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Serious Question: Why Can’t Women Match The Bra and Panties?

The other day I wrote about five simple things men can do to turn women on. Nearly every woman who read it and responded said they agreed. They were like, “I mean, really, seriously guys, listen to this man! He is so right.”

Ladies, thank you.

I appreciate women co-signing my words of wisdom, but if any woman thinks for one second I don’t have some thoughts on something simple she can do to turn us men on, her species is even crazier than I thought.

Unlike the list I made for men, I have no list for the ladies. The fact is, women don’t need to do much to turn us on. Most men are such visual creatures, we get stimulated at the mere site of a shoulder, so I don’t need to write five things women need to do turn men on. I don’t even need to write three things or two things.

All ladies need to do is one thing, one simple thing, to turn men on:

Match the bra and panties.

Now, I know this suggestion is easier said than done, which is why I’m writing this today. I want women to explain to me why in the world it is so difficult to wear a matching set of bra and panties. Seriously. How the hell did seeing a woman match two undergarments become something of a special occasion? Hip me to the struggle!

Understand, I have never bought a bra or a pair of panties in my life, so maybe it’s a cost thing, but I’ve been to a lot of Macys in my life. Every now and then, as I’m looking for the restroom, I have to walk through the nightwear/underwear section of a Macys and I see these packaged underwear they sell to women. Don’t those match?

Is asking a woman to buy a pair of matching bra and panties akin to asking a man why he can’t just have nothing but the latest Jordans in his closet?

Do companies purposely sell mismatched underwear at a lower price point?

Is it a rule that every pair of panties and bras in a clearance or sales bin are forbidden to match?

I have questions, ladies!

Also, concerns.

Earlier this week, in another post, I wrote about how men need to start stepping up their respect for the women who wear lingerie. As I said, us men have become so desensitized to the sight of a scantily clad women because of the nudification of pop culture, we have a cavalier attitude towards the lace. In response, many women said it’s fine even if men don’t respect the lingerie, because a lot of women, apparently, wear lingerie to make themselves feel good.

Okay women, I get that, but does that mean the inverse is true? In other words, if I see a woman putting on a mismatched bra and panty set, does that mean she’s in a bad mood? Is she upset? Was it something I did?

From where I’m standing, it doesn’t seem hard to buy every pair of bra and panties in a matched set. Seems to me, a simple solution to the drawer full of mismatched undergarments would be to buy them all in one sexy color like black or red. This way on days when she doesn’t have time to sift through her drawer to find exact matches, at least she can get something close. I’d much rather see two slightly different tones of black on a woman than black bottoms and an orange top looking like Halloween. I don’t care if the fabrics aren’t the same. Sure it’s ironic to see a woman in a lace thong with a sports bra, but if the colors match, thank you!

Think of it like this ladies: What if I started buying two-toned boxer briefs? Look at this picture! Is that sexy to you?

Probably not. Also not sexy to ladies, me putting on mismatched socks. Any man who has the nerve to slide their feet into a pair of shoes wearing mismatched socks deals drugs and is not interested in finding legal, gainful employment.

Don’t allow the length of this post to fool you readers into thinking a woman who wears a mismatched set of bra and panties will be turned away in my place of residence. That is absolutely false. The truth is, I can give a bra clip sized damn if things match in the moments leading up to the main event. Most men feel a similar way, but here’s a fact: No man in the history of bra and panties has gone back to his boys and said: “Yo, this girl I was with the other night, can you believe she had the nerve to match her bra and panties? I almost lost my mojo at the sight of her wearing a matching set. What a show-off!”

So ladies, just put me on to game. Let me know in the comments section, how hard is it to match your bra and panties and why is it so hard? I look forward to the knowledge and never having to ask this question again.

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  • JP Fairfield

    There is a lot more to consider than the color of those “packaged” sets.  Most of the time those bras & panties are not really packaged together.  You have to buy them separately… 

    Also, if they are packaged together, the bra or the panty may not be the right fit or style… so you end up buying another separate piece.

    Just because we are not matching color doesn’t mean we are mismatched.  I like playing with colors or matching my outfit.  So if I’m wearing brown pants and a cute blue blouse, I would wear blue underwear bottoms and a brown bra.

