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Trust Me, It Was News To Me Too That I Am ‘Very Nice To Look At’

June 30th, 2010 27 comments

Smart, charming, funny, clever on Twitter, I already knew all of those things about myself, but ‘very nice to look at’? When I read those words in the humbling write-up done by Geneva S. Thomas and Leslie Pitterson in their article “The Top 10 Men To Follow On Twitter”, all I could think about was my 7th grade self.

The young kid who swore he wasn’t nice to look at in the least bit, who cared about how he dressed to compensate for what he believed was a lack of physical appeal still lurks somewhere inside of me. So whenever I get praised for my physical appearance, I think back to the first time I was told differently.

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Via Wall Street Journal and Clutch Magazine

June 29th, 2010 Comments off

What’s up, people? Here are a couple of links to work I did for the Wall Street Journal.

An Interview with BET Honcho Stephen Hill about the BET Awards

A Review of Herbie Hancock at Carnegie Hall

And for those who didn’t hear the news, according to Clutch Magazine, I’m one of 10 men you should be following on Twitter. Trust me when I say, I didn’t see this coming, and I have no relationship with anyone who works or writes at Clutch Magazine. This is indeed a very humbling honor, if for no other reason than the company the good people at Clutch put me in. I also do take my Twitter seriously, in the sense that I care as much about writing the next great 140 characters as I do anything else I write. To me, it’s all the written word and so to me, it all matters.

Anyway, a big thanks to the staff at Clutch and to all my people on Twitter. #Humbled

The Top 10 Men To Follow on Twitter

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How Can I Be A Good Boyfriend if I’m Not Even A Good Booty Call?

June 29th, 2010 48 comments

I was once assigned the task of pleasing a woman often. She said it would be no frills, no fuss, and whenever I wanted it, I could get it.

Unfortunately there was a catch.

She said in order for me to have such privileges, she would need to be extended the same ones. In other words, I too would have to let her come over or go over to her place whenever she called. I respectfully told her she was crazy and that wasn’t possible, but eventually I relented and gave it my best shot.

I was relieved of my duties after the first week.

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It’s A Facebook Relationship Status Update, Not A Baby

June 28th, 2010 49 comments

Okay folks, I know I’m a little behind today, and I’m sorry for the delay, but I’m a busy man over here. I have ESSENCE FESTIVAL coming up in three days, so office time is limited and therefore, extremely important.

Still, I have a lunch break today, so let me go in on this particular thing I’m starting to see people do on Facebook that is getting on my last nerve. It’s not so much the people who are doing it so much as it is the reaction to the people who are doing it. So yeah, those people, whoever you are, pay attention. I have something to tell you.

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When You Think About It, Telling Heaven To Wait Is Deep

June 25th, 2010 37 comments

Usually, I keep this blog consistently focused on me, but today, it feels weird to go into some story or philosophy about something other than Michael Jackson.

We all have memories of Michael Jackson. I don’t know one person who doesn’t have something profound to say about the impact he made on popular music and popular culture. I don’t know one person who doesn’t remember where they were when they heard about Michael Jackson’s death. I don’t know one person who isn’t talking about either of those things today.

So considering everyone who is reading anything today will probably read one or two things about Michael Jackson, let me throw my hat in the ring.

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Poppin’ The Questions 8

June 24th, 2010 19 comments

Still not sure Poppin’ The Questions does anything for my writing, but I’m going to keep it up because people hitting my inbox with more questions and I do enjoy receiving them. Also, sometimes I can use the break from a more traditional post. I hope you all enjoy it.

And as always, real questions, from real people I don’t know. Really.

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Five More New Acts of Chivalry

June 23rd, 2010 32 comments

Remember when I wrote a blog back in January, entitled “5 New Acts of Chivalry”? For those of you who weren’t around back then or forgot, you can read the post here.

Obviously, chivalry is a pretty big thing for me. I remember my high school years when my Mom was dating, and she told me about a man with whom she went to dinner.

When she came home from the date, I asked her how it was and she told me about how when she got up to go to the restroom, her date stood up, and as she came back to the table, he stood up again. She told me it made her smile because it had been so long since a man did such a thing; that it was an old school gesture she appreciated.

Well, I may not do a great job of standing up when a woman uses the restroom (I try to, but easily forget), but generally, I do know a thing or two about chivalry. So here we go, five more new acts of chivalry for the modern day man to follow.

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Just Because I Want To Sleep With You, Doesn’t Mean I’m Disrespectful

June 22nd, 2010 38 comments

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post entitled, “The Ultimate Compliment”. In it, I attempted to make a case for sex being the highest form of praise one person can give to another. Far as I’m concerned, if someone digs me so much they actually want to see and feel me without any clothes on, than they must really, really dig me. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the simple comment about my topwear (“Nice hat”) but will she take me home in the hat? No? Then she only means it so much, but I digress…

I realize my hypothesis above is a bit of a stretch. Sometimes sex isn’t a compliment at all, but maybe an act of obligation or even an act of redemption. Each encounter must be evaluated (if we want to  bother with such things) in context because sex is a lot of things. But I know what it isn’t. Sex, as far as I’m concerned, is never disrespectful. Nor is my desire to want to have sex with a woman disrespectful.

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There’s Running Into Your Ex and Then There’s This…

June 21st, 2010 51 comments

When you called me a few weeks ago to tell me you were having a baby, I have to admit, my heart plunged straight into my stomach and I felt every inch of its downward spiral. I believed you from the moment you told me. There wasn’t a shadow of doubt this was real, the news you were sharing with me, and though “Congratulations” weren’t the first words out of my mouth, you were patient with my stutters.

We then talked for an hour about everything that had to do with my new life and your new life. You even playfully suggested I was going to write about the phone call on this blog, but I didn’t. And now, while the details of our conversation still aren’t for public consumption, I will say this: Thank you for that phone call back in May.

If it wasn’t for your foresight to share the news you were expecting, who knows what would’ve happened when I saw you on Saturday?

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Lesson From My Step-dad

June 18th, 2010 12 comments

So I kind of have been looking forward to this post for a while now. In the past, I have written about the complicated relationships I had with men, but today, the man I want to talk about is a man with whom my relationship is anything but complicated.

Today, for Father’s Day, I want to talk about my stepdad, a man who has taught me more by loving my mother and my sister than anyone else I know.

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