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She Crushed That Dude’s Soul

October 24th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Because some of you women really just don’t understand how men get heartbroken and the effect it has on their friends. I kind of tried to explain before, in this post, so maybe a few of you came away understanding breakups from a man’s perspective a little better. But today I read an interview by a man who saw his friend heartbroken with his own eyes.

Dan Auberach is a frontman for the blues-rock duo The Black Keys. In an interview over at GQ, Auberach is asked if a lot of the songs on The Black Keys’ most recent album, Brothers were about his bandmate Patrick Carney. Carney supposedly was in the midst of a bad breakup while they were recording the album and much of the album consisted of songs about breaking up or losing love.

One of my personal favorite’s on the album is called “Next Girl”. For those who haven’t heard it, I’ve embedded the song below. When the song first came out, it shot straight up my Play Count list on my iTunes and not once did I not sing along while playing it at full blast. To this day, I listen to “Next Girl” exactly because the frustration expressed in that is only suitable at ridiculously high volumes, but I digress…

Auberach talks about what factors his best friend’s breakup did have on the album, in particular “Next Girl”. But the interview gets really personal when writer Devin Gordon gets Auberach to open up about how he felt about his best friend’s girl. It’s not straight-forward stuff, but it resonated with me to the point where after I read it, I did one of those church-like “mphs” and said to myself, “Yeah, I feel you.”

The truth as spoken by Auberach…

GQ: A lot of the songs on Brothers were breakup tunes, and they seemed to be about Pat, who was going through some personal turmoil. Is that accurate?
Dan Auerbach: No, none of them were, actually. But “Next Girl” was our first song [off Brothers], and he had just gone through the worst breakup. He was, like, losing his mind and it just helped him get through it.

GQ: Did you ever read the piece his ex-wife wrote for Salon about their breakup?
Dan Auerbach:

GQ: You know the piece I’m talking about, though, right?
Dan Auerbach:
She’s written a couple pieces. I don’t want to read anything she’s got to say.

GQ: Did Pat read those things?
Dan Auerbach:
I don’t know. I hope not. She crushed that dude’s soul. I hope he can stay away from her forever.

Like I said, no way in hell we let our friend get his heart broken again, especially by the same woman.

Click here to read the rest of the Black Keys interview

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  • guest

    it goes both ways for men and women. Once a heart has been broken by the opposite sex, it takes time to heal the pain. You can’t force someone to love you based on how you want the relationship to be. Love doesn’t happen through force especially between two people. It’s not real love if you force love to happen. 

  • Christina L Spann

    I’ve always understood that it takes a lot to break up with someone. Personally I prefer to be broken up with than have to break up with them and I’ve been successful in that endeavor (although it is nothing to brag about). However, my issue is not the break up but the fact that guys rarely give the girl the full reason. I feel that I at least deserve an honest explanation because contrary to popular belief, we don’t always realize we’re doing something even if it’s been pointed out before. Habits are hard to break because we’re so used to doing them we no longer realize when we’re doing them.

  • Kat Webb

    Everyone wants to date a musician until the serious break up songs start being about you.

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  • Attractive1925

    Thanks for posting the interview…just gave me an epiphany on a personal situation.