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The Biggest Lie A Man Will Ever Tell A Woman Revealed

October 26th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Men lie, women lie, we’re all guilty of it. We lie in big ways, we lie in small ways. We lie to get by, we lie to get over. We lie not to argue, we lie to make each other feel better.

That last reason I just wrote is the reason we lie most often. Half the things we say to our significant others isn’t said out of the kindness of our heart but rather the sense in our head. Most of us are familiar with these lies. We say things like, “You look great” when we know the person looks awful, etc.

Well, today, I have decided to uncover one lie men tell all women because I’m tired of telling it myself and with this post I know I will never have to say it again. But I’m not only going to call out the lie for what it is, I’m also going to reveal the truth.

I’d be lying if I said there was a good reason for me doing this, but the truth is, there is no good reason I’m revealing the lie. Men, before you go getting all mad at me, remember, the truth shall set us free.


You are the woman of my dreams


No man dreams about one woman. They dream about two women at the same time. Even if they’ve already had two women at the same time in real life, they dream about two other women at the same time. Sometimes three.

Now that you know the truth, ladies (you’re welcome by the way!), get out there and make his dreams come true. As Paul said about his soul mate in 500 Days of Summer, “She’s better than the girl of my dreams: she’s real.”

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  • Longlimbs04

    I wish there was a hate button.

  • guest

    That’s why it’s better to stay single. These days, you can’t trust any man. 

  • guest

    Cynicism is not as cruel as lying to a partner – perhaps you should just stay single Jozen 

  • Andthengirl

    I thought this post was wonderful! And honest! We all lie to each other. Women lie to men all the time! So to hear a man be honest about at least one of the lies he tells to women, is refreshing. You cant trust a man with bad intentions. For that matter you cant trust women either, so I would just being secluded for the rest of your life!

  • Kat Webb

    The man of my dreams (and I mean daydreams, because I never remember what I dream about at night) would never say stuff like this.

    I stayed up practically all night, part of the time watching “Friends With Benefits”. I generally HATE watching movies about this topic because they always end up getting together and there’s like a 5% chance that happens in real life.

    Anyway, there was a line in the movie, where Woody Harrelson’s (WTF was he doing in this movie, by the way?) character was trying to explain to JT’s character about the merits of finding someone you like and committing to them, settling down, etc.

    JT shot him down with a perfectly logical and clearly thought out dodge. And Woody Harrelson simply replied:

    “You don’t get it. And that’s OK. But someday, you will.”

    That line hit me like an epiphany, and made me relax about trying to react to all the anti-relationship chatter in the world. And that’s how I feel about this post.

  • Monique

    Jozen I wish your post were extremely long again 🙁 
    Anywho I don’t pay guys any attention when they say things of that nature. 

  • guest

    Based on this post, the writer comes across as a bitter person. 

  • Pjoachin

    Something is very unsettling about the fact you tell a girl she is the girl of your dreams if in fact: 1) she is not, or 2) there is not such thing to you (as suggested by your post). Says a LOT about you if you have to lie to a girl you’re seeing just to make her feel better…(does a part of you fell like she may not like you as much if she does not hear that….insecurities may be lurking beneath, sir. Just saying).

  • guest

    This post definitely shows”Inside the mind of the New Bachelor”
    Perhaps when Jozen gets married to the love of his life, inside his mind won’t be what a New Bachelor thinks.

  • Karisma_gyrl00

    You’re a disgusting PIG. Now I understand why men like you stays single and unwed!

  • Twocents4u

    This post only discourages people to want to be in a relationship and or get married. I wonder if and when Jozen gets married, he’ll probably have a different wedding vow to say to the one he chooses to marry at the altar-i’m guessing it’ll include: I, Jozen take you(whoever the bride maybe) and Her to have and to hold from this day forward, etc. 

  • Girard Street Journal

    I wonder… Are your readers upset because this post could actually be factual and their significant other has gleamed into their eyes on some wintery night and whispered, “You are the woman of my dreams”, instead of telling you that you’re just ONE of the women in my dreams or are they a bit antsy because nobody has even considered you worthy of the romantic scene?

    Bottom line is that you know what your significant other is getting at when you hear this line. Hell, I’ve used this line before myself. And the fact is, it wasn’t a lie really. See, I’ve had more than one dream. *shrug*

  • guest

    no one is upset, anyone who feels the need to have 2 to have a relationship defeats the purpose of having a one on one relationship. not everyone agrees to having a 2 for the price of 1 relationship. 

  • Kat Webb

    I think they’re upset because revealing that seemed a bit mean-spirited. He didn’t say he had more than one dream. You said that, and that is valid. He said that MEN DON’T DREAM OF WOMEN like that. He was calling men like you, who dream of being with one women, liars, and telling all the women who heard their men say that that their man was a liar. That sounds a bit dramatic, but yeah, that’s actually what this piece did. I’m not angry with him, ’cause he can write what he wants, but I can understand the readers who are.

  • guest

    Jozen probably had a bad start to his day when he wrote this post. This post shows the cruel side in him.

  • Lalanii R. Grant

    Loved it. Everyone lies and they lie for different reasons each time. Naïveté to think my love interest would even say I’m the girl of his dreams—not because I’m not, but because over the course of his life I expect him to have had a lot of dreams, hopefully before he knew me. I don’t want a man that thinks the sun sets and rises in my eyes, that’s a huge turn off. If I am his dreamgal, he’d better keep that to himself and say something a little more original and qualifiable. Maybe he can tell me he likes the way I match up the socks, the way I baked the honey lemon chicken, or when I rolled over the other morning… yes, that’s what I want him to rattle off about. Thanks Jozen, actually. Don’t you foolish women want a man that doesn’t FEEL inclined to lie to your *ss? Ok, well, make him comfortable. You know damn well you aren’t the woman of his dreams or any other man’s dreams, especially if you’re upset about this post. “You are the man of my dreams” phwahhh. It wouldn’t come out of my mouth. If so, that’s something that is felt, not said.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a woman and this is also similarly true for me too. I never met the man of my dreams so I am a serial monogamist – lol

  • Christine Eboseta

    LMBO!!! I loved this. Made my day! #lifeisreal

  • Attractive1925

    This post was funny to me…but even funnier were the replies! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and here’s mine…

    Women grow up playing dolls, playing house, dreaming of their wedding day…the day Prince Charming will come sweep them off their feet. Not all women – but a good percent of us.

    Most men don’t grow up dreaming of the perfect woman, perfect wife, perfect marriage…they just don’t. As they get older and begin to desire settling down, they know what attributes they want in a woman. That doesn’t mean they dream about their dream girl per se, but they know what they want. Men are visual and sexual. There are exceptions to the rule, but generally women dream of dream guys and men dream of awesome sex. I took this post as some light hearted teasing. Ladies if your man says it, it’s up to you to decide if you believe it. Unless Jozen is your man, he can’t say with certainty what your man feels. The point is if we are staring off in space day dreaming he is more likely day dreaming about sex, orgies, threesomes vs. Ms. Right. If shes daydreaming chances are shes daydreaming of a proposal, a wedding, a happy family. Again just my opinion…enjoyed the post Jozen.