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Serious Question: Why Can’t Women Match The Bra and Panties?

The other day I wrote about five simple things men can do to turn women on. Nearly every woman who read it and responded said they agreed. They were like, “I mean, really, seriously guys, listen to this man! He is so right.”

Ladies, thank you.

I appreciate women co-signing my words of wisdom, but if any woman thinks for one second I don’t have some thoughts on something simple she can do to turn us men on, her species is even crazier than I thought.

Unlike the list I made for men, I have no list for the ladies. The fact is, women don’t need to do much to turn us on. Most men are such visual creatures, we get stimulated at the mere site of a shoulder, so I don’t need to write five things women need to do turn men on. I don’t even need to write three things or two things.

All ladies need to do is one thing, one simple thing, to turn men on:

Match the bra and panties.

Now, I know this suggestion is easier said than done, which is why I’m writing this today. I want women to explain to me why in the world it is so difficult to wear a matching set of bra and panties. Seriously. How the hell did seeing a woman match two undergarments become something of a special occasion? Hip me to the struggle!

Understand, I have never bought a bra or a pair of panties in my life, so maybe it’s a cost thing, but I’ve been to a lot of Macys in my life. Every now and then, as I’m looking for the restroom, I have to walk through the nightwear/underwear section of a Macys and I see these packaged underwear they sell to women. Don’t those match?

Is asking a woman to buy a pair of matching bra and panties akin to asking a man why he can’t just have nothing but the latest Jordans in his closet?

Do companies purposely sell mismatched underwear at a lower price point?

Is it a rule that every pair of panties and bras in a clearance or sales bin are forbidden to match?

I have questions, ladies!

Also, concerns.

Earlier this week, in another post, I wrote about how men need to start stepping up their respect for the women who wear lingerie. As I said, us men have become so desensitized to the sight of a scantily clad women because of the nudification of pop culture, we have a cavalier attitude towards the lace. In response, many women said it’s fine even if men don’t respect the lingerie, because a lot of women, apparently, wear lingerie to make themselves feel good.

Okay women, I get that, but does that mean the inverse is true? In other words, if I see a woman putting on a mismatched bra and panty set, does that mean she’s in a bad mood? Is she upset? Was it something I did?

From where I’m standing, it doesn’t seem hard to buy every pair of bra and panties in a matched set. Seems to me, a simple solution to the drawer full of mismatched undergarments would be to buy them all in one sexy color like black or red. This way on days when she doesn’t have time to sift through her drawer to find exact matches, at least she can get something close. I’d much rather see two slightly different tones of black on a woman than black bottoms and an orange top looking like Halloween. I don’t care if the fabrics aren’t the same. Sure it’s ironic to see a woman in a lace thong with a sports bra, but if the colors match, thank you!

Think of it like this ladies: What if I started buying two-toned boxer briefs? Look at this picture! Is that sexy to you?

Probably not. Also not sexy to ladies, me putting on mismatched socks. Any man who has the nerve to slide their feet into a pair of shoes wearing mismatched socks deals drugs and is not interested in finding legal, gainful employment.

Don’t allow the length of this post to fool you readers into thinking a woman who wears a mismatched set of bra and panties will be turned away in my place of residence. That is absolutely false. The truth is, I can give a bra clip sized damn if things match in the moments leading up to the main event. Most men feel a similar way, but here’s a fact: No man in the history of bra and panties has gone back to his boys and said: “Yo, this girl I was with the other night, can you believe she had the nerve to match her bra and panties? I almost lost my mojo at the sight of her wearing a matching set. What a show-off!”

So ladies, just put me on to game. Let me know in the comments section, how hard is it to match your bra and panties and why is it so hard? I look forward to the knowledge and never having to ask this question again.

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  • Christina

    I almost always wear a matching set. I make an exception only to match light colored or sheer outwear.
    There are many stores which sell larger cup bras with matching panties. If you don’t have one in your area you can always order online. Curvy Kate has a good selection of sets for up to K cups.
    Panties are washed more often then bras, I agree with that but this fact doesn’t make an excuse not to wear a set. I always buy few panties for each bra, I get different types (briefs, thong, G-string) not to feel that I have the same panties.
    Wearing a matching sets shows your style, taste for fashion, level of elegance and sophistication. I prefer aesthetic look than sloppy.

  • Hlittle

    The fact that I can wear my bra multiple times in a week yet change my panties daily pretty much sums this up.