    The biggest problem is the most varied selection is the separates… I rarely find a underwear set that fits great in the bra & the panty.

  • Sassy Brown

    It is definitely harder than you think especially for a woman that has an ample bosom. 

    First, if you are a true D or above…Vicki Secrets is NOT your friend and they claim a B is a D to make small breast women feel better…

    Second, they make panties in way more colors and styles…a woman can likely fit the panties but have more difficulties with bras…

    Third, the bras for large bosom women are typically ugly and only come in black, beige, and white…with 3-5 snaps in the back and a think azz strap…not sexy…at all…and the panties they pair with them are usually tummy control bloomers because if you have big breast the manufacturers just ASSUME you are fat!

    As a true 34D that is between a size 4 and size 6, I will attest this is a major problem…many times i just forgo panties all together so I don’t have to turn my man off by not matching…either that or wear a too small bra that my boobs spill out of just for the sake of wearing some lacey bra that matches my too cute lacey thong…

    Hope that helps you understand…lol…

  • Jennell Manley

    First off, I have never seen an underwear SET in a package.  I’ve seen packages of 5 panties but never a set.  Also, personally speaking, those packages remind me of being 5 and only wanting Disney underoos.

    Secondly, I think a lot of this has to with the fact that panties are changed everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.  A bra doesn’t have to be.  Bras can be worn a couple of times before they need to be washed.  You can’t do that with underwear.  And as you already touched on, yes bras are way more expensive than panties.  I can’t afford to buy a bra for every pair of panties, lol.  And logically, it doesn’t make any sense.

    Also, if I’m not planning on seeing a guy, then I’m wearing whatever suits my clothing choice, and not really caring if it matches.  If I am in a new relationship, I do approach it a little differently.  If I’m comfortable in my relationship, I do get a little lax on the matching.

  • Esssicajt

    I think bras and underwear wear out at different times, so a woman might still wear a bra that was purchased to match panties that were thrown out years ago. Personally, when I get dressed in the morning, I’m half asleep and I grab whatever my fingers touch first and put that on. I don’t care if it matches, as long as it holds me in and serves its purpose. Also I, like most women that I know, have a couple favorite bras that are in heavy rotation, whereas the ones that I bought in a matching set aren’t necessarily all that comfortable or show off the goods the way I want them to be shown. So I wear my favorite bras with whatever panties I feel like wearing that day, whether they match or not. Trust me though, I do pay attention to special occasions and make the effort to match when it counts. 

  • Coqui Negra

    Ummm, they aren’t always sold as a SET!!!! 

  • Traviesa86

    Jozen, I think you just don’t understand how it is for women to shop for these things! In a perfect world, having every bra match a certain panty is ideal, sure…but it’s not feasible, honestly.  As Jennell said, you can wear a bra for a day or two before needing to wash it.  You certainly can’t (or at least shouldn’t) do the same with panties.  Most women have 20-30+ pairs of thongs, boyshorts, etc.  I don’t know many women have 20-30+ bras.  It’s the name of the game.  If you see your girl in a nice black bra and some colorful lacy panties, you better appreciate it.  She could be wearing granny panties….now that ain’t nice!

  • Jubi The Great

    Jozen, you need to visit more stores & learn how women buy undergarments.

    1 – Victoria’s Secret is not the end-all be-all for most women in this country. Their sizes are limited, especially for women larger than a D cup.

    2 – Bras & panties are sold separately, though some stores (VS, Fredricks, Soma, etc) will have coordinating bras & panties for those who like “sets”. I’ve never bought a “set” in my life tho – I buy what I like & call it a day.

    3 – For women with larger breasts, its really hard to find cute bras in colors other than beige or black. So what, are we supposed to only have beige & black panties so that we’re always coordinated?

