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To The Women Of Ladies Night, I Appreciate You All

June 28th, 2011 12 comments

A few weeks ago, I was meeting up with some friends at a bar uptown. It was a mixed crowd, women and men, just a little get together a lady friend of mine planned at the last minute. When I arrived at this place, I noticed an unusual amount of women crowding the bar area. I thought, Well, that’s unusual, but I didn’t press anyone for details.

I took my seat at our table and struck up a conversation with another lady friend of mine. A waitress came by our table and my friend asked if the ladies night specials were still in effect. Now before she asked our server this question, I already had it in mind to buy a drink for my friend and I. I didn’t really want to drink, but most women hate to drink alone and whenever a guy says “Give her an apple martini, make it strong, and for me, a water” well, he just looks like a predator. But it was too late to order our drinks since my friend already asked about the ladies night deals. The waitress said they were still going on, so my friend ordered some top shelf drink. But being the nice guy that I am, and seeing that I was in a good mood, I still intended to buy her the drink, but I had to ask the waitress a very important question before doing so:

“Let me ask you something,” I said to her. “This whole ladies night deal, what is it?”

“It’s $4 for anything top shelf, 2-for-1 well drinks, and $3 beers,” she said.

My next question: “Okay, well if I order a drink for my friend here, and she’s a lady, do I get charged the ladies night price, or the regular price?”

The waitress said, “We would charge you the regular price. The deal only applies to women who order their own drinks.”

I looked at my friend who was cracking up by this time, and then I looked at the waitress and said, “I’ll just take a water.”

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Girls You Shouldn’t Fall For: The One Who Loves You Edition

June 27th, 2011 24 comments

There was a woman who once loved me. A lot. And when I say a lot, I mean, more than I could handle.

The end to our story was not messy. As a matter of fact, she’s still around to this day. I run into her from time to time, we see each other pretty regularly and when we do, we are friendly. As a matter of fact, I would even go so far as to say we are this way towards each other because we are friends. So there is no ill will between us, no animosity.

For a long time, there was just, a stir of uneasiness in me whenever she was around. Part of it was guilt that I chose not to pursue things further than they went, and I knew that hurt her. The other part of the uneasiness was I had no real good reason why I cut things off in the first place.

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Lessons From A Married Man: Will Smith

June 24th, 2011 4 comments

No, I didn’t get a chance to speak to Will Smith myself, but I did read a pretty good interview with him over at The interview, by Charlie Penn, was specifically asking him to share some wisdom about being married. Since it was published at, of course the advice was directed towards women, but I always enjoyed reading stories about matrimony and relationships from a male perspective so when I saw the story, I had to take a look.

The interview is a quick read and pretty basic, but candid as well. I’ve provided a link to the whole thing at the bottom of the interview but I wanted to share one particular excerpt from it on this site. Before I do so, I also wanted to call attention to how Will Smith talks about his relationship. Much like his movies, Smith avoids putting a racial context around the subject he’s speaking about. I think this is extremely important, as I’ve said time and time again, love and all its issues are colorblind. I truly do believe that and I’m glad Smith demonstrates that in this interview by not taking it there.

Anyway, onto the part of the interview where I thought Will Smith spoke the most truth.

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I’m Trying To Find My Friend His Future Wife: Phase II

June 22nd, 2011 9 comments

Well, this has been interesting.

As we all know, a little over a week ago, I announced my efforts to help my friend find his future wife via this blog. The response was more than I ever expected it to be. The night before I went live with the first post, I told my friend not to expect more than 10 women to respond. As it turns out, I suck at estimating these types of things. We received way  more than 10 submissions, and I must say to the ladies who submitted their photos and expressed interest, a standing ovation to you all.

Both in the comments and offline, there were still a lot of questions people had about this process. Especially after we went live with the podcast. Most people intiially thought this was fun and games, some people still think it is, but the honest truth is, I’m not doing this for laughs and I’m not doing this for kicks.

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CONTEST: The $25,000 Reason I Want A Beard

June 21st, 2011 Comments off

The other day, I was hanging out with some friends and we were playing one of those silly question games. I forgot the exact name of it, but I remember thinking the questions were rather too deep for something that was just supposed to be for fun. One of the questions was, “If you could ask God any question, what would it be?” My answer to that was simply, ‘I”m not telling you fools what I would ask God! You’re crazy.”

There was one question I liked, and I answered without hesitation. I forgot the exact wording, but it basically asked if there was one thing about myself I could change physically, what would it be? I only answered one thing, which was my height. I stand at a controversial 6’0, so I can admit, I do wish at times I was like 6’2 or 6’3, especially because of my well-known fondness for tall women, but I digress…but the other thing I wish I could change physically is my inability to grow a full beard.
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Poppin’ Questions Podcast 31: An Interview With My Friend For Whom I’m Trying To Find A Wife

June 17th, 2011 7 comments

In a special Poppin’ Questions Podcast, Jozen talks to his best friend about their search for his best friend’s wife. The two discuss his stance on dating as a pastor, a little bit of his family background, and try to answer all the questions people have asked since they started the search. The interview was done over the phone, so please excuse any feedback or sound issues.

I’m Trying To Find My Friend His Future Wife

June 14th, 2011 38 comments


This isn’t as deep as one might think, but a little deeper than others might assume.

I really am trying to find a woman my best friend can potentially marry and I am all about using this platform to aid in that search. What I’m not trying to do is establish myself as some sort of matchmaker. That’s not my game here. All I’m trying to do is be a good friend to a man who I consider a brother.

Far too often, people assume men don’t want to see their good friends walk down the aisle, and there are certain friends of mine who if they took that step I’d look at them as if they were crazy.

But not this friend of mine. He’s different not in terms of a personality but in terms of what he wants. Trust me, he’s ready to find a woman with whom he can spend the rest of his life, and if he wasn’t serious about it, then he wouldn’t allow me to take to my blog and help him out.

He and I have no idea if this is going to work or not. We’re just taking a chance here. As I always like to say if one way hasn’t been working, try another way. Well, for him, he’s been doing things the old-fashioned way and unfortunately it hasn’t been successful, so we came up with the bright idea of utilizing this blog to see what it gets us. I have a lot of female readers, and I’m guessing a great deal of these female readers are single and at a point where they too are into the idea of finding that one.

Well, ladies to whom this applies, my friend could very well be that one. If we met in real life, and he was around, I’d introduce you to him, but since that isn’t an option right now, allow me to tell you a few things about him in the form of some Frequently Asked Questions because I’m assuming if you’ve made it this far, you want to know more.

These are all based on questions I’ve already received from those who know about my mission and some I’m anticipating. All the questions are answered by yours truly on his behalf, so if you want to know more about him than what is provided in the answers to the questions below, I encourage you to email me at INFO@UNTILIGETMARRIED.COM. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!

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