    But if I am wearing a matching set…

  • Tish

    Are you serious? Who gives a s**t? The male species are ecen dumber than we thought. How about we take a shower to turn you on? Or shave our pits & legs? Or keep farting/ diarrhea-stained underwear out of the bedroom! NO! You need a p*ssy-@ss matching bra and panties. OMG. I’m done.

  • Tara Mulrooney

    I always wear matching panties and matching bra. It can be hard to find sometimes, because of my DD, and it can become very pricy, but to me price don’t matter I usually find good deals. Matching just makes me feel sexier and better to start the day. I know some girls that will wear the same bra all week. I don’t do that. different one each day. Wash mine. why Idk. I just do. I feel great knowing I match everyday. Maybe its how i get my confidence.

  • Shea Meelker

    Like the person below me wrote: if you have an unusual size, like mine, 32 F, bras will be incredibly expensive, and matching undies will be almost as expensive. Therefore I go for like 100 bucks bras and 15 bucks undies.

  • Paulus Magus

    What is the point of undergarments, anyway? They’re stupid looking and in the way.

  • Tony p

    So purchase two or three pairs of the matching panties.Is it that difficult?

  • Tony p

    Many bras have wide size choices for the bras and S-M-L and XL for the panties, so even for a 34 DDD, one can get a matching panty in small or medium. And you think guys are dumb.

  • Tony p

    Too bad many of the lingerie companies don’t provide a matching panty with the bra.

  • Tata Taylor

    Why did this hit so close to home lol

  • Paige

    Okay, here’s the deal. I love to shop at VS. And if I’m going to drop $65 on a bra, then DAMNIT, I want the matching panties! GUESS HOW HARD IT IS TO DO THAT?! Ridiculously hard, most of the time. Unless you’re catching the bra when the design has just been released, I can almost guarantee you that you’ll have a hard time finding the matching panties. WHY do some of us ladies buy up all the panties, but not the bra? I’m going to guess it’s because the bras are so much more expensive than the undies. But that leaves us bra-buyers with the choice of either trying to find an alternate pair that “kind-of” matches, or just not buying the bra. Well, if said bra really IS $65, I’m not getting it unless I have the matching set. Period. End of story. However, if that same $65 bra (that I’ve been in love with forever, and haven’t bought because the panties were unavailable), then goes on sale for $30, then you’d better bet your ASS I’m going to buy it anyway, and hope I get lucky later with an acceptable “match.” Hence, just ONE of the reasons your girl may not have a matching set to every bra she owns. (Plus, some bras you really DO just buy for comfort, in which case, I’m not as concerned with whether or not it matches, if I’m just hanging around the house on a Sunday in my yoga pants. 😛 lol)

  • disqus_BdOLC1pcNm

    Guess I might as well answer this 4 year old question: panties cost a lot less than bras and get a lot more wear. The average woman might have say….4 regular bras she’s wearing. But she has maybe 30 pairs of undies. Often times, undies go on sale 7 for 25 while even an on sale bra can cost $20-25. Add that to the fact that most women wear nude bras during summer for their light colored clothes, it’s kinda hard to match that and be sexy. And yes, matching sets cost a lot more.

    I personally dress for comfort, not for style. It never really occurred to me to wear matching undergarments until my boyfriend asked for it. Since he never dated anyone before me, I think he gets his ideas of underwear rules from porn.

  • LBD

    Only about 10% of women actually wear matching bra and panties on a regular basis. That is according to a study the lingerie industry paid to have done. Now I am one of those OCD types that does ONLY buy a bra if it has matching bottoms that I like (only in boy short cut) and that are well made- that means no Victorias Secret (that stuff unravels, unglues and unseams within 4 washes I have found). I buy Mimi Holliday and Agent Provocateur because I am a larger size (34F to 34FF) and so it’s harder for me to find good sets but when I do I pay around 150 – 200 and I also buy whatever garter belt goes with it etc… just to cover all bases. But I know I am extremely unusual in my lingerie shopping experience compared to all the women I know and all the lingerie shop assistants I have asked worldwide. Most women will buy whatever fits on top and not care what’s on the bottom or if it matches as long as they are comfortable. Also US women tend to try to wear nude everything so that they don’t “Show” bra lines etc… unlike European women who think that showing a bit of lace under a top is better than trying to look nonsexual and androgynous. It’s totally part of the cultural differences. In the US if you show a a shadow of breast you can be labeled a slut. In Europe you are simply elegant sexy and well dressed.
    (note that I have been married for almost a decade and my husband says he loves coming home and finding out what set I am wearing- we also shower together daily- so it’s like Christmas every day for him- so yes it matters IMO).

  • LBD

    Due to boob sweat I would NEVER wear a bra more than once without hand washing it.