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These Guys

September 24th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

These guys who go on and on about how they can’t find a woman? Where are they? If anyone knows them, please make sure they get this.

These guys. What’s wrong with them? A good woman is hard to find, my ass. If I hear one more guy complain about not being able to find a good woman, I’m going to open a store where men can order balls because obviously they haven’t grown a pair of their own. The idea that a man, in today’s society, actually has a problem with finding a good woman is not only ridiculous and short-sighted, it’s dare I say, a bold-faced lie men deploy to get the sympathy of more women.

These guys, who complain about not finding a good woman, just aren’t trying hard enough. Too much talking not enough action. Women are everywhere, high and low, big cities and small towns, clubs and bookstores, outside and inside. Everywhere. Unfortunately, these guys,  who say, “Man, where are all the good women at?” are probably screaming this question from their mother’s basement. They live in the same place where they grew up all their lives, and all the women they want have either left or aren’t interested anymore, because they already tried to get together in high school once and it didn’t work out.

These guys, who complain they can’t find a good woman, are lames. Yeah, I said it. Lames. Not because they can’t find a good woman, but because they can, and they have, but only have done so by lying to women about how they haven’t found any good ones. They’re lame because they want to place the blame on women as to why they aren’t in a relationship, when really it’s their own fault. Their problem is not being unable to find a good woman, their problem is finding too many good women — at the same time.

These guys need to stop sounding like these women who complain about how they can’t find a good man, because when push comes to shove, the women have a much stronger case. I have always said, there are a lot of women out there, no matter what type of woman a man likes. Asian, Black, Brown, White, it doesn’t matter, the world has more women than men, so by default, these guys shouldn’t have a problem. I’ve seen guys with one arm, one leg, one eye, walking down the street with women who have two arms, two legs, and two eyes. Half a guy with a whole woman.

These guys are just like me but want to act like they aren’t. In my lifetime, I have found good women by accident, and trust me, I’m no rock star, no athlete, no model, no Obama-like man of prestige. But I am a social animal, who has traveled the world, lived on both coasts and visited cities in between and in my travels, women have been as constant as the sky above.

But I am not writing this post to help these guys. They don’t need it. What these guys need to do is stop complaining about not being able to find a good woman, because there are more good women then they can imagine and either they know it and front like they don’t or they don’t know it and need to step up.

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what all of these guys need to do. Step up.

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  • Harley

    Amen, that a great question. I interested to hear some replies to this one.

  • me-me

    @ CPT- i’ve often said that I can’t go looking for something in a man that I don’t possess myself… otherwise i need to check my motives. the best thing i ever did for my dating life was to take out a mirror and fess up.. what are my weaknesses and strengths..

    example- i TOTALLY SUCKED AT COOKING… i mean i couldn’t boil noodles. i had to have been the only woman from louisiana who couldn’t cook. i said what most women say.. well my man isn’t gonna marry me for my cooking.. that may be true, but i don’t want him getting his “belly fed” elsewhere. so i taught myself.. burned myself with grease..burnt some rice and everything else until i made one of the best meals i’ve ever had.

    i was not in a relationship at the time, so i wasn’t cooking just to “catch a man”. that may not mean anything to most.. but i saw the value added in learning that. while i know my man could pick up a burger on the way home.. it makes me feel good that he asks me.. what’s for dinner and that I can feed HIM.

    the biggest lesson learned from that was that i realized that i was selfish and spoiled. i was treating myself like a boogie princess.. eating prepared meals everyday.. and selfish cause i refused to cook when i was in relationships in the past. i didnt even care to learn. the message i was sending was that i didn’t care and wasn’t going to change!

  • DJ 2degrees

    Def some truth in this, but you can’t generalize that these men all live in their mama’s basements. C’mon…that might be the case for some, but def not all. I am indeed a man that makes this complaint and believe it to be very true in San Francisco (the city where I live). I have a pretty narrow focus, which I think tends to cause me to make this assessment (seeking a Christian, minority, good looking woman).
    I go out, and meet a lot of women who I am attracted to, but it may turn out that our faith isn’t headed in the same direction or there is just no chemistry. I’m not looking for a nun or anything, just a woman who believes in Jesus, is pleasing to the eyes, and can hold my attention with her conversation.
    I realize this may seem like a lot to ask, but I feel as if I offer the same to any woman, so I expect that in return.
    Now when I’m in NY, Chicago, DC, or overseas for some reason there seems to be an abundance of women that at least pique my interests (at least on the surface level). So I’m giving SF a year before I claim it as a “couples town” and not a place to meet someone.