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Poppin’ Questions Podcast 34

So on this brand new edition of the Poppin’ Questions Podcast, I’m doing something a little bit different.

Since some of you can’t listen to the podcast whether it be through Podomatic or iTunes, Jermaine and I decided to make this accessible via YouTube. At the same time we recorded my responses to this week’s five questions, we also video recorded my responses. The same thing you hear in the audio is the same thing we recorded for YouTube.

A couple of programming notes to consider before tuning in to watch on YouTube:

I was reluctant to do this because I’m not comfortable with watching myself on video. Still, Jermaine and I thought this is a necessary evil.

The videos really aren’t meant to be watched. Nothing extraordinary is happening. I’m just answering these questions into the camera. I’m not dancing, I’m not cooking, I’m not even standing up, so don’t watch these with this anticipation something amazing is going to happen. The only amazing thing in these videos is what I’m saying.

I’m always going to wear a hat in these videos. I like hats, so if any of you hat designers want to send me a hat to wear on an upcoming podcast, hit me at and I’ll send you the address where you can mail it. Dead serious about this.

Here is the first question via YouTube. To see all the questions on YouTube, click here to go to Until I Get Married’s YouTube channel. Below the video is the audio podcast for you to stream or download.

Poppin’ Questions Podcast on YouTube

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  • sunt97

    LOL about the hats.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  • Monster Beats

     Funny video! Thanks

  • :)

    you lost weight good for you! you look happier

  • Guest

    I disagree with your answer to the second part of question 1. You made it sounds like “yes, I will respect your decision to remain celibate until marriage with the thought of changing you later”. Isn’t that the same thing that guys are always saying about women and how we “try” to change men. If a person has chosen to remain celibate until marriage most of the time that is tied to that person’s beliefs or value system. So in essence, you are trying to eventually change the person’s core values in a way. That seems a bit dishonest. It is like saying I respect you now with the hopes of changing your mind and values later. With that perspective, why even pursue a relationship with someone who is waiting for marriage for sex? Why not just strictly date those who align with your way of thinking on the matter.

  • Guest

    Usually you give good advice but I have to partially disagree with your answer to question 3.    He treats her well but she never said they were exclusive.  What if he’s sleeping with other people?  The reason she’s confused is that he’s treating her like a good boyfriend would which makes her feel like he’s her boyfriend but saying he doesn’t want to be her boyfriend (and possibly sleeping with other women).  If he’s not seeing other people, I think your advice is on point.  The title isn’t important if he’s not sleeping with other women.