  • 123

     Yes, I’m a true DD and bras are more expensive than panties, point blank. Add in finding styles, materials, and colors to match your lifestyle, and bra shopping goes from your to-do list to your project list. Also, I change panties much more often than bras on a weekly basis because bras can be worn a few times before needing a wash. Underwear get changed once or more daily. Also, I truly believe those department store matching sets are geared towards men shopping for or with a woman.  They see matching set & wanna see it in action. A lot of those matching sets don’t even carry a large enough variety of sizes to fit fit different body types. I’m 6’3″ and some types of underwear just won’t work for me. That doesn’t mean I don’t still buy bras with pretty patterns though. Lastly, I tend to pick out my work clothes the night before, but panties & bra are game-time decision so to speak. Whatever is on top or closet to the front is usually the winner. This can vary though depending on what I’m wearing (white shirts and t-shirts for examples require a different type of bra)

  • Erica B Holla

    I won’t say that it’s hard, nor will i say that it’s unimportant to match. What I will tell you is some further logistical insight into the process.
    Think about it this way: A bra (at least, a nice one) can cost between $30-$50. A bra can also be worn more than once (or more than 3 times) before it needs to be laundered. So we probably only own maybe six or seven of them.
    Underwear can cost about $5 per pair and are one-time-use before they need laundering, so we probably own 30 pair. Just thinking about it from a math point of view–without being purposeful, how often do you think it’s probable that the two will (or CAN, when you think about patterns & prints) match?

    And then there’s the question of purpose. We are smart, and we know that you menfolk appreciate a matching set. We like having a matching set on too! We walk more confidently knowing that if a windstorm robbed us of the top layer of clothing, we’d still be coordinated. And I would wager that a lot of us, when we anticipate some “get down with the get down” time with a man, will plan our garments accordingly. But outside of those times, it can be a whole lot of time and effort to dig through a large unmentionables drawer to find a matching set…particularly if it’s close to laundry day and the pickins are slim. Imagine the alarm going off two hours before you’re ready and trying to go on a panty expedition. It is NOT fun!

    So because of these things, I don’t think that our underthings are a direct comparison with men’s underthings, or the Jordans in the closet. It might be more like asking a man to a) have enough pretty underwear to still be interesting, and then b) make sure every morning to match those underwear to the appropriate tie. Oh and then add on makeup, hair and shoes. Easy morning 🙂

    [why on EARTH did I just type all of that about this? lol]

  • Reecie

    I don’t have a problem with matching and actually prefer sets or coordinates. Also, when/if I have multicolored panties, I wear a coordinating colored bra. its not that hard for me. Also, if all else fails black bras go with everything. lol

  • DearAbi

    i definitely see how it can be sexy, but like the rest of the ladies mentioned there’s way more to it. a big factor for me is PRICE. obviously there are cheaper places to buy “pretty” undergarments, but victoria’s secret for instance can run you $40-$60 a bra while panties are sometimes on sale for 5 for $25. imagine having to buy 5 separate bras to match those 5 pairs of panties? there are ways to work around it (i.e. buy a black bra and then panties with black in it so while it’s different they still match) but unless i know someone’s going to see my bra and panties that night, more than likely i’m less prone to match lol.

  • Aymee Campbell

    This is a HUGE issue in the land of women for multiple reasons.  
    1. Our parts come in a wide variety of sizes.  
    2. COST
    3. Different usage times for bra/panties.

    Personally, I need a 42DDD bra.  It’s incredibly difficult to find one that fits well to start with and then isn’t hideous.  If a guy gets to the point of seeing my bra he should feel blessed that I’m not wearing some full coverage Playtex comfort strap contraption. I have to stalk Lane Bryant on-line to buy my bras in advance when they have the buy one (or two) get one (or two) free sales.  At $38 per bra a girl can go broke just trying to keep the bubbies in place.  Depending on the brand/style/material my underwear can range anywhere from a size 14 (underwear size 8) to a size 20.  In order to find ones that have enough room for the junk in my trunk I’m paying $6 to $10 PER panty.  If I know that the clothes are going to be coming off I will do my best to have the top and bottom match.  I purposely buy bras that are either solid and easy to match or have a color in them I know I can get a bottom in.  I have to get my bras from Lane Bryant, but their underwear fits me very funky.  So even buying a top and bottom from THE SAME MANUFACTURER/STORE is not an option.  Target has some undies that I really like, but they don’t sell bras that match or fit me.  

