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Where the Fine Women Are

Who else is excited for the Maxwell and Common tour? I am, but it’s not because I love that “Pretty Wings” song Max sings.

Second to sports, watching fine women pass by and getting their attention is the most popular activity practiced by men everywhere, which is why I’m not actually going to be in Madison Square Garden when these two guys hit New York City on Monday, September 28, but I will be outside of the Garden. Chilling.

Still, the question remains: When there are no special events in town, where can a man go to find the fine women of town? Well, I’m no expert, but when it comes to knowing where the fine women are, I am a professional.

What I have decided to do is give a list of five spots where fine women congregate, but with my own little spin. Check it out and I encourage all the guys who read the blog to put me on to a spot I left off. Now read and get out there!

The spot used to be Starbucks – NOW – it’s mom-and-pop coffee shops

Don’t get me wrong, Starbucks has some fine women, but now that Starbucks is as ubiqutious as a Dunkin Donuts, fine women have migrated towards the independently owned coffee shops in their neighborhoods.

The spot used to be the grocery store – NOW – it’s the book store:

Women are cooking less and reading more. I read this in a book I found at Barnes and Noble.

The spot used to be the beach – NOW – it’s the park:

Fine women still go to the beach, but not nearly as often as they go to the park. If you don’t believe me, go to both. It’s a project worthy of your research.

The thing used to be drinks after work – NOW – it’s brunch on weekends:

Two things about brunch: A good one is giving everyone who orders food, free mimosas or bloody marys. The other thing is usually a fine woman goes to get drinks after work with her co-workers, who can look like, well, you know, co-workers. But at brunch, a fine woman is usually with her friends who are more than likely fine like her.

The spot used to be the gym – NOW – it’s still the gym:

Because a fine woman will always care about staying fine and this is still the only place to go to keep it that way.

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  • Landon

    I think a lot of people are still meeting people at Church.

    – Political or Non profit Campaigns / Events
    – Conferences
    – Essence Festival (LMAO)

  • Malaca Jones

    U got game… The comment about the co-workers made me laugh out loud. I usually laugh to myself when reading your blog. Landon, isn’t kind of strange or difficult to holla at someone at church? I guess you got it like that???

  • Tia

    Ok playa…Make sure you bring some of your single friends with you to the concert becasue they will be a lot of single women. Like myself attending. See you outside afterwards as I will actually be watching the concert.

    Places for men to meet women.
    Unisex Hair Salons

  • @trgriff

    love that Max and Common inspired this post because that is so true. that joint is a woman’s swoon fest for sure.

    and SO accurate on the co-worker can look like a co-worker comment.

    i’m with Malaca on the whole church thing. that weirds me out.

  • Paris

    LOL @ Landon’s Essence Festival. You ain’t right.

    So true about the gym, park, and brunch. Great post!

  • The Sphinx

    Ok, now can you tell us where fine GUYS go, because I don’t see them in those places! (maybe the gym, but they’re usually really working out instead of scoping for women; which doesn’t help me any). lol

  • Jeans4Life

    I honestly could not help but laugh as I was reading this. I mean I do still frequent the grocery store because my man would flip out and I love a good beach, but I am always in the book store buying books to read….wait for it…in the park!

    Also, me and my girls are ALWAYS are weekend brunch and there is usually 3 or 4 of us and we’re always fly at brunch. But in the Chi you never know who is going to be there, so you better come correct!

    Another good!

    I’ve been meaning to say this…perhaps you should meet my group of friends because honestly, I kid you not, they are ALL fine *wink*

  • Ang

    Women are still cooking, that should stay on this list! Trust me! We are in a recession – it’s cheaper to cook and have food for several days…

    Ditto on the Gym and Park. You can catch Paris and I sunbathing in Central Park from 12 – 4 on Saturday’s 🙂 lmao.

    Luv this blog…hilar!

  • yl

    try Wholefoods and yoga studios. Fine women take care of themselves, trust me.