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About Jozen and Until I Get Married

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Jozen Cummings is a writer and editor living in New York City. He is currently the dating reporter for THE NEW YORK POST, where he handles the weekly blind date column, Meet Market.

Jozen began his professional journalism career in the magazine business as a fact-checker at VIBE Magazine in 2004. In 2006, he went on to be the Web Editor at KING Magazine, and then came back to VIBE in 2008, where he was the Online Editor and Articles Editor, until the company’s closing in July 2009. He also served brief stints as an online editor at XXL Magazine and as a staff writer at HUFFINGTON POST.

Jozen has penned articles for a variety of publications, including:

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (culture blog, “Speakeasy”)
NEW YORK MAGAZINE (entertainment blog, “Vulture”)

UNTIL I GET MARRIED was founded in 2009 after Jozen found himself unemployed for the first time in his professional career. Knowing he wanted to write about music for a living, on the side, he started writing a blog about his thoughts and experiences on relationships and dating. “Until I Get Married” is Jozen’s way of showing not only how fun the single life can be for today’s bachelor, but how difficult it can be.

From his hilarious stories about trysts with women who don’t speak English to opening up about the difficulty of repairing a damaged relationship with the man who raised him, Jozen has become a voice for many unmarried men who are trying to figure out women, and the many women who are trying to figure out men. He has also used his blog to give his own unique brand of dating and relationship advice for all the single and dating people in the world. “Until I Get Married” will tell you why a man should take a woman out for soup instead of dinner (“A Compromise on Taking Women Out To Eat”), why best friends should sleep together (“Five Reasons She Should Sleep With Her Best Friend”), and how women can be better platonic friends to the men in their life (“Seven Ways For Women To Be Better in the Friend Zone”).

As the dating reporter for The New York Post, Jozen is responsible for the blind date column, Meet Market. It appears in the paper and online every Sunday. Jozen sets people up on blind dates, which get featured in the Post. For those interested in participating, you must be over 21, single, and live or work in one of the five boroughs. You can express your interest, by clicking here to fill out this brief form.

Jozen is originally from Seaside, California and graduated in 2004 from Howard University with a bachelor’s degree in news/online journalism.

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  • Christine

    Just started reading you blog. It’s very entertaining! Just thought I’d say HI!!!!!

  • Damien

    Up strong Jozen! I like the site. Looking forward to more dispatches from the front.
    Speaking of fronts, check out my latest endeavor:

  • Steph

    Hello Hello,

    Very smart blog, I like your writing style. You sound like a lot of guys I know.

    I have a proposition: a guest spot on my blog (and if you would like one in return, i’d be happy to). So yeah, check mine, lemme know what you think, if your willing to add me to your blogroll, i’d love to add you to mine.

    hope to hear from you soon 😉

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  • Tia

    I just started reading your blog about two weeks ago and I truly enjoy it. You keep me laughing. A lot of the thing you publish I can definitely relate too. I love the blog about the girl with the drink in the club. Didn’t think the story would have taken the turn that it did. I love reading men blogs because it’s keep me one step ahead of them. So thanks again Jozen. (wink)

    Keep your blog spicy and I will keep returning.


  • Mr. Mori


  • Keisha

    You blog is very interesting…I really like the way you come across. You should start your own on-line magazine! Just a thought…Keisha-

  • PYTeree

    Your blog has me laughing out loud daily. Keep up the good work!

  • Jessica Barrea- Carroll

    Where did the time go from when we were nappy in middle school, to having careers and all that. Jozen, We love your blog, it makes me laugh because my husband is the ultimate “man’s man” and with the fact that the poor guy got suckered into settling down, He gets to live and laugh vicarioulsy through you! keep up the good work!

  • Dana

    Love your blog, Jozen. Not only entertaining, but very insightful. Keep the posts coming.


    Hi, I just stumbled on to your blog. I must say I thought the original article would be of interest to my son – now 30, but then I found it both interesting to me to see different perspectives or those on same wave. So, thanks for reminding me of what we in the “Old School” still really believe. I do want to mention that I saw “Oprah” interview Beyonce after her marriage to Jay Z. It’s true even then she did not touch on the actual marriage – sadly, celebrities really do have to protect their privacy to a greater extent for obvious reason. However, one thing she did say and I think important to women is “it’s good to have something of your own”. I was happy that she shared that as I think often people see glamour. I am married and although we become one in a marriage, “who” we are is important. She also indicated everything she has “she has worked for”. As a woman, mother and a wife I think in marriage it’s important to be true to yourself so that you can embrace what’s good and bad. I also think culturally, we have to realize we’ve always been “the spectical”. I think Obama now makes it reality we exist as more than just a people. We are human first and “content of character” does go along way. Like Dr. Martin Luther King, I don’t think Obama’s standing will be forgotten and I don’t think it’s just because “he’s a black man”. Purpose and principal still matters. Hopefully this is what we remember most. Best regards and please keep doing what you are doing. Please put my email on your mailing. I didn’t subscribe to the comments feed. Thanks!

