan!”. That’d be a real life version of one of those Miller Light commercials. So yeah, love songs performed by men only, but because I know you want to sing along to yourself, here you go.

Also, choose an appropriate song. Marvin Gaye’s “Just To Keep You Satisfied” is a beautiful, beautiful ballad, but it’s about a man who is at the end of his rope with a woman and doesn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore.

So yeah, you might want to skip that

Last but not least, don’t take yourself too seriously when signing the song. Chances are, you can’t sing. Your voice sucks, man. So don’t try to get your croon on, Sinatra. Keep it fun, playful, sing with a smile. The minute you start closing your eyes and quivering your chin like Wanya Morris, she’s going to break up with you. Trust me.


Have fun, don’t make a production out of it. Just sing, quietly so only she can hear, and it’s best to do while taking a long walk home or some other meandering quiet moment you two are sharing. If you can’t sing, it doesn’t matter, just show a little vulnerability and quietly sing all the words to a great love song.

Thank me later.

Those wondering the song to which I know all the words, here you go.

Oh and if you already know a love song by heart, don’t be shy, share in the comments.

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  • NicEShock

    That’s some great advice, and quick way for a man to make a woman smile! [Another classic: Lenny Williams, never gets old]

  • IMind

    The Wanya gif is hilarious!!!! Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    That T-Pain song is good and terrible.  It’s super hoodtastic, but some people love it.  If it makes you feel good, rock out.

  • Ashley

    I do a little singing here and there…I think one of my favorite love songs to sing would be “Sweetest Thing” by Lauryn Hill or “I Care 4 U” by Aaliyah.

  • Dafilman

    My brother GREAT choice with the Isley Brothers

  • Anonymous

    You get two thumbs up for including Maxwell’s “Fortunate.” Always has been one of my favorite love songs. I have two more to add to your list: Brian McKnight’s “Back At One,” and my all time favorite, “Everytime I Close My Eyes.”

  • prettypisces21

    Nice list…I would definitely add Miguel-Sure Thing(it’s on it’s way to becoming a hit lol)

  • guest

    From a woman’s perspective, it would be more romantic for a man to pick a love song sung by a man. As long as he means what the lyrics says while attempting to sing the song. The whole point is to give the woman a great feeling about the two of them. 
    Anyway, good to hear you’re alive and kicking. By the way, you’re gonna make one heck of a romantic partner to whoever you choose to be your lover. 

  • ATLs.Marc.of.Excellence

    Believe – Raheem Devaughn,  Dontchange – Musiq, Love – Musiq, Girlnextdoor – Musiq, 143 – Musiq, or try to sing all the verses from The Secret Garden in each dudes voice just for laughs

  • Anonymous

    good ideas, but no to the Lenny Williams. That’s not a “play” song, that’s a “I messed up, and I’m sincerely apologizing song.” I’m going to chalk the T-Pain joint up to youf.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree. I’m a new reader and I love your blog by the way. My all time favorite love song ia Donnie Hathaway A song for you.. Word for word. 🙂