    Are you starting to see how this can become very complicated?  Especially if you live in a town with limited shopping options, like I do.  Hell, I’m losing weight, my boobs got bigger and I can’t find a pair of undies that fit in all of the places.  Sizing is another complication to this mess.  Different brands not only size differently, but also cut differently.  At Lane Bryant the undies are by 14/16, 18/20, etc.  At Target they are S, M, L, XL, XXL.  At JC Penney they are size 5, 6, 7, 8, etc.

  • myrna orvam

    Yeah I see that a lot of the comments share my issue as well. It boils down to size and availability. I might see a panty that fits me and I like and see a bra but it does not come in my size. It’s frustrating. So I just end up buying a lot of black and beiges for both panties and bras.

  • Golden_Crys

    I am a 36H and when you have large breasts bra support, construction and quality are very important.  A good bra can be the main factor in the girls sitting high and pretty or hanging low and to the flo!! LOL It is for this reason why I shop at Intimacy, and they can be quite pricey.  I can spend anywhere from $60 to $80 for one bra, and that is a low price for them (my sister has spent as much as $120 for one bra).  With prices ranging from $60 to $120 for just one bra can you imagine how much a matching set would be!!!! It’s a lot, I look at the price tags every time I go in for a fitting.  So long story short, for me at least, the reason why I do not invest in matching bra and pantie sets is definitely determined by money, but maybe one day I will splurge.

  • Sydney

    I coordinate colors and patterns…so i guess they match!

  • NZm

    True, matching/coordinating the right top & bottom is important. If you stick the basic colors for the bra, then the panty can easily be coordinated 

    However, I will admit on regular work days, special occasions & so on, it is just important for me to match the outer outfit with undies…IJS

  • Nicole313

    I always match my bra and panties. They are purchased as a set to ve woen as a set. Moreover, 90% of the time my under garments match my outfit.

  • Anonymous

     Finding a set and underwear that match can be very difficult for some people. For instance, I have a Lane Bryant rack and a juniors department behind. Therefore, I am never buying panties and bras in the same store.

  • madeleine

    This post stresses me out lol

    It’s all coming off in the scenario that a guy gets to see them anyways right?

  • Emerald_Quintessence

    I find it interesting that one posts talks about how men don’t care about lingerie and what’s on underneath, but this one wants women to coordinate what’s underneath. 

    What’s even more interesting is that, most of the females replying will probably agree that wearing a coordinating solid color bra with a print panty, should be an acceptable match….but most men don’t. Yall want the same print, top and bottom…. :-/

    As stated by everyone else…most stores sell panties is larger quantity and variations than bras. Even if a woman is devout to one store or style, she will still have a hard time finding an exact matching bra for every, single panty she picks up. So then she would resort to buying solid colored bras to coordinate with her panties….but for some men, even that’s not good enough. And they say we’re the gender that’s difficult to please…lol

    As a side note: I hope the women that aren’t washing your bras are at least rotating them, and not wearing the same stanky bra 2-3 days in a row….I’m smh at yall…lol

  • Alix

    I have large breast 38G but I can find bra’s that sell sets Wacoal Le’mystere. I get it but this is a big issue for men and to be frank for me2, so I just buy some brights but the majority is nude or black so everything matches! most of the lace is the same if you use the same companies. It gets pricy so men if you want us to match chip in!! 

  • Lynn Haliburton

    I’m a 38DDD, and those bras rarely come in cute colors. I have one in purple, pink, red, white and blue, and I had to search hard for those colors. Like three black ones and five nude ones. Also, since I work in a professional setting, I often buy nude bras so that the color does not show under different shirts/sweaters. Sometimes, I need underwear that do not come up high if I’m wearing low rise pants, and they may not match the nude bra I’m wearing under the white shirt. Sometimes those cute panties bunch up in the wrong places, so wearing Hanes is much more comfortable as they tend not to move. 

