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I’m Trying To Find My Friend His Future Wife Phase III

October 20th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

For those who don’t remember, back in June, I put out a search for the future wife of one of my best friends. I wrote:

I really am trying to find a woman my best friend can potentially marry and I am all about using this platform to aid in that search. What I’m not trying to do is establish myself as some sort of matchmaker. That’s not my game here. All I’m trying to do is be a good friend to a man who I consider a brother.

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Since then, everywhere I go and every new reader I meet asks me how things went and I’m pleased to annouce everything has worked out beautifully…thus far.

You all can cut out that heavy breathing and exhale. My boy isn’t married yet, but in his own words, he did meet, through the power of the post on the website, the woman who very well could end up being his Mrs.

When she sent in her picture, my boy said I want her. I had to remind him he didn’t have to make a choice so soon. The purpose of our project was to give him options. But I had to give my friend credit. He went with his gut and pursued the one who caught his eye. Even before I could convince him to take a look and read some of the other bios from women who submitted photos, he was already building a relationship with the woman. They were having very long conversations and before I knew it the two were making traveling plans to connect in a neutral city.

A little bit about her: She’s from the Bay Area, which automatically makes her great in my book. I won’t reveal her name out of respect for her privacy and she’s a student finishing up her last semester of college. For my male readers who are sure to ask me a question like, “How’s she look though?” I have to say, she’s a pretty girl. My friend chose well. Had he not chose her, I probably would’ve tried to convince him to, because let’s keep it all the way bible here. Guys don’t like when their friends are dating funny looking women, and the same can be said about women who have girls that date funny looking men. So yeah, she’s cute too and no I won’t be throwing up any photos of her for you all to cosign. Your opinion doesn’t matter here.

After their first in-person meeting, my boy called me and the first words out of his mouth were, “Thank you.” He now says “thank you” at least every other phone call. The two are in love, so much so that on Tuesday she officially became a resident of a city in Arkansas not too far from where my boy lives.

They’re not moving in together, but still this is big, huge. I’m happy for the both of them, and though no one is planning any proposals for right now, consider this: In love, they found each other.

Do I want them to get married? Of course I do, but not for the obvious reasons. Some folks think I’m rooting for this to happen because if it does, it will be great exposure for my blog. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I just used my resources to help out my friend. Without saying too much about him, I saw him go through a lot and despite years of me trying to tell him to play the field, he was always cut from a different cloth. That wasn’t his style, and so I said “Okay, let’s do something to fit your style.”

If for whatever reason these two never work out, I’ll only be sad for my boy because it will probably cause a broken heart. It won’t hurt this blog in anyway. So the idea of me doing all of this to help my blog doesn’t make much sense.
All I cared about then and all I care about now is my boy’s happiness. If another one of my friends wanted to stay single for life, I’d be his wingman for life. That’s just how I roll.

Here’s to my friend and the lady in his life. They’ve made a huge step together and though we don’t hear wedding bells yet, I talked to both of them recently and I hear two people in love. Clap for them.

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  • Mimi

    This is great… now my friend wants me to do the same for her.

  • Ms. Riss

    Nice! Hope it works out for them, sounds promising!

  • smalls

    Kudos to being from the Bay Area!

  • LMariePayne

    Something special about us Bay Area girls 😉

  • Nina G.

    wow! nice

  • Toy

    This is one of the best posts of matchmaking that I’ve read in years. Cut from a different cloth makes sense and not a lot of people understand that. I’m a Virgo, and playing the field just seems unnatural to me. Thanks for this and I’m happy for your friend.

  • Sierra_BB

    Aw congrats to the both them.

  • Ms. S

    so that’s why she moved to Little Rock. Wow, small world.

  • Miss White


  • Tea

    Aw! Best wishes to them!