A Compromise On Taking Women Out To Eat

Brand new budding relationships and future exes meet up for their first date every single day. The majority of these people are likely going out to get something to eat. Now, everyone likes food, and going out to dinner is traditional. However, we need to change the dating scene so that it isn’t the immediate go-to for your next bad date before you have a good one. 

Some Reasons to Nix the Dinner Date as a First Date

What’s wrong with dinner as a first date? Well, it’s not that a dinner date is a horrible thing. It’s that there are a lot of better options for a number of reasons. Here are some of the reasons that we should nix dinner dates as a first date. 

1. Boring

There are a million of things to do with your evening. Pick something more exciting than simply going out to dinner. Ideally, pick something that involves something you and your date both enjoy. This will give you more of a chance to really bond. Be sure not to pick something only you will like. 

2. Expensive

Not many of us can go out to dinner every single night. The main reason for this is the cost involved. It’s silly to spend a lot of money on dinner when you can eat at home and spend the money on fun activities. 

3. High Pressure

Ask any server, and they will tell you that they can tell a first date as soon as they see it. It’s easy to tell when two people eating together don’t know each other well. There’s also usually some palpable nervousness from one or both of the parties. That anxiety derives from the pressure of a dinner date. Sure, you have the food to talk about, but that only maintains the conversation for so long. Plus, you need to spend time getting ready. If things don’t go well, you are stuck at the dinner until the check comes. 

4. Traditional

We live in a new, exciting time. This is a time of breaking past tradition and creating a new path. Dinner as a date is one of the most traditional dates in modern times. There are other traditions that go along with the dinner, too, such as the man paying for the bill. While many women are picking up the tab these days, it may be time to just get past the traditions all together. 

Alternatives to Consider

So, you don’t want to go to dinner. What do you do instead? Here are some suggestions for things you can do besides going out to dinner. 

1. Something Adventurous

For the couple who bonded abut exhilarating experiences, do something exciting together. You can play a sport, go indoor skydiving, or even go mountain biking. Make sure your date knows what the plan is in advance so that they can wear appropriate attire. If you burn a lot of calories during your excursion, maybe you can get a snack after. 

2. Something Creative

For the couple who bonded about artistic endeavors, it can be fun to experience something creative together. Try going to a painting class, taking in a play, or attending a local concert. You can share your favorite artists that the other person might also like, broadening each other’s knowledge about the amazing art in our world today. 

3. Something Charitable

For the couple who bonded on philanthropic pursuits, it could be a good idea to do charity together. You can help make the world a better, more beautiful place while also getting to know a great person. Talk about which charities you are involved with (or want to be involved with) and get to work. Before you plan an event, make sure you and your date are on the same page as to what charities you want to work with. The date won’t go well if your date does charity for the NRA, but you suggest a gun control event. 

4. Something Nerdy

For the couple who bonded over their love for things that are nerdy or hyper-intelligent, do something nerdy together. You can go to a comic book convention or what a famous mathematician speaks. When you’re done, you can go over your thoughts. You may even be able to challenge each other intellectually. You will get a sense of what areas you connect on and which ones you don’t. 

We all need to eat. However, we don’t all need to go to a restaurant for a first date. If you choose wisely, you will stock the odds of the date in your favor by choosing something that you will both have fun doing. You can always get breakfast some morning in the future.

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