    Most women also own a lot more panties than bras, since they do not need to be washed everyday like panties. Panties are also a lot cheaper. A bra costs me $40 while you can get panties 5 for $25 from Victoria’s Secrets. Or a six pack of Hanes for $7. Think about all of the other garments we have to buy as well. Stockings, slips, shoes. Or getting hair, nails, eyebrows done, this costs us much more than a guy’s $20 hair cut. My brows are $18.

  • Guest

    I am a 42 H. I wear a traditional size 6 panties. There’s no such thing as matching. If someone is bothered that I do not match they need to find some chick with smaller boobs. When I drop 60 bucks on a bra, my biggest hope is that there is some support. Designers have just started giving me color options. Back in the day I was either wearing a black, white or nude bra. As my bras come from specialty shops and my drawers come more common stores, matches aren’t likely to happen often.

  • Reenezon

    This is funny. You are really bothered by this. I for one wear a C cup bra but have a small waist and a huge butt. I’ve tried to buy matching sets but it doesn’t work lol. This post only makes me want to go around and ask all my guy friends do they feel this way lol


  • GiMarcus Jones

    Gotta disagree with you on this one, man.  I could honestly care less if a woman’s underwear is matching or not.  At least not EVERY time we bout to get it on, hell, not even most of the time.  Now if they do match, I’ll take note and (more than likely) comment.  But some doods trip way too hard on this “match ya pannies witcha bra” ordeal.  It’s just one step away from dis-“Respecting The Lingerie” IMHO.  So, if a chick is coming on to you and it ain’t matching, are you going to turn her down?  Doubt it, Lord knows I wouldn’t. 

  • Jencedor

    Lol me too!

  • Jencedor

    I wear super cute panties, but wear a 36G bra! They don’t sell matching sets for those and bras go for like 60 a pop.

  • Rebelle

    It’s not hard to wear matching stuff, but if you want the good stuff. A good bra can cost like £40 – £70 and I am a B cup, just saying. The stuff that they sell in matching sets is just to be eye candy. 

  • Erica

    Lol right? We’re all gonna be paranoid now!

  • William H. Strafe

    Dude, I’ve been asking this since I was 18 years old. Kudos.

  • Guest

    Same here. Lane Bryant is also having their BOGO right now. I went hard. And I know damn well not to hope for matches. I am too small on the bottom.

  • Olisa Smith

    I don’t know about every one else but for me it’s hard to find a bra that looks cute none the less a matching set. And matching sets aren’t made for all body types. As far as the suggestion to buy all underwear in basic colors to make matching easier. Yeah, we buy underwear to fit our preferences. Cotton vs lace and basic vs design. I have a pair of cotton hipsters that I love. It’s pink with white polka dots. But because I’m a 36 DD almost DDD, I haven’t found a bra to match it. Therefore the mix matching. I’m not worried about it. I love polka dots and various other designs so I tend to wear it all on my panties since I have a limited selection in the bra department. And, it’s just like the lingerie. I’m not wearing it for you but for myself. Basically, for me it’s all about availability. 

  • esoteric

    If you are that worried about if my bra and panties match… I’m either not doing  what I’m suppose to do or you are just not interested (take that as you may) … If I’m working that hard on the packaging then …EVERY TIME you better put in work unwrapping it and another thing… I want you to match your wife beater/tshirt with your boxers, socks and your tie… see how you like the struggle LOL!
    SN: I can only imagine how many dm’s and emails Jozen has gotten from dudes reading the measurements/bra sizes in these comments… “Man are you readers really that … in person?”


    Those of us (women) whose DD+ cups runneth over have fewer options than say, members of the Itty Bitty T*tty Committee, when it comes to matching bars and panties. We either are:

    1. stuck with black, beige or white bras with matching and not-even-close-to-sexy briefs;

    2. rocking a fun color or pattern bra  (purple, red, navy, leopard) with matching panties that took six months to find; or

    3. spending a small fortune on a set that wasn’t on sale or even reasonably priced from a speciality boutique because we wanted separates that we could match to our dynamic and much appreciated dimensions.BTW – Yes, the two-toned boxer briefs would be sexy if the GUY wearing them was sexy. Or if the grey section was in 3D. jus’ sayin’…

  • TigOleBittays

    I’m a size 2 but have 53quadrupleG’s and a fat buttocks.  I don’t wear underwear.

