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SPONSORED POST: The Art Of Sending Flowers On Valentine’s Day

February 8th, 2012

For Valentine’s Day, she didn’t want flowers, that would be way too easy.

She wanted flowers. Delivered. To her job.

She wasn’t subtle about it at all either. I knew where she worked, the floor on which she worked, there was no excuse. And in her defense, she wasn’t asking the world, she just wanted to show everyone she had the greatest boyfriend in the world, and to prove it, he got her flowers delivered on Valentine’s Day.

The company I went through to arrange the delivery will go unnamed and should I ever see one of the executives on the street, we’re fighting right then and there. They totally botched the delivery, and even though I bought my girlfriend at the time a dozen roses to give her when we met for dinner, and she accepted them with a smile on her face, the damage was done. She didn’t get her flowers delivered on Valentine’s Day and I didn’t get any that night.

I vowed never to get flowers delivered for a woman again. The system was flawed and I learned my lesson the hard way. Fool me once, shame on them. Fool me twice, I won’t get any again. It’s too risky! So now whenever Valentine’s Day is creeping up, I tell my lady, you may get flowers, you may even get your favorite flowers. You will never get flowers delivered to your office. The only man delivering you flowers will be me, which is not bad considering I kind of look like the type of guy who delivers flowers.

As you can imagine, this usually doesn’t go well. She insists she should not be the fall girl for a past florists mistake, and I totally get that, but still. I’m not getting flowers delivered. The fear of them never getting to their destination until the next day (which is what happened in my case) is too overwhelming.

But should I ever get over my fear of incompetent florists, I most surely won’t go with one of the big name companies we see advertising on television every year around this time. Since I live in New York City, I’m going to go with a local service by the name of Ode à la Rose, a service I hope spreads across the country and doesn’t lose itself along the way.

Ode à la Rose is all about quality over quantity. Started by two Parisian guys (which already makes it so official), Ode à la Rose was created after Oliver and Louis saw a void in New York City flower presentation. Sure, people can get a bouquet of roses delivered, but in New York City, roses are not difficult to find. You can get a bouquet at nearly every corner market, the problem is, they’re not the most beautiful bouquet you’ve ever seen. Ode à la Rose has a different issue: Too many beautiful bouquets from which to choose. In addition, they don’t just have bouquets. Want rose petals? We’re talking, the rose petals, no stems. Well, if that’s something that interests you, they have those too.

But let’s face it, when the roses are delivered, no woman is really going to complain about the quality of said roses. Her coworkers are green with envy from the red that’s been planted on your desk. So what’s more important than the roses themselves? The roses getting to their destination in a timely manner. Ode à la Rose knows this, and they take the task so seriously, they a photo of the bouquet is taken right before it leaves their workshop and is emailed to the sender along with the exact delivery time.

Unlike most other places who are in the business of being late with their flower deliveries, Ode à la Rose is in the business of getting the flowers you ordered delivered on time, which kind of also makes them in the business of getting you some on Valentine’s Day. If you live in New York City and choose to arrange a flower delivery through any other company but Ode à la Rose, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Don’t be a failure, order from Ode à la Rose.

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