  • MsZ

    Started reading your blog this the way that your words flow…will follow til the end..Z

  • Vicky

    Good Morning, I just stumbled upon your blog and found it interesting, entertaining and insightful. Have a lovely day..VP

  • Chris

    From one Harlemite, and Hip Hop head to another…your a great GRIOT!

  • LeRoy

    Yo Jo, I was thinking along the lines of writing about being young black and wanting to be married on my site. I suppose we are truly growing up or as you put it, grown men. Yes, I read the SH book and it was a bit tough to swallow, I suppose I was raised by my mother and things are a bit altered (perception based). Either way, don’t want to steal your shine or piggy back, just know I dig where you are and where you see yourself. Good luck on the road, I look to get there also. Until I get married, I will see where you are. Peace be with you.

  • Sam

    Hey, you have good writing skills. However your topic on about Jay Z should be rapping about his marriage, how you are gonna diss him for keeping his marriage out of the media and keeping personal. You’re dissing him is honestly senseless.

  • TMB

    Just wanted say that your writing is entertaining. However, in your “foodie call” blog you sound like you are looking for a mother. Stop looking for somebody to take care of you. Cook for yourself. Just a word from a wiser older woman. Keep writing. You have a beautiful “mother” dont look for one in a date…look for a partner.

  • Dana

    I just came across your blog today when I read the Jay-Z story posted on MSN. For the past 30 minutes I have been reading and enjoying your posts. Very refereshing!

  • Courtney

    I just read your Jay-z article, and clicked on the link for your blog. I am at Starbucks laughing out loud. Love the blog, love your writing style. Keep it up!!

  • Shevonda


    Just wanted to say thank you because after all these years I’ve finally found a blog I’d actually follow! 🙂 You’re hilarious yet very honest! Love it!

  • Val

    I thought your Foodie blog was HILARIOUS! I will check out more of your blogs as they are probably equally funny. I do have one comment. As a professed foodie, I must inform you that “grown women” enjoy home cooked meals by “grown men” as well! (wink) Anyway, I enjoyed your writing so far and look forward to reading more.

  • ms. jackson

    greetings jozen (love your name, it’s as unique as mine) :o) i just started reading your blog. your writing plays with my thoughts, intrigues my imagination, i love it! now i have to tell my friend a big thank you, he sent me the link to the article you wrote about jay z and marriage on bless! dee

  • Vanessa

    This is a great blog! I found it link on your Jay-Z and Beyonce article. I just recommended your blog to a few of my friends (the ones who think beyond gossip blogs) and they love it as well! Keep up the good work. I see you are a fellow HBCU Alum, so let me just say Clark Atlanta is the best! LOL

  • CaramelButterfly


    I got the link to your blog from my Essence newsletter. I was having a bad day, but after reading your posts…let’s just say I’m good now. 😉 I sent it to several of my friends and family members, one of them is sending it to her “cheating” boyfriend…too funny. Thanks for the lift and keep the creative juices flowing!

  • DJ Stiletto

    Just started reading your blog a few days ago, and I love how unabashedly honest yet endearing your writing is. Keep doing your thing. Much love.

  • Randi

    Your blog is brilliant, and I love every word. As a female college student (yay Spelman) in Atlanta, I understand a lot of the guys and girls (types) you talk about. Keep writing, and I look forward to reading more! 🙂

    Love it!

  • Coretta

    I am really enjoying how so many people are enjoying what you do. Apparently it was a good idea to write that Jay-Z article, but that’s not how I found you. I was recapping my Congressional Black Caucus Conference experience and stumbled upon you through Fab DC. Love all the HBCU grads on here, however, Tuskegee University is clearly the best. T-U! Some of the best years of my life (and my parents and my sisters too), I highly recommend it to everyone.

  • virtue5

    I ran across an article of yours today on THEROOT.COM and it had a link to your blog. Your blog is really well written and entertaining.

  • randolpants

    I thought your blog is pretty freakin awesome. I read it every day and laugh, and then see the insight. Keep up the good work, your shit is pretty smart. I linked you on my blog, hope everyone continues to read.

    P.S-I follow you on Twitter too…is that weird? Lol I hope not.

  • TrueMan

    I like what I’m seeing so far. Keep representing the male point of view.


  • metroadlib

    my linesister introduced me to your blog about a month ago…if i wasn’t certain of how keenly self aware you seem to be, i’d probably tell you that your posts are funny and insightful; not to mention well written. i took the liberty of googling you as well (not my typical, but my ls assured me that you were the finest thing she’d ever seen)…not bad at all. at any rate, i thought i’d drop you a line. your blog has worked its way into my mid-afternoon break from monotony routine. so, thanks-

  • Cheekie

    I saw your blog linked doing some Six Degrees of Separation type ish (blog linked from another blog linked from another blog, etc.). And I gotta say, I’m in love. I just finished reading all of your archives (when I should’ve been working…but let’s say I was multi-tasking) and I’m hooked. You’ve got a new fan in me!

  • Crystal Light

    I love your is bookmarked as one of my favorites!!!!!!!!

  • HU2010

    Funny…my freshman year at HU I bought a shirt that said “Howard University; the best 4 or 5 years of my life.” DAMN…they were right! Heard of this blog from a friend with a snarky sense of humor and decided to give it a read. I must say I am impressed and proud of another successful HU Alum. Keep it going!

  • broadwaydannyr

    read my blog and you may never want to get married.

  • Nikki

    Love your blog. You have a great voice. Easy to read, funny and opinionated without being off-putting. I think your blog would make a great screenplay/movie. You know single guy in NYC writing a blog…-NB

  • Nina

    I just came across your blog… I find it very interesting. You’ve captured me as a reader!

    ~Nina of AF girls

  • Stephanie

    Like your blog, when is the book coming out?

  • Austin

    great blog. real, funny, and deep if you need to…

  • Angela

    Hello from freezing Cabada:

    I am loving what you’re writing. I heard about your blog through Essence. Keep up the great work. It’s lovely to have the perspective of an intelligent Black man.

    Warmest wishes,


  • Princess

    I love your blog so far. Very insightful, funny, and honest. I understand exactly what you mean about waking up to someone you love during the holidays. Keep it up.
    Take care of my hometown.

  • Jesse

    yes…Yes…YES!!! Finally a brother who can blog and articulate the complexities and depth of today’s intelligent Black man’s emotions, thoughts, urges, needs, etc. Yes we are sexual beings, but we are soo much more!! THANK YOU and keep it up man! Just don’t get married…well before me at least! Happy New Years.

  • tanyetta

    Great Blog! I am here by way of Monica Mingo’s link. Glad I clicked on it. Happy New Year!

  • Anaise

    Not sure how I stumbled onto your blog, but ever since then, I can’t seem to get enough. You are funny as f@!k…and I already CAN’T STAND YOU, because you kinda remind me of the guys I love to hate (and whose hearts I love to break). You know the type, cocky jerks who always seem to get all the ladies and befriend all the guys. Anyway, I’ll keep reading as long as you continue weaving great stories and remain candid and forthright. I also hope your style doesn’t change.

  • Patty

    Jozen I <3 U!!! I have been following your blog ever since you started it this past summer, anyways I have showed it to all of my friends too! Anyways, I was wondering if you have a page on Facebook so that I can advertise it! Let me know and keep kicking ass with your awesome blogs!!! Rock on!

  • ksoul

    Just subscribed to your blog about a week ago while trying to look for someone going through single life like myself and your blog caught my eye. It is funny and smooth. Love your writing skills.

  • Chris Owusu

    A friend put me on your blog a few months ago and now I read it all the time. Your blog is real, it speaks to me, I relate to the material and I love your writing style. This blog is the truth and I have told everyone I know about it. Stay up!

    Me and my friends were sitting around the other day and came up with a list of commandments concerning getting with someone one of your friends has already got with. search FACEBOOK GROUP: THE BONE COMMANDMENTS…let me know what you think

  • chanelle

    Hey Jozen I stumbled upon your blog through an article you wrote for theroot & I absolutely love it! I’m subscribed so I don’t miss a post. I’ve started my own blog & hope you can check it out sometime. It’s called it is what it is & i’m at

  • sincerelyserious

    Hey Jozen, just found your blog through my friend Cecilia..I love it…the best part or your “about the writer” is when you say “Before being a grown man in New York City…” I’ve been chuckling for a solid 5 minutes about that….


    PS….I’m so sorry about you being a Bison…too bad you couldn’t be a Pirate and go to the REAL HU..

  • Tinia

    So, a friend of mine posted your “Why Girlfriends Matter” post on Fb. I read it. Then, I read your “About the Writer.” Then, I read about 15 other posts, including the she’s a virgin story, your desire to bring slow dancing back, and your multiple liking of girls, etc. I now know you don’t like girls who have yahoo e-mail accounts or drink root beer. (I almost left my yahoo account in the required blank – which I have for March Madness/Fantasy Football purposes only, but I thought better of it.) I really am sort of over the whole blog thing generally, but I found your blog really refreshing, informative, and well-written. All of this to say, I really should be going to bed, but I keep reading your posts – and since I’ve dedicated over an hour to doing it, I figured I’d at least say hi. You are an interesting guy, indeed. And I love that you went to Howard. (I’m a Spelmanite.) Keep writing – you’ve certainly got a gift.

  • angelasherell

    Hey just discovered your blog. Although I am much older, I enjoy your prespective, you definitely are talented. And I mot saying that just because I am an alumni of Howard. Looking forward reading more!