  • JC


  • lady_like

    …this is probably the most telling post of how silly people can be. really? you really need a woman to match her bra and panties? the fact that she’s allowing you to experience her body isn’t enough? 

    i usually like your posts, but this kind of folly is more annoying than anything. 

  • Meow Meow

    This is hilarious, how about this…if the lady you are with is sexy as he**, it don’t matter if the undies match. What matters is that she lookin good in those pink boy shorts and black bra and gonna look even better when she takes em off. Let’s look at the bigger picture. I know guys are turned on by the visual, so in that case, pull those panties in the crack of yo a** and bam, he don’t see no color! Unless this is a planned encounter and I’m planning on doing some seducing, then it may matter only cause part of the game is unwrapping the gift. Otherwise, it’s not a biggie. We look at unmatched undies all the time gentlemen. But we concentrate on what’s underneath.

  • Ceej

    I scrolled through the comments to not repeat commentary, so as much as I agree with what the ladies have said, except for the “why do I need a matching set, aren’t I fine the way I am?” type posts, I noticed something missing. 

    Single-but-dating women are having the most “i need to look great” sex. 
    (Let’s not argue this, I live with my BF,  lingerie ion low on the priority list and even though I wear it, it usually make its way onto my body AFTER we have sex. Lots of after shower/before dressing action.)

    So, when I was single and dating, I usually had a full day to get through prior to seeing a guy I was dating. I’d have gone to work, hung with friends, or went to church (lol) and honestly it’s difficult to match based on what your wearing for clothing. l’ll explain.

    Most matching sets are decorative and come with lace, bows, lines and prints not fit for wearing under many clothing options. We have to wear under garments that are discreet and our best options usually don’t match. 

    There is a high probability that my purple bra with the added lift made my dress look better than the set’s and my skinniest barely-there thong for my fitted skirt happened to be pink &black. So when an invite to come over after my night was done would come through on a text message or when a date night turned into a sleepover, mix match is often unavoidable because I didn’t have time to prepare. And even if I did, I’d have to be seen with clothes on first, so I’d rather my under garments make me look my best in clothes and let my curves speak for themselves once they were off.
    Men don’t seem to realize that a lot of the reasons why they want to take us home is because they can picture our endless curves through our clothing. I highly doubt while admiring my butt in some tights or while guessing my cup size, you’d like to be interrupted by some random lump at the top of my pants from a hidden bow or some leopard print bra showing through my light colored top. 

    So, take it easy on us fellas. It’s a ton of work to find the right under garments for the right occasions and clothing

  • Dani D.

    My best friend matches her panties and bras, but she’s OCD…and a little bi-polar… and that is all I have to say about that….

    Also you said:  “Also not sexy to ladies, me putting on mismatched socks. Any man who has the nerve to slide their feet into a pair of shoes wearing mismatched socks deals drugs and is not interested in finding legal, gainful employment.”
    – well I don’t think he is a drug dealer I think he is single and didn’t do his laundry….plain and simple, and after I toss my my most likely nude bra to the floor besides my mostly like pink flowered panties, I will laugh to myself at his mismatched socks, looks like I know exactly what he needs for christmas…lol

  • busybodyk

    My bras are for function. Finding a 32E bra with matching panties is like finding a needle in a haystack. Panties however, are for fun IMO. I keep it sexy in that area.

  • Doesn’t Matter

    In summary we dont match them because underwear is either too damn expensive, size is an issue, and we simply want to wear fun colors and patterns sometimes. Turns out matching isn’t as simple as you think.

  • WaterLove

    I personally don’t match my bra and panties.  Many commenters have already stated my same reasons, especially the fact that they are not always sold together.  I will buy a pack of panties, and bras individually.  It is funny because I had this conversation with my husband.  His belief is he doesn’t care, they don’t need to match.  He doesn’t understand why undergarments have to match, and I agree.  I have never matched them, except a rare occasion where I have bought a bra and panties set, but that is rare.  

