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Hey Boo: Five Reasons Halloween is The Best Night to Meet Someone

October 29th, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Let’s get one thing straight: Of course I’m biased.

I met Gina at a Halloween party so naturally I’m going to think this Friday is perhaps the best day of the year for people to meet that potential special someone. This has nothing to do with cuffing season because in case you didn’t know, I am staunchly against cuffing season. This is more about great environments begetting great opportunity.

Whether it’s life-changing love or a one night stand, Halloween parties are your best bet to get whatever relationship you want. I believe this so much, I don’t even call it Halloween anymore so much as I call it “boo season” because the term more accurately describes the multiple benefits of October 31.

I always believed Halloween parties were great environments to meet someone, even before I met Gina. But meeting her at one certainly helps give me credibility in this niche, and no this guideline isn’t so any of you all can get like me. It’s just to help those who have yet to be truly enlightened as to why fright night is the right night to meet that special someone and here’s how you do it.

Ladies, buck tradition
So for 364 days out of the year it’s perfectly fine for you to not be the kind of woman who approaches guys, but on Halloween, there’s no need to be shy. Why this night? Well, considering you had no issue wearing a cat suit and painting whiskers on your face or walking out looking like Katniss from the Hunger Games, it’s safe to say approaching a man will probably be one of the more normal things you do that night.

Built-in commonalities
Are you the type of person who hates dressing up for Halloween but likes partying? If the answer is yes, I have good news. There’s someone out there for you and they’re probably at a Halloween party looking normal as fuck just like you. Like I always say, two people who dress up for Halloween are not necessarily meant to be, but two assholes who refuse to dress up no matter how much they stress the importance of doing so on the party invitation deserve each other.

The opening line is right there in front of you
I don’t care if you’re the smoothest talker in the world. I don’t care if you have a stuttering problem. A Halloween party is the easiest environment in which to start a conversation. Just start with the following line and watch it unfold from there: “Tell me about your costume.”

It’s actually a personality contest
Your costume is more than a reflection of your imagination but it is also a gauge for how bold of a personality you are. Under normal conditions, you have to surpress the animal within, but on Halloween, you can not only let that animal out, you can be that animal. Are you a lion? Be a lion. Are you an attorney with a sexy nurse as an alter ego? Be a sexy nurse. Halloween is the night to let your personality and your creativity fly. Don’t let it go to waste.

The Golden Rule
Physical appearances mean way less on Halloween than every other day. Never forget, if you dress up for Halloween, you look ridiculous and whoever likes that will probably like you the day after.

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