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Kevin Hart On The Funny Thing About Women, Love and More

November 4th, 2010 15 comments

ED: NOTE: In my pursuit to evolve into something that doesn’t resemble other (great!) relationship/lifestyle sites, I am starting a brand new interview series with comedians entitled, “The Funny Thing About…”. I like comedy. I like talking about relationships. So I decided to marry the two by asking comedians what makes them laugh about relationships and all the stuff that goes with it. They don’t have to be funny, just insightful. To kick things off, I start with one of my favorite comedians, Kevin Hart.

Most people are going to recognize Hart for his memorable cameo in “40 Year Old Virgin” or more recently his role as the funeral director in Chris Rock’s “Death At A Funeral”, or maybe his hilarious eBay commercials. But Hart is his most funny when he’s doing his stand-up.

For those who have never seen his stand up specials, “Grown Little Man” and the more recent, “Seriously Funny”, do yourself a favor and watch them immediately. Hart’s comedy touches on his family, most often his relationship with his woman and children. One of my favorite Hart  jokes is when he’s talking about how he hates when his woman always wants to argue with him while she’s naked. Calling from his hotel while on his “Laugh At My Pain” tour,  Hart broke down the funny things about women, love, dating, and other relationship topics for UIGM. Read on, enjoy, then click on the link at the bottom to find out if and when Hart is hitting your city on his “Laugh At My Pain” tour.

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