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Jozen’s Incredibly Fun and Exciting Dating Strategy Part 1 of 2

December 6th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

With only a couple more weeks in 2011, everyone breathing is about to make some major life adjustments for what is supposedly Earth’s final year of existence (I believe none of that, by the way). Some guys are going to start hitting the gym to get in shape, others are going to purchase shirts in a smaller size so they can look like they’re going to the gym. Some women are going to start wearing nothing but matching bras and panties, while some women are not going to wear any bras or panties. Whatever the changes we make, they’re all going to be for what we hope is a better year than last year, even if it was the greatest year ever.

I would like to add my own helpful advice for how to make 2012 the best alleged last year of your life. But before I change your life with this strategy, I have to make sure you all are mentally ready to accept it, and open to executing it. This is not for skeptics or non-believers. I only want Charlies to follow this advice, word to Willy Wonka. You kids with your tons of questions and talk back can stop reading right now. Thank you for your click, have a nice day.

Now for those still reading, sit down.

I want to help you with your sad dating life. I know that’s harsh, but I don’t have time to worry about things like your feelings, so hear me out.

The reason I call it sad is because you’re not married yet, and you’re not even close to getting married and that’s why you’ve been dating in the first place. We can talk about how great it is to be single, but we say such things to ourselves so we don’t make sad faces when we think about our love life. So the question is how do we change the forced smile into a natural one?

Well, we do this by changing our thinking when it comes to dating. No more dating to mate in 2012, at least not for a while. This is the first step in executing Jozen’s Incredibly Fun and Exciting Dating Strategy affectively, and when I say first step, I really mean most important.

For however long you choose to employ this strategy, you have to approach dating the way a kid approaches a new toy. That is, love the person you’re dating for as long as it takes the next best thing to get your attention. No commitment whatsoever, unless the people you are dating are named “Fun” and “Exciting”, which they’re probably not.

We hear it all the time. People shouldn’t date to get into a relationship, but for whatever reason we can’t help ourselves. Eventually, we want the whole package and no sooner have we switched lanes into the comfort zone with someone do we start asking them where is this thing going?

I get it. Hell, I’ve been there. But with Jozen’s Incredibly Fun and Exciting Dating Strategy, you won’t have to worry about it because the whole strategy requires you to date with no commitment in mind. This is’t about dating for fun. I mean, it can be fun, because dating can be fun, but in order to feel that way about dating you have to take serious steps to change your thinking. You have to focus and you have to go into the strategy with a totally new outlook on dating. As anyone who has ever changed their thinking about anything will tell you, this is not easy. You’re probably going to have to meditate or something like that, who knows?

What I do know is Jozen’s Incredibly Fun and Exciting Dating Strategy is for advanced level daters only, people who date with a casual attitude and see each new date as nothing more than an opportunity to get to know someone a little bit better. Curiosity of the mind is what guides them, not feelings of the heart.

Once you’ve grasped the concept of changing your dating mentality and understood what that means to its fullest extent, you will be able to appreciate and execute Jozen’s Incredibly Fun and Exciting Dating Strategy. I will explain exactly what that is in part two, which you can expect to see Wednesday evening.

Until then, get your mind right, people.

  • Guest

    “…people who date with a casual attitude and see each new date as nothing
    more than an opportunity to get to know someone a little bit better.
    Curiosity of the mind is what guides them, not feelings of the heart.” — that is key.

  • Guest

    Im so confused. Maybe this is b/c I need a dating strategy.

  • Guest

    “Curiosity of the mind is what guides them, not feelings of the heart”  makes one feel more at ease when it comes to dating.  Beautiful quote. 

  • TheGirlWhoMovedToArkansas

    “…I decided to send an email just to see what would happen. I kinda thought it was a social experiment to be honest, and the thought of participating in something like that made me really, really excited. So I wrote in: 

    ‘I want to meet your friend! I don’t know what all is supposed to go into this email… but I’m 27, 5’2″, from Oakland, and this opportunity sounds interesting.'” 

  • Sneally

    lol, i like the charlie/willie wonka analogy

  • Kat Webb

    I recently decided to take an approach to dating that is either a variation of this, or the exact opposite. I’m not sure.

    After a “meantime” dude that I was just dealing with while waiting for “the one” to come along dropped me for “something real” (and it still hurt, even knowing I didn’t want to be with him), I decided I wasn’t going to do that anymore. 

    “That” is deal with “meantime” dudes. Either you want to go out with me and eventually date me because you’re interested in more than sexual relations, or you don’t, in which case we can either be friends, or we can remain strangers.

    That’s a strong stand, and I realize it means I’ll spend an uncomfortable amount of time alone, because I’ve tried taking this stand before and lapsed back into the “meantime” dudes because I got lonely and insulted by my lack of suitable suitors. But, anyway, this is a real stand. Like, no more inviting dudes I know are wrong over for “movies” or “dinner” or anything. Nothing in my apt whatsoever, LOL. That’s a big danger zone.

    So, in a way, it’s the opposite of what Jozen’s suggesting, in that I don’t even want to go out with someone who can’t see some future potential with me (instead of just dating for sex), but in another way, it’s the same, because I’m just going to get to know people and see what they’re about. And if they’re not about what I want, I’ll keep it stepping. 🙂

  • Syrita

    The tone of this post is hilarious! Thank you Jozen for reminding us …DATING IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!!

  • Guest

    in this day and age, it’s just best to stay single-besides being single isn’t the end of the world.

  • Guest

    Perhaps Jozen should’ve done the ‘let’s just go for taco’ analogy – at least both will get a good bite out of their time. Who doesn’t love tacos especially on National Taco day.

  • Josephine

    Thanks Jozen! I agree….this is a good approach that leads to building the friendship component, which is fundamental to any relationship anyway……so, do like you do when you meet/make new friends—everything is low key and low maintenance, “fun and exciting”!

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  • Netreia McNulty

    I’m late on my reaction b/c I wanted to be able to read part I & II (Such.A.Nerd). Anyway, I will say this and please don’t laugh: I’m a GREAT at first dates (& pretty decent at second ones, too). I absolutely love them b/c either way the date goes I had a chance to meet someone new, do something I like to do, and I can go home (or do something else afterwards) without any obligation to call or follow-up…Yea, I said it!