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Sh*t Guys NEVER Say To Girls (#Sh*tguysneversaytogirls)

January 12th, 2012 10 comments

“Sh*t [insert choice of girls here] Say” has officially jumped the shark, people. We’re amused enough by it to keep watching the various renditions, but we’re all tired of it at the same time. It’s been fun and has had a good run.

Can we move on?

I don’t want to hear about what any other group of girls has to say; not a black girl, not a white girl, not a Latina girl, not an Asian girl. I don’t want to hear what an Asian girl would say to a Latina girl in front of a group of black girls who usually hang out with white girls.

What I want to see is a spin on the meme, a video about things groups of people would never say. For instance: “Sh*t White People NEVER Say To Black People” Example: Yeah, I am a little racist.. or Our first black president, pretty overrated don’t you think?

I’m fully aware a video like this might exist somewhere in the world, but I haven’t seen it. Since I didn’t feel like calling my talented friend Zach to shoot a video for this, I wrote a blog post instead.

So here it is, because I couldn’t resist, a small list of context free phrases of “Sh*t Guys NEVER Say To Girls,” inspired but completely different from the hottest Internet trend on bandwidth.

Oh, and just remember, it’s fine if you don’t think this is funny, it’s unacceptable to take it seriously. Enjoy!

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