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SPONSORED POST: Go See ‘Think Like A Man’ Courtesy of UIGM

April 9th, 2012


The best job I ever had in college was working as the student newspaper’s Arts & Entertainment editor. The title gave me perks usually reserved for guys who knew a guy or the women the guys and the guy they knew wanted to impress. One of those perks was access to advanced film screenings for pretty much every movie released in theaters during my tenure, and each invite allowed for me to bring one guest.

Even back then I was a savvy dater, so of course I used the advanced screening passes as an opportunity to take out some woman I was interested in getting to know. Yes, I know, a movie date as the first date is the most unimaginative activity in the history of dating, but this just wasn’t any normal “Hey, iFriday night, want to go to the movies?”-type of date. No, this was entirely different. Usually, it went something like this:

ME: Hey, want to go see 8 Mile three weeks before everyone else?

HER: I am not coming to your dorm room to watch some bootleg movie. You have got to do better.

ME: Baby, who said anything about a bootleg or my dorm room? I have a pass to an advanced screening because I’m covering the film for my paper.

HER: Oh…

ME: So does that change things?

HER: Yeah, we can do that.

ME: Sike! (Just kidding. I didn’t say that. Well, once, but moving on…)

The only time movie dates are acceptable is when you and your date can see the movie before the general population. Even then, they’re questionable, but no one passes up on an opportunity to say to their friends, “Oh, I saw that movie before it came out.”

Because I’m a nice guy, I am giving you all an opportunity to find out what it feels like to say the same thing to your friends. By now, most of you have heard or seen the trailer for ‘Think Like A Man’ the film adaptation of Steve Harvey’s popular book. If you haven’t, the trailer is below. If you have, and you’re not sure whether or not you should see it, maybe passes to one of the advanced screenings will make it easier for you to decide.

Here’s how this is going to work:

All you have to do is answer these three questions.

  1. Which Think Like A Man cast member has been interviewed on “Until I Get Married”?
  2. In the book, Steve Harvey tells women they should wait how many days before sleeping with a man?
  3. In what other movie did Think Like A Man director Tim Story and cast member Michael Ealy work together?

Submit the answers by sending a message to the “Until I Get Married” Facebook page. If you try to send the answers any other way, I will laugh at you and your inability to follow instructions, even if you get all three answers right.

For those who do follow instructions and answer the questions correctly, we have for you, a Think Like A Man prize pack, which includes the following:

* A copy of the Think Like A Man soundtrack (track list below)

1. Think Like A Man – Jennifer Hudson & Ne-Yo featuring Rick Ross
2. Tonight (Best You Ever Had) – John Legend featuring Ludacris
3. Need A Reason – Kelly Rowland featuring Future and Bei Maejor
4. Won’t Make A Fool Out Of You – Marcus Canty
5. Baby Be Mine – Quadron
6. That’s The Way Of The World – Earth, Wind & Fire
7. Freedom Ride – Keri Hilson
8. Shake That Jelly – Billy Wes
9. Same Ol BS – RaVaughn
10. Fire – Brandon Hines
11. Motion Picture – Future
12. Never Too Much – Luther Vandross

The John Legend song is one of my favorite cuts from the soundtrack.

* An autographed mini one-sheet signed by the cast

* Think Like A Man postcards

* Confirmed seating at advanced field screenings in New York City, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. Dates as follows:

  • Atlanta: April 18
  • New York City: April 18
  • Los Angeles: April 11 and 18

What this means of course is if you enter, you have to live in an area where attending any of the screenings won’t call for a road trip or a plane. Do not enter and win the prize then not be able to go because you live too far to get to one of the screenings. Not only does that make no sense, you’ve taken the spot of someone else who actually could go should they win. Don’t be an overachiever.

The first five people to respond with the correct answers will receive all the prizes in the prize pack. Five second place winners will be given a copy of the soundtrack, autographed one-sheet, and the postcard. Do remember, in order to be eligible, participants must submit answers to the “Until I Get Married” Facebook fan page, and if you haven’t done so already, like it.

Think Like A Man opens nationwide on April 20.

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