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My Friend, The Reverend, Has A Mixtape of Sermons

December 19th, 2011 1 comment

Today’s post is not about me, it’s about my friend. I’ve written about him before on this blog (new readers can click here to check out those posts). For those wondering, yes, he’s the same one for whom I was trying to find a wife, the same guy who is now in what seems to be a great relationship.

Back when I introduced him to people, I mentioned he was a preacher. Judgmental people with dogmatic ways of thinking about the church and religion questioned how a legitimate preacher could also be seeking his future wife through my blog, but as we both explained, he’s not your typical preacher.

A couple of weeks ago, he reminded me just how outside-the-box he is with his thinking when he called me with a crazy idea. “What if I did a mixtape of all my sermons,” he said. The idea floored me, not because it was controversial, but because it was brilliant.

I’m proud to say he executed his idea. Being the friend I am, I’m supporting his work with a link to the mixtape along with a look at the cover art, which I just think is fly as all get out.

I encourage anyone who is curious to go to his bandcamp page and download or stream some of his sermons yourself (both options are free). I discourage anyone from going into my comments section and saying something without listening to anything. I am not posting this up for you people to write some typo-riddled negativity. Save all that for another day when I post something you don’t like, which will probably be tomorrow.

Without further ado, here it is, Pastor Harold’s Ministerial Mixtape. Link below the front and back cover art.

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