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The Five Things I Lost When She Moved Out

May 28th, 2010 38 comments

In the months leading up to my ex-girlfriend moving in with me, my boy gave me one piece of advice I never forgot. He said, “Just know if you two break up, it’s not like a normal break up. When you break up with the girl you live with, it’s on a totally different level.”

Boy was he right.

Without getting into the back story of our break up (I’m saving that for another time), today I want to share all the things lost when my ex-girlfriend moved out of my place. Initially, we decided it would be best to live separately as a way to save the relationship, but soon after, we realized it was best to break up all together. Thing is, she still had the key to my apartment to come get her stuff as she pleased. To my surprise, these are the things she took that were ours.

Oh and just so we’re clear, all of these things have been replaced, and I’m only sharing this as a laugh. Lesson’s been learned, so don’t even try to give me one in the comments.

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Stupid Arguments Vol. 2: Lord of The Rings Edition

May 24th, 2010 32 comments

No “Poppin’ The Questions” today. I have decided to only go with it once a week, and I’ll pick a day at random, so look out for it sometime next week.

In it’s place, I would like to continue my ongoing, sporadic series called “Stupid Arguments.” These posts are centered around exactly what the title suggests, the stupid arguments I’ve had in relationships and how they have spun out of control.

To be clear, I really do believe every argument is valid because even  when they seem so trivial, they probably have some deep seeded issue tied to them. But still, how we get to the real issues is often times the long way there, and usually comes from a place so silly and trivial, we almost can’t believe how it started. Here are two examples, courtesy of Lord of The Rings.

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Stupid Arguments Vol. 1

April 1st, 2010 12 comments

Sorry for the delay everyone, but after days of rain and “eh” weather, the sun in New York is finally out and I had to do a lot of girl watching and girl hollering. I also had to go have a free world class lunch and finish up a piece for a world-class publication.

Needless to say, I’m pretty tired, and my brain is kind of dry,  but I want to use the small amount of creative juices I have left to get into something we can all relate to, that of the stupid argument.

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