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What If I Wanted To Slow Down For Myself And Not A Woman?

August 31st, 2010 33 comments

Here we go again, another post about how busy I am. But this isn’t some cry for help, so much as it is a cry to help myself and if you can relate to any of this, great. Glad you can be a part of the struggle.

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I Swear Phone Calls Have Become The New Flowers

August 30th, 2010 40 comments

I absolutely agree with anyone who believes technology has ruined the traditional lines of communication. With social media, the advent of text messaging, email, and online chatting, things like hand-written letters and regular phone calls seem to be archaic.

As a result, all of us have developed our own form of communication etiquette. I know of BlackBerry users who treat their BBM like its some sort of key to their heart and will make a person work for their pin number. There was a girl I once dated who chatted online during the day, and knew I did the same, but when we decided to open up the flood gates and chat with each other, we thought it a pretty big deal, for whatever reason.

But the form of communication I have noticed is becoming prized and put on a pedestal higher than the others is the classic phone call. Maybe it’s just the women I’m talking to these days, but from what I’m seeing, it’s like, phone calls are the new flowers. Give a girl a call, all of a sudden we know how to treat a lady.

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Girls You Shouldn’t Fall For: The Girl You Have To Break Up With Edition

August 27th, 2010 36 comments

When my mom and her man of 11-years were going through their break up and he was moving out the last of his things, we decided to go out one night as a family. I remember how sad my Mom was as we were leaving the house and how heavy the tension was in the car between my Mom and Pop. They weren’t really mad at each other; more like mad that after 11 years, it was all ending.

My sister and I rode in silence, mad too.

Then we got to the restaurant, a pizzeria in a neighboring town, and were taken to our table. It was as if the chairs we sat in held the cure for unhappy families, because from the moment we sat down, the four of us didn’t stop laughing and smiling with each other. Like, we were a family, and probably the happiest one in the restaurant. It was as though we had just begun, rather than ending, our time together as a family. To this day, that remains one of the happiest nights of my life.

A few days later, my Pop moved the rest of his things.

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Five Ways A Girl Can Make Her Guy Comfortable With Girls Night Out

August 26th, 2010 55 comments

Girls night out is every guy’s nightmare. Trust me when I tell you. No man likes it when his woman is getting all dressed up to go and hang out with her girlfriends surrounded by a bunch of other guys who are not us.

I know we may act like we want our girl to hang out with her girlfriends, but really, it makes us nervous. Especially for men like me who know if they haven’t already gotten what’s coming to them for our trifling past, it soon come. Yes, we will encourage a woman to go out and have a good time and try to act like we can use the space too, but honestly, we’d much rather her go take a walk to anywhere but a bar or a lounge.

So now that I have divulged this little secret, allow me to suggest a solution as to how to make girls night out a comfortable night for the man in her life. Actually, make that five suggestions.

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The Former King Of The Small Things

August 25th, 2010 37 comments

I used to be good at doing the little things to make a woman smile, and looking back on those days, I think it was because the little things were all I had. Yes, I had a career from the moment I graduated from college. And even in college, I was busy juggling two or three different things at a time, but back then, I think what also helped me focus on these “smaller things” was a lack of focus on the bigger things.

I think from a  very early age, I understood the risks of the career I have chosen for myself. I knew I wasn’t going to be some hot shot lawyer making six figures and I knew I didn’t want to be a doctor who could afford to have a summer home. I just wanted to be a writer who was ambitious in his pursuits, and maybe one day make it to the top of a masthead or become so in demand, my talent would be handsomely compensated.

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For The Men Who Feel Like It Could Have Been Them

August 24th, 2010 30 comments

So maybe it’s the week of the exes.

I don’t know, but whatever it is, I’m hoping this is the last ex-girlfriend related post I have because, umm, I really hate talking about my exes. I was out with a girl the other night and she asked me these questions about my past relationships, and she wasn’t annoying me, but at some point I just had to dead them because I thought, there’s so much more to me than my ex-girlfriends.

Still, right now, there isn’t much more I’m thinking about other than my last ex and I’m not thinking about her back when we were together. There hasn’t been any reminiscing of the days from our time we lived with each other. I’m thinking about her now, and I’ve been wanting to reach out to her, this month in particular, because, well, she either has or she is about to have her baby.

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If I Don’t Marry Her, This Ex-Girlfriend Is Invited To My Wedding

August 23rd, 2010 45 comments

Before I even get into today’s post, some clarification on the title. I in no way mean to insinuate I have plans on marrying anyone, but I do believe that we never know what the future holds and so it is very possible the woman I marry can be a woman from my past or a woman I’ve never met. I won’t know until I ask her!

So now that we have clarified the title, let’s move onto today’s post about a girl who I call a friend first, but was indeed my girlfriend. I don’t want to get into too much of our relationship’s back story, so I will just say we dated back in 2006 for an intense 9 months. She knows exactly who she is and some of my friends know too, but I wanted to write about her today because, well, this past weekend, she reminded me that some people in our lives are meant to be in them forever, regardless of their status. She is one such person in my life, and I in hers.

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Breaking News: Man Must Be Careful Too

August 20th, 2010 28 comments

There is an unfortunate stigma attached to women and seemingly not attached to men. That stigma is vulnerability and it’s unfortunate because it’s one-sided.

A  woman can’t be alone with a man she barely knows. She can’t accept a drink from a man she just met. Hell, sometimes, she shouldn’t even be giving her phone number to a man she just met. Email might be best.

These are all unwritten rules when it comes to socializing, and a big reason why they’re in place is because a violation of any of these rules can possibly leave a woman vulnerable to some unfortunate consequence. And trust me, I get it. All of these rules I just mentioned above are for the well-being of women, and I would encourage all women to follow them. Sure I may be baffled at times when a woman with whom I vibe says she can’t go home with me, but I certainly understand her declining on the grounds of personal safety.

But today I want to talk about when a woman accepts my invitation or sometimes gets up the gumption to invite me without even knowing so much as my last name. Of course, she’s vulnerable to me, but hey, what about me? Aren’t I vulnerable too?

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Girls You Shouldn’t Fall For: The Girl Who Only Wants Phone Sex Edition

August 19th, 2010 53 comments

Ever meet someone who likes one particular thing to a point where it’s almost obsessive and frankly a little weird? I understand fetishes. We all have them. I have them. Plenty of girls I have been with have them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with fetishes until they start getting in the way of, the real thing.

Now I could have very easily entitled this post “Girls You Shouldn’t Fall For: The Grown Woman Who Lives At Home Edition”, since this woman was my age at the age of 25, but really, none of this was because she still lived with her parents. It had something to do with this thing she liked a little bit too much and me, a guy she didn’t like quite enough, or for only one reason.

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Five Things I Like In A Woman, But I Don’t Necessarily Like For Myself

August 18th, 2010 32 comments

One of the great things about being single for the last couple of years is it’s allowed me to open my eyes to different types of women and different things I like about women. Back when I was jumping from relationship to relationship, I restricted myself to liking these similarities I would find between one girl and the next. Now, I can appreciate a woman who stands out from my type and have found the most peculiar things to be attractive. Even more odd are the way some women draw me in via qualities I don’t possess  — it’s the idea of opposites attract but not in some big, personality-driven way, more like, these small ways. Allow me to explain.

Today, five things I like in a woman, but I don’t necessarily like for myself.

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