  • Lilie ~

    Jozen, I think these women answered your question beautifully! sometimes with a little TMI but definitely an interesting read. Honestly though, not your brightest moment.. who would want to date a man that nitpicks little things like underwear~? you must think you’re God’s gift to women or something. you should be completely mute before a beautiful woman, do not ever challenge her with petty things like whether or not her lingerie matches!! are you INSANE? 

  • MsMedSchool

    I love matching my bras and panties. When I was younger I would match my ENTIRE outfit!! Bra, panties, socks, belt, sneaker, etc. it was the thing to do (thank God for growing up!).

    Personally, I do not have too much of a problem matching items (maybe because my 34C isn’t as much of a burden as a DD). But this is partially due to the fact that I would never buy a bra if I didn’t have panties to match it and I have an abnormal obsession with VS. Of course I do not buy a bra for every panty I own but you best believe for every bra in my drawer there are about 5-8 panties that go with it.

  • Flydenne

    hilarious! sitting @ my office desk and laugthing my throat out! ” lace thong with a sports bra” have you realy seen this? woaw! I just can’t stop laugthing!

  • ChaiamiVice

    I love this post. I personally make it a point to match my underwear because when I leave the house matching under my outfit, I just feel great. I’m sure all women who have worn a matching set know this feeling. It’s not hard, and most of the time I am hungover/half asleep, and I still manage to match. And to those who think it’s hard to match your underwear, you just aren’t trying hard enough, or aren’t shopping at the right stores. Ask the person working there to find the matching pair of panties. I know it gets expensive, I work at a high end lingerie store. Can’t afford the matching pair? Ask to find one in the same color at a lower price, trust me, they will be happy to do it. Buying the bra without the matching panties is just a shame. Although my 30 FF bra is functional, it’s still hot, with the panties to match. All I ask is that if I put a little effort in, my man better be doing the same or I’ll be on to the next.

  • Tea

    This post is hilarious, but I FEEL you. This is a classic “laughing, but serious” post, in my opinion. It’s really not that hard. When a woman doesn’t match her set, here are some reasons:

    1. She has on her favorite bra (that she’s worn multiple times during the week so she’s run out of underwear to match)
    2. She’s cheap (matching panties typically cost more than random, non-matching ones)
    3. She’s lazy (sometimes you’re in a rush in the morning and you just close your eyes, pick underwear and keep it moving)
    4. It’s time for laundry…
    5. She was trying to be comfortable and didn’t know she was going to have her clothes off in front of another person
    6. She DOES know another person will see her with her clothes off, but she just generally doesn’t give a damn.

  • ninaaaaa

    Honestly, I don’t know how I came to find this article. lol, but it is interesting enough. Having to buy larger bras can be expensive, and they don’t always last. I love Victorias secret, but they aren’t made as well as you would expect. I spent 50 dollars on the cutest bra I’ve ever seen to have the underwire start poking out in a month. So, we are constantly needing to get new bras, and its not affordable! Although I get the sentiment, I never truly cared about them matching. I dated in High School, but I met my now fiancé within a few days of moving to a new state to attend college! It’s been 5 years, and in the beginning I always wanted to have the little sexy things and match every now and then. Neither of us have been with anybody else, and at a certain point I realized that he didn’t seem to care! I think I cared more than him, I love corset lingerie, and he likes nakedness ( and the occasional new “outfit” I decide to buy myself.) They are worth spending the money on because I think they are sexier and last a lot longer. Sometimes the “cute” bras aren’t always the most comfortable, and having larger breasts than most… comfort is a factor! The bra comes off anyways, is it really that important? I don’t even think I have the time or energy to think about coordinating that stuff. Think about how trivial of a thing you are asking!

  • K

    Say you have a set of n bras and n panties, and there is a one-to-one correspondence.

    If the bra and panties must always match, there are n combinations. If they don’t have to match, there are n^2 combinations. That is a huge difference.

    The problem gets more complicated when you factor in the fact that bras can be worn more than once between washings, and panties cannot (well, hopefully your woman agrees). Say she wears a bra m times between washings. At best, she wears the matching set once (since the panties are then discarded), so the remaining m-1 times she cannot be wearing a matching set.

    Does that answer your question?