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Poppin’ The Questions 2

May 14th, 2010 32 comments

So my first installment of “Poppin’ The Questions” garnered what is I believe my lowest comment total ever. Normally, I would take that as a sign to not continue, but I’m going to continue this ongoing series of answering Formspring questions. Not only is it a time saver (the reader’s questions practically write half the post), but because I think it’s important to answer  the small percentage of my readers who take the time to ask me a question.

Before we get into the latest installment, a quick reminder:

For all those in New York City on June 3rd, come check me out along with other esteemed relationship writers as we discuss matters of the heart at The Modern Day Matchmaker event. Look to the right of this post, tickets are $20 if you buy them through this site.

Now, time for the questions.

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Poppin’ The Questions 1

May 10th, 2010 7 comments

Some may have noticed that on the right margin of this blog, I have a Formspring account (See: “Ask Jozen Anything”), allowing readers the opportunity to ask me questions anonymously. Unfortunately, I haven’t been as prompt with my responses as I should be, so starting today I’m going to answer most of these questions via my daily posts every Monday and Friday. To those who think they’re going to be reading some dry questionnaire, give me more credit. I’m still going to be answering these questions with the hopes of entertaining in a thought-provoking way.

Also on the right hand margin of this blog, you will notice a new widget promoting an event I’m going to be a part of in New York City on June 2. It’s a relationships panel/music performance/party, and it should be a great time for everyone who comes. I, of course, am going to be on the relationships panel, and I sincerely hope all of you who are in the NYC area will (PAY TO!) come out.

Now, I’m already expecting most people who know me in real life to ask me for a hookup of Free.99, in which I will politely say “hell no,” but I do have an exclusive discount code (“Bachelor”) for five dollars off  for anyone interested.  To those who have never met me in person or heard me speak about the things I discuss here, this is your chance. Hopefully with this blog I’ve given you enough incentive, but if you still need some convincing, consider this post in which I share more of myself, to be my attempt at giving you a preview of who you’re coming to see. Enjoy.

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