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Miss Me?

September 26th, 2011 6 comments

I miss you all. Sorry I’ve been ghost lately, it’s just been real hectic around these parts.

In any case, don’t worry, I’m still not married so there’s still more to write about my life as a bachelor and all of that is coming soon. Hopefully this week. In the meantime, here’s a song I’ve been zoning out to for the past four days and probably will be continuing to zone out to for the next four days. Thought I’d share with you beautiful people.

Love you, miss you. Leave a comment about how you all feel the same.

“Although I know I feel at home whenever you are near…”

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Late Apologies: To My Readers

September 25th, 2009 3 comments

Dear UIGM Faithful,

I am so sorry I let the whole day go by without a fresh post. For once I had a full day away from the computer. It won’t happen again, and if it does, I will do my best to let you all know in advance.

Until Monday, here’s a fresh piece that ran on O.G. Henry Louis Gates’ Internet home,, entitled. “Jay-Z and Oprah Make Lemon Pie.” You should be seeing my name a lot more frequently over there, and I will definitely keep linking to the new pieces I contribute there as well as any other places my byline appears.

Once again, apologies for no post today, but enjoy the article and thank you for all your support.


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Late Apologies: The Gospel Song

September 10th, 2009 12 comments

Dear Girl Who Was In the Middle of Having Sex With Me When the Gospel Song Came On,

I apologize for the gospel song that came on the radio while we were in the middle of having sex. That was awkward, wasn’t it?

You know it wasn’t my fault, but you were right. I should’ve never left the radio on during the Quiet Storm/Love Jam hour, knowing they always play at least one song about our Lord and Savior.

My Bad,


P.S. In case you forgot the song that came on, click here.

P.S.S. This happened years ago but I apologize to God about this everyday. Trust me.

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Late Apologies: The $30 ATM

September 4th, 2009 3 comments

Dear Ex-Girlfriend who took me to the strip club for my birthday,

I apologize for the $30 ATM service fee they charged at that one strip club, to which I forgot the name. We should have left the moment we saw that shit pop-up on the screen.

I know I didn’t make you go forth and withdraw money, and I know it was my birthday, and I know I used it too, to get cab fare just so you wouldn’t feel as bad (trust me, I apologize to myself everyday). Still, $30? What were we thinking? Instead of saying, “It’s up to you,” I should have just grabbed your arm and said, “Girl, they’re crazy. Let’s get the hell out of here.” But I didn’t and for that, I apologize.

My bad,


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