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Every Man Needs A Good Wing Woman, I Need Several

August 28th, 2012 1 comment

When it comes to the conversation about whether or not men and women can be friends, there are approximately one thousand reasons why it’s not possible and one thousand reasons why it is.

But let us be real here: Aren’t we tired of entertaining the question as adults? I mean, damn. You’re a grown human being. Why can’t you make friends? Is it the lack of a sand box and recess? Probably not. I’m pretty sure it’s you and your social ineptitude and inability to see beyond the person’s anatomy. A woman thinks if their friend has a p*nis, he’s bound to ask her to touch it. A man thinks since their friend gets a visit from Mother Nature every month, she’s emotionally unstable and at some point, that will reveal itself toward him.

We just need to end all of that. We need to stop asking whether or not we can and start asking a better question: How can men and women be friends with one another?

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What I Did and Didn’t Do To Help My Friend Find The Woman He’s Going To Marry

August 14th, 2012 14 comments

Well, it worked.

Over a year ago, I had this crazy idea to use my blog as a way to help my friend Jhirmack find a woman he could marry.

(For those who are new to this website or don’t remember exactly what I’m talking about, you can read these posts: “WifeFinder”)

And then this happened over the weekend.

Nothing about this was a joke and there were no guarantees it would work. I just thought, why the hell not? My friend was moving to a small town to establish his career and I knew the pickings would be slim. In the years I knew him, I witnessed his own tough luck when it came to relationships. I didn’t want to see him settle and I knew he was at the point where he was ready to find that one woman with whom he could spend the rest of his life. Considering a lot of women from around the country visit my site, I thought maybe through this site, I can introduce him to some women who were willing to meet a good guy.

We drew over 40 applicants, which was shocking to both me and him. All of the women brought something to the table, and within a couple of days of the first post, my boy had what my Pop’s used to call “good problems.”

But much to my displeasure, my boy had his eyes on one girl in particular. Over 40 applicants, and my boy had just one girl in mind, just one. I told him he was crazy, that for the first time in a long time, he didn’t have to settle on one, but rather, get to know many.

He didn’t listen.

“I’m telling you man, this the one right here.” Those were his words to me, and after failing to convince him to give the other women a fair shake, I told him he could do what he wanted. So he did.

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