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‘Too Tired To Cheat’ and ‘Don’t Be A Ho, Be A Man’

May 11th, 2012 No comments

For the next four weeks, I will be writing three posts a week over at The Loop 21. Those not familiar with the site can go here.

My work will appear in their relationship column entitled, “bitterSweet,” usually authored by my friend Norelle Giancana. She along with my editor Ayana Byrd have asked me to do the thing I do here, over there, and I happily obliged.

Now that we have the formalities aside, some excerpts with links to my first two entries for The Loop 21. Enjoy and if you want to comment, I encourage you to do so there.

In the past, arguments like the ones we had would have led me straight to another woman’s arms. The uneasiness caused by the fight could be soothed by someone else. Now, after this argument, I found myself wanting to handle things a different way. I just wanted to go home and be by myselfFrom”Too Tired To Cheat”

…your fantasy became a reality, but you were so blind, so insatiable, you didn’t even realize you were being a ho and, what’s even more sad is that you didn’t realize how bad it made you look.From “Don’t Be A Ho, Be A Man”

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