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On Toothbrushes

September 29th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today is a short post because I exhausted most of my creative energy on a more pressing matter.  Check out my article on, “The Beating of Derrion Albert Is Must-See TV”.

A quick thing about toothbrushes:

Beyoncé says, “If you liked her then you should’ve put a ring on it.” I say, If I like her, she’ll get her own toothbrush and if she likes me, she’ll give me one too.

The ring can wait.

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  • Danielle D

    There is a flaw in her song…she says if you like it put a ring on it, but the ring is just number one in the process…I think that it should go if you like it then you put a ring on it, say some vows, and take 3 night honeymoon…I’m just saying…a small flaw!!!

  • dark n stormy

    Funny! I concur.

  • Brittany Castaneda


  • Dom

    Ha Ha! Very true. How else can you get it in at your man/girls house without the threat of morning breath? Colgate should pay Beyonce to do a remix!

  • Coretta

    Um, WHATEVER on that one!