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About The New Job And Why Some Of You Should Care

So I got a new gig.

For those who follow me on Twitter, I’ve been talking around it for the better part of a week, not divulging the complete details because I wanted to be careful, but since I start on Monday, I decided to let all my loyal readers know the good news and what it entails.

Every Sunday, The New York Post has a dating section in their paper called “The Meet Market.” If you’ve never read it before, now would be a good time to start because I am the new features reporter for the section.

Kind of cool, right? Yeah. It’s like I’m a hybrid of Will Smith and Eva Mendes’ characters in Hitch. Or as one of my friends put it, I’m the date whisperer. I laughed at that one, but I’m also running with it. Here’s why:

My main objective is finding New Yorkers and sending them out on blind dates. There’s a chooser and then three possible suitors from which they get to pick. I do some pre-date interviews with the dater and the three potentials. Then the dater chooses one, they go out, and I do post-date interviews which run a week later. Readers also get to vote for who they think is the best person to get chosen.

For an example of what I mean, here’s a link to the “Meet Market” online.

Of course, I’m excited about this job. It isn’t just because the freelance life was wearing me out, it’s also because it’s a job about something I care deeply about which is people meeting, connecting, and finding a good date. One of my friends asked me, since I get to choose not only the person who chooses but also who they choose from, does this make me some sort of matchmaker?

My answer: No. At least, I don’t think so.

I say think of me more like a date maker. The chooser gets to choose who they want to date, I just give them their choices and set up their date. Nothing fancy, pretty straightforward, and yes, a lot of fun for me and possibly for you. One of my goals is creating a list of willing participants and this is where I need all my New York readers or readers who know people who live in New York to get involved.

In order to be considered, you have to fill out a questionnaire, which I can provide should you email me at the following:

You will see all the fine print involved, including one must be over the age of 21 and they also must live in one of New York City’s five boroughs.

If you’re interested or know someone who is — whether it’s a co-worker, a friend, an ex whose heart you broke and you need to make up for it — please, fill out the form. Like I said, I start on Monday, so I don’t want to be scrambling to find people. Oh and to be clear, anyone who is selected must agree to their picture being in the paper, so keep that in mind. I also want to stress, as long as you or the person you are trying to get to sign up is not crazy, they can be down. Seriously. I cannot stress this enough but here is my effort to do so:


For those who are wondering what that means for this website, nothing in the immediate future. I got a job, I didn’t get married. But to be serious, I will still be sharing my own thoughts about my own experiences here, with you all (I could never leave you beautiful folks). I’m also still doing the Poppin’ Questions Podcast (send me your questions here).

At some point, I will definitely be using some of this space as a way to facilitate “Meet Market” and find ways to tie things in, but for right now and until I get into a rhythm, my day job and this blog are like the separation of church and state. Nothing here will be lost.

So yeah, there it is folks, this is my new job, and for some of you, this means you can go out on a blind date, which is always fun. Remember, if you’re interested or know someone in NYC who is interested, send them here. I’m serious, by the time I get to work on Monday, I need to see an inbox filled with people from New York who are about this blind date life!

Last but not least, wish me luck and say a prayer for me y’all. I appreciate those and thank you.

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  • Aymee Campbell

    That’s awesome dude!!!  Congratulations. 🙂 

  • Ms. Riss

    Congratulations and Good Luck! If I was single and/or in NYC I would definitely try to take advantage of your skills.

  • Mo

    Congrats on your new job, I think you will be a perfect fit for the postion!! Good luck!

  • Red

    Congratulations Jozen! Sounds like this position will be an exciting experience

  • Naomi

    Congrats Jozen! Have fun!

  • Justjana22

    Congrats Jozen a regular check and a fun gig.

  • Debbie

    Happy for u! Mad u have to be in the 5 boros and not include long island

  • SRH

    How fun! And something like this promises to be funny, at least sometimes. You’ll be like Chuck Woolery on Love Connection…kinda. Congratulations and good luck!

  • Najeema

    Congrats & good luck! Best!

  • Anastasia!!!

    Congratulations! I think I’m to chicken ruby now to do meet market, however I am sending up a prayer for your continued success right now! As a new reader, I feel like an old mommy 🙂 I’m proud and excited for you, Jozen!

  • Shawntelrenee

    Congrats Jozen!!!  Way to work for a highly regarded newspaper!!!

  • DNLee

    Congrats! That sounds like a sweet gig!