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My New Dating Column for the ‘New York Post,’ ‘Current Affairs’

It’s been about four weeks since I started my new position as the features reporter in charge of The New York Post dating section, known to many as Meet Market. Since then, I’ve set up about the same numbers of blind dates, and I promise you, it is as fun as it sounds.

Some of haven’t gone so well, but some worked out famously. Either way, every week it’s an adventure, and a great way to kind of learn about the atitudes about dating between men and women in New York City.

For those who don’t know or still have not seen it in the actual paper, Meet Market appears every Sunday, a two page spread. On the furthest right hand side of that section is a new dating column we’ve added called “Current Affairs.”

‘Current Affairs’ is a space designated to stories focused on dating in New York City. In the words of my editor, “Think NYC dating trends, pop culture releases (new books, surveys, movies, etc.) Ideas can be both service-y/news-you-can-use or just an entertaining, thoughtful read on something timely and buzzworthy.” Here are some stories we’ve covered thus far in ‘Current Affairs.’

“Boys On The Side”
“Married Away”
“Art versus Life”

If you notice, none of these stories by me, but pretty soon, the bulk of the ‘Current Affairs’ stories will be written and conceived by yours truly, which means just like Meet Market, I’m going to need your help.

My goal for ‘Current Affairs’ is to capture the nuance of dating culture in New York City. In addition to the description my editor gave me, I want to use the space as a place to bring up the little things (good and bad) that we deal with dating in the greatest city in the world.

For all of you who read this blog and live in New York City or plan to move to this city, please, let me know what kind of stories you want to see in ‘Current Affairs.’ Dating culture is a real thing and if you’re single living in this city, it may not be the number one priority in your life, but it’s on a list of priorities.

Right now I’m working on two stories that I’m hoping you all can help me with. When I say help I mean, if you or anyone you know can relate to these two story ideas, please, email me at Here they are:

So we’re about to embark on another heat wave this weekend. Everyday we’re looking at temperatures of 90 degrees or better, and you readers who live here on the East Coast know with great heat comes great humidity. With great humidity comes great desperation to breathe in our apartments, especially (!!!!) if we dont’ have air conditioning.

I’m looking for any single people who have no A/C and how it affects their dating life. Do you date someone with A/C/ but you secretly can’t stand them and the only reason they’re being given chance after chance is because their place is 20 degrees cooler than yours? Are you dating someone you really, really like but they won’t come over cause your apartment makes them feel like they have menopause when they walk in? Did you finally end your dumb boycott against A/C to make it easier to bring over the person you’re dating?

I know these may seem like absurd questions, but as someone who went their first four years in NYC without A/C/ I know these issues are real. And I know I’m not the only one who has dealt with them or thought about it. So please, if you can relate to the dating with no A/C struggle, again, email me here

In New York City, dating a person who lives in the same city can still feel a long distance relationship.

I’m looking for singles who know the difficulty of dating someone who lives far away from them in the same city. Example: You live in the Bronx, the person you’re dating lives in Brooklyn. You live in Astoria, the person you’re dating lives in Tribeca. Also looking for a couple or two who lived far apart in the same city, and how it affected their relationship whether they moved closer to each other or not.

Again, this is something I went through or still go through on occasion. I’m not saying I wouldn’t date someone who lives down in Stuyvesant Town, but I’m also not saying one of our dates would not include looking at apartments in Harlem so she can possibly think about moving somewhere more convenient. I know one girl who said how far he lived from her was one of the things that made her stop dating a guy. It’s that real out here and if you know what I’m talking about, AGAIN, here’s my email: Hit me.

So there you have it folks, ‘Current Affairs’ and The Meet Market, both appear every Sunday in the New York Post. I’m trying to make both of them great, and I can do that with help from you beautiful people.

If you know someone who wants to participate in Meet Market or want to do it yourself, you can always hit me at BE 21+ AND LIVE IN NYC). Or if you have a dating story tip, hit me at (SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY).

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  • Chris Cruz

    I’d love to read your Love In Heat story when you have it completed. I’m not one that usually complains about heat but I don’t see how people can sleep at night with no AC during these hot and humid heatwaves. No fan, lack of clothing, or nightly breeze can save you from humidity. Heatwaves like this make me wish I lived on the west coast where summer days are hot but nights are cool and pleasant.