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More About Liking Women With Curves

This morning, I had the privilege of appearing on WPIX Morning News, a New York City-based news show that airs on the NYC CW affiliate. I appeared alongside Steve Covino and Rich Davis, hosts of the popular Covino & Rich Show on SiriusXM Radio.

That's yours truly in the middle

Our purpose: To discuss if race plays a role men’s preference for women. Since the segment was a part of a week-long feature WPIX Morning News is doing on women and their body types, there was an attempt to connect a man’s racial preference with his preference in body type.

To put the question bluntly: Do black and Latino men like girls with curves, and do white men like women without curves?

Since the segment was live and extremely brief, I only was able to say a few words, so I wanted to expand on the topic here. But before you read on, here is a link to watch the segment yourself.

WATCH: Jozen on WPIX Morning News

I’ve been pretty clear on this topic before. Most folks who have read me for a while and who know me in real life know that I couldn’t lie about what kind of women I prefer even if I tried. I like black women, always have. The first girl I ever liked in second grade was black, the girl I like now is black, 90 percent of the girls I liked in between those two girls are black. Every now and then I have connected with a woman of another race, and I know the diplomatic thing to say is race doesn’t matter, but who are we kidding? If a white man dates nothing but white women, he has to face the fact he just might like white women only. So to answer the question if race plays a factor in whom we choose to date, it most certainly does, even if we’re not conscious of it.

The idea I reject is that the race we prefer denotes the type of body we prefer.

To say I like black women is not to say I like women with curves. I would gladly, and I actually have been attracted to non-black women with curves. I don’t watch “Mad Men” but I know who Christina Hendricks is. I’m going to see The Avengers this weekend, not only because Robert Downey Jr as Tony Starks is my man-crush, but because I have a thing for Scarlett Johanson, who, for those who haven’t noticed, is not skinny. Recently, Ashley Judd spoke out against media outlets who say negative things about her whenever she goes from her size two/four, to a size six/eight. Well, Ashley, should you ever read this site, just know, you can come to me at a size eight/ten and I’d still take you somewhere we can eat good together.

Being attracted to black and brown women and being attracted to women with curves is mutually exclusive. I like women with curves, no matter their race. I have been attracted to black women with a minimal amount of curves. Hell, I’ve been attracted to non-black women with non-curvaceous bodies. So really, what are we talking about here?

Looks matter, body type matters, but what matters most of all is the way a woman feels about the weight she carries, and the looks she’s been given. I understand confidence is an abstract thing, but trust me, it’s something every man notices. If you lined up two women with the exact same measurements, and look so much alike, they could be mistaken for sisters, the woman most men would choose is the one who exudes the most confidence. You think models are models because they look good? I have seen some unattractive-lookings models. I have never seen a model with low-self-esteem. Ladies, when you wake up and get ready to face the world, make sure the hair is done, the clothes look good, and whatever makeup you wear (if you wear any) is applied correctly. But most of all, make sure the posture is strong, and the chin is up. That’s what men really like.

A woman’s cosmetic beauty is only as strong as her inner beauty. I know that sounds like something our parents taught us, but as it turns out, our parents were right.

  • ginavergel

    Damn NO ONE let anyone get a word in! Thanks for posting your full thoughts on this! 

  • BajanAlex

    wow that show you was on looks confusing….they didn’t let you or the hispanic guy get in a word..

  • Kat Webb

    I did a paper on this in college. It was about the hip-to-waist ratio. I wanted to see whether, using the pop culture lists of hottest/most beautiful/etc., the ideal hip-to-waist ratio men liked in their women changed by race. According to my findings, no. Pretty much all men across the board, of every race, enjoy their women to have a tiny waste and big hips (aka “curves”). It’s a sign of fertility and respected not just in America but worldwide (though our ratio has begun to skew to an unhealthy/unnatural range, whereas most other countries like curves on a normal-sized woman). That was a fun little study. The research wasn’t scientific, but I’d love for a real scientist to get into that. I’d read that study. 🙂

  • Lena JH

    The link isn’t working for me 🙁

  • Nyah

    Reason number fiftylevenmillion I love your blog —> “I’m going to see The Avengers this weekend, not only because Robert Downey Jr as Tony Starks is my man-crush…”#dead

  • Brittney Williams

    I do agree with the last’s sentence referring to inner beauty.

  • Anastasia!!!

    Okay. I watched that clip. 

    Ummm…. I think this is the problem most women have. The heavier set woman decided she was going to tell YOU ALL, the men, why you liked what you like. Because of mom?? Okay maybe but B*tch, shut up and listen!!!!

    I would love a conversation like this on a larger scale, but alas my people’s feelings couldn’t take it. 

    😉 Love it! I’m new and I’m now a dedicated follower!!!