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Poppin’ Questions Podcast 35 — A Man’s Thoughts Post-Climax

A reader asks…

What happens when a man climaxes emotionally and pyscholgically?

Here is my awkward answer

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  • Aymee Campbell

    It was cute to see you get all frazzled about your answer! lol.  Coming from a female point of view, I’m not necessarily sure the question was answered in the way it was asked.  I’m more curious about the after sex climax moment.  Just so you know, chicks get off before seeing someone they are digging too.  You’re right, taking care of business helps you actually determine how much you’re into the other person when you take the edge off of the sexual motivation.  

  • Najeema

    I’m with Aymee, I thought I’d hear about the sex climax, not the pre-hookup climax. Maybe you’ll do a part two and give the ladies some more insight.

  • Brandon Carter

    hahhahahahahahaahahahahahahhaha! nigga Bustin a nut is like waking up from a fucking dream!!!

  • EyeLoveBrandon

    We must’ve been separated at birth, because i do and think the same thing